A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×05 (That wasn’t the greatest love letter in the world, it was just a tribute)

TO 3x05


Betwixt the unity of blood, a secret revealed pits brother against brother as Aurora lures Klaus with intentions to divide him from Elijah. Camille and Vincent continue to trail Lucien and suffer an ancient vampire’s wrathful nature. And Davina seeks help from Jackson and Haley during a festival where she is targeted by the covens she governs over.


I’m never usually spot on with theories, but I’m glad Lucien, Tristan, and Aurora have been equally identified to be sired by Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah, respectively. This is exactly what was needed to solidify the trio sire war that’s been brewing on the forefront. This has been captivating from the beginning, and now the first major piece has been set in motion. The flashback had a certain flair for being overly dramatic in the vicissitude of the Mikaelsons and their plight to remain anonymous in luxurious fashion, but revealing Aurora’s change was a good moment to place and the right episode to utilize it. And the climax of the episode was one of the better cliffhanger endings I’ve seen in a while leading to some explosive very soon.


Aurora lured Klaus to a shop and proceeds to coax him back into her good gracious while he remains resolute that she made poor choices involving him back in the past. Meanwhile, Elijah acquires Marcel’s help in tracking Tristan’s movements after discovering he’s hiding an alliance with someone that may be Lucien. Camille and Vincent attempt to track Lucien still believing he’s involved with the serial killings while Hayley uses her curse spell as a means to gain protection from Hayley and Jackson. She fears retaliation from the son of the mother she had Hayley kill to maintain her leadership among the covens. In a flashback, Aurora finds out about Klaus and the others as vampires and attempts to convince Klaus to turn her. He refuses and she tries to presumably tries to commit suicide. Rebekah finds her and gives her blood to heal. Afterward, Aurora leaps to her death and revives as a vampire. Klaus accepts her until later when words gets out about multiple killings that could lead Michael to them. Aurora wants to leave with Klaus, but an unfortunate slip of Klaus’s secret causes Elijah to discover compulsion and makes Aurora tell him about Klaus killing Esther. Elijah then makes Auroa shun Klaus which breaks his heart as he leaves with his family. In the present, Davina confronts the son but is unable to convince him to join her. Lucien tires of Camille’s pursuit and presumably sets her up as the serial killer just as she revealed to Vincent her room full of dark magical supplies. And finally, Klaus learns the truth about Elijah’s compulsion and later confronts him about it. The two fight and Elijah declares that they will indeed become enemies now.


The intrigue is palpable now with the brothers on very thin ice. I think it should take more than this kind of betrayal to cause dissention, but considering it was mostly about fanning the flames of anger they’ve always shared, mostly on Klaus’s side. In any case, it was the spark needed to begin splitting the Mikaelson’s up and it’s a positive venture from our perspective. Much like relationships, this show is about pitting the family apart and then finding the means to bring them together again. For now it’s very much about splitting them apart and they’re off to a rambunctious start now that Aurora has planted the seeds of hatred. But was it done for other means than love? Signs are pointing to yes easily.

Aurora is painting an interesting picture as the newest addition to the present crew. Her vampiric loyalty to Rebekah should be without question, but how she’s playing with Klaus and Elijah is tipping point of their scale is the real crux of the war which should hopefully be starting very soon. And by war, I mean an insane amount of blood shed between the three families. We’re missing a few more batting for Rebekah, but I’m sure we’ll get there with plenty of time to spare. Aurora has allure and an eccentric passion that fits well with the paradigm of the show. She’s not truly insane, but rather in strange fits of control that suggests she’s been pining for Klaus for a very long time. Will she get him and worse, what will she do if she doesn’t?


This serial killing subplot has run its course. Revealing who it is now won’t make much of an impact unless it has some mind-screwing moment that we just can’t conceive of as possible. Keeping Camille relevant is fine, but I think there’s better ways to do it then to disperse her from sire war. Now that she’s arrested, it’ll be up to Vincent to find a way to get her cleared. Maybe some dark magic will be involved.

Hayley’s subplot faired no better. She’s gained her alliance with Hayley which is fine, but I felt as bored as the covens did when they were just standing in line to offer her animal as gifts for the festival. Her growth as a leader is essential to become a mainstay character, but the vengeful son is completely in the right here and the idea that Davina would even try to convince him to join her was just preposterous. This isn’t shaping up to be an interesting segment and probably needs to be dropped completely.


I’m always liking the fights they’re showing on this season and tonight Elijah and Klaus’s quick brawl in the courtyard was a gripping moment that had me wanting at least another five minutes at the end to just to see what happened next. The build up was fantastic, and though I think this is a rerun of Klaus reacting very poorly to another family betrayal, lest he not forget that it was Esther murder that sparked a bit of this whole mess and again Klaus made some poor choices that cost him some family loyalty. Still, I hope this isn’t the last time those two duel.


Aurora should get the top spot tonight. She’s a little all over the map emotionally, but I do believe that’s the sticking point is she’s completely unhinged and though she appears to want Klaus as a lover, I think it’s easily to conclude she’ll turn on anything and anyone if her personality encounters any vexing moments. There’s an unhealthy obsession riling inside her and it comes out very easy to translate and understand. And if she’s indeed screwing with everyone on the show, then that means she’s well on her way to become a major player in town.


Okay, enough of just Rebekah flashbacks, get her back in New Orleans and in her original body. She needs to be involved, I just don’t understand why they keep writing her off all these episodes in the present. That third side needs to have a presence.

I wonder if Elijah taught compulsion to his siblings or if they figured it out on their own. Speaking of which, when did the term vampire start getting used in this universe? You can tell the characters in the flashback want to say vampire but they just can’t because it hasn’t been invented yet.

It’s strange hearing a vampire refer to the heartbeat of another vampire. It’s a little disjointed when simple things like sunlight and heartbeats are no longer an issue or a part of normal lore for vampire stories. When was the last time any vampire died or was consumed by sunlight on this show? Not even a sunscreen joke?

I’m glad the dark magic supply closet hasn’t been forgotten. Vincent fears what he sees which means we should be seeing them in play soon and hopefully by Vincent himself who seems to recognize a lot of artifacts.

Lucien and Tristan having a truce or an allegiance generally feels like a red herring. How many more players are in this game and when will they start showing up?

At this point in the flashback scenes Elijah hasn’t turned Tristan yet. So if they left the castle, when does this switch occur?


8 out of 10. Very solid episode with a climactic ending that promises more brotherly rivalry which is something we’ve been waiting for since the season started. They are at their best and worst when they’re on opposite sides and it’s time to settle old debts of betrayal. Klaus is certainly overreacting from a 1000 year secret, but if that’s what it takes to get him angry at the world and Elijah again, so be it. Aurora is now confirmed as Rebekah’s bloodline which I was hoping for since the beginning, and it should necessitate her return to the show as a present character. The Davina and Camille subplot were there but not very engaging in comparison but they didn’t drag the episode into a series of bored moments, just barely. I know Camille won’t stay in jail for long and Davina’s role as regen will come to a head soon, because the build up feels predictable there. In any case, it’s time to unleash the vampires all over the city and start the real battle. Let the bloodshed begin. Thanks for reading.

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