A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×06 (I think we’re giving Ruby’s knife a little too much credit here)

SN 11x06


Amara’s relationship to God is revealed by Metatron as Castiel tracks down the former scribe now human and living a meager life. Sam and Dean track Amara to an abandoned asylum where Crowley attempts one more time to gain her trust for a short time while trying to figure his plans out for her. And Sam continues to have strange visions involving a cell held in darkness by long chains.


Okay, I got the relationship wrong. I originally went with the daughter of God concept, but siblings does fit the mantra more as with the Winchesters, Lucifer and Michael, Cain and Abel, all of these biblical and epic confrontations are based on sibling rivalry, so it stands to reason that God himself has such a kindred character in this universe. If anyone treated Amara like a daughter it was Crowley who now understands he has no more sway on her which came at nearly the appropriate time. She hasn’t grown into her adult form, but that could be as soon as next week before we enter into our first break in the season. There were some interesting storytelling points that moved the plot forward in a good way yet the scenes clashed a little too much between Castiel’s beating of Metatron and Amara’s conversation with Dean. Something about how those scenes flip flopped just didn’t feel very well edited. Themes overlapped a bit, but there was a strong sense of urgency as Dean predictably hesitated to kill Amara when he had the chance. Is she in fact infatuated with him or is something else going on?


After Amara sucks the soul out of another human, Crowley grounds her but later tries to reason with her in regards to patience and offering protection until she feels she no longer needs him. Amara agrees while Sam and Dean track a demon who has been killing the soulless humans including Len per Crowley’s orders to cover up Amara’s acts. After interrogating the demon, the brothers pinpoint Amara’s location to an old abandoned Asylum as Castiel discovers a clue on TV regarding Metatron’s activities as of late. He finds Metatron filming acts of gun violence to trade in for cash and confronts him. Metatron attempts to goad and distract him but Castiel reluctantly gives in to beating Metatron while demanding to know about what The Darkness is. Sam battles and restrains demons in the asylum as Dean finds Amara in her room with where Crowley captures him. As Crowley casually laments his decision to kill Dean, Amara stops Crowley and orders him to allow Dean safe passage out of the asylum. Crowley agrees and leaves as Dean attempts to confront her even though she knows he won’t kill her. Meanwhile, after taking a severe beating, Metatron gives in and reveals that Amara is God’s sister was sacrificed in order for the world to be created. Castiel lets Metatron go and returns back to HQ as Sam finds Dean but both are stopped by Amara who escapes. Later at HQ, Sam has another vision that shows a person trapped inside a cube-shaped cage suspended by several long chains in darkness. Amara is then seen walking free through a crowd, smiling at her new freedom.


Eventually when you refer to God enough, there’s a point when he becomes less omnipotent mysterious and more humanizing as a character which doesn’t promise but lends to the possibility that we’ll see him in human form again and not just as a cameo in the 200th episode, for those that still believe. In a big way, it’s hard to go above a story like this when you’ve told a supernatural story for eleven years, but I like the concept of a sibling and not just an opposite, but something that doesn’t understand existence as we know it. There’s revenge but it’s not petty or jealousy even. There’s emotional evidence that Amara will attempt to unmake the world as part of that revenge but we don’t know for sure quite yet. First things first, we need to get those two together for a little therapy session and the brothers need to understand the plan as a whole which will be interesting to see.

Sam’s visions point to a few possibilities here, none provable but all interesting theories. The simplest one and probably the most removed from the plot is that Sam is seeing Lucifer’s prison and the devil himself as he’s still trapped. That would give cause to see an interesting dynamic here especially of the lord of lies escaped or stranger, purposely freed by Sam to gain his support against a bigger threat. Option two, it’s another entity that’s related to God and Amara and somehow Sam has a connection to it. That was is a bit murkier because then we’d be dealing with some strange clairvoyant connection that as of now makes no sense. A third possibility is that we’re seeing events of the past and the cell is just a physical representation of Amara back when she was trapped and he’s seeing this from God’s point of view. That could explain the necessity of trapping her or possibly something else that we just don’t know but with God seemingly appearing as their youthful dad, he may be the one supplanting these images in Sam’s head for a good reason. The 4th option is the one that has nothing to do with the above theories but rather something new entirely and we just don’t know enough information to make a clear guess. Either way, the mystery is sharp and getting more interesting by the episode.


They killed Len, off screen. That’s bad form. They didn’t need to, but decided for some reason to wrap up that plot thread that really didn’t need wrapping. In the end, it’s a minor complaint, but when you have interesting minor characters, there’s no sensible reason to pitch them into death so quick. Plenty of minor characters have lived to tell the tale and Len was the interesting twist that not having a soul didn’t mean being rampant with evil killing thoughts.

Crowley isn’t doing a very good job convincing anyone in or out of the show that he should remain the king of hell. He’s losing his focus, his allure, and now he’s lost Amara. By trying to kill Dean he’s once more alienated himself from the brothers for good and it’s not likely Dean will forgive this blunder. In truth, he seems a little outside of this Amara plot and now that he’s lost her, unless he rejoins the fight with a new sense of purpose, I don’t see how he can remain very relevant this season.

Metatron and the demon tablet. I’ve never liked Metatron and I’d like to think Castiel beating him senseless was a bit of fan service for making us put up with him for so long. And now that Castiel has the demon tablet again, does this mean the brothers can once more use it to close hell, or will Sam use it to free whatever is in that cage, if it’s real? If the tablet is never mentioned or heard from again, that makes this the loosest plot thread that could have been something substantial in quite a while. Hopefully it has a purpose later on and maybe we’re just supposed to forget about it for the time being.


When Metatron revealed that Amara was God’s sister. I didn’t think gender could exist pre-existence, but I suppose if humanity is a reflection of anything it’s the relationship of what came before. During Metatron’s explanation I kept waiting for him to say daughter and when he said sister I snapped my fingers in defeat. I think the writers were banking on folks like myself believing we had the relationship figured out. Kudos to them because sister never entered my mind.


This might be the last time we see Amara in this form and I think she portrayed herself quite well against the established cast. Never over-selling how a teen would react against an overbearing hellish father, Amara played it cool and allowed the events to play out which brought Dean closer to her. She’s fully aware of who she was and what role she played in the creation of the world and now she’s in revenge mode, but is taking her time. Well played thus far.


It doesn’t matter how many years have past, that song will always be tied to Pulp Fiction till the end of time.

Because Ruby’s knife still doesn’t have an origin, are we to believe that it has the capability of slaying God’s sister in human form? I’m not buying that even if Dean had it in him to try. Maybe it’s not about the effect but the intent as Amara believes he won’t do it. He made some feeble attempt after Sam burst through the door, but I don’t think Amara is counting that.

If Dean is legit swayed by Amara and God does establish a connection with Sam enough to gain his side, we’ll once more have the board set for a colossal brother against brother for the fate of the planet not quite unlike when Samifer beat down Dean during the perceived focal point of Armageddon. This could get really ugly if it goes down like this.

Could the reapers have any insight into this scenario. With Death no longer in play, how do the reapers work and do they understand what this plan is all about? They’ve only made one appearance this season, but I scarcely believe it was a one-time only.


7 out of 10. It may seem unfair to the plot, but Metatron always brings down the quality of the episode because his rants and screentime don’t lend to the rich mythology of this show and in general the angels and former angels aside from Castiel are just a train wreck. Outside of that, Amara and Crowley’s relationship was entertaining while it lasted, but that’s been severed as of now. The brothers are one step closer to understanding Amara’s goal now that they know who she is which is a big step in the plot department, but as usual, the brothers are keeping some things closer to their own hearts which will likely spell some kind of disaster and not just the emotional brotherhood that gets tested every single season. I liked how Sam tried to handcuff all the demons even though he was force to kill one as it keeps in line with his goal to save people as much as he can. Oddly enough, he doesn’t beat himself over too much by being forced to kill one but that doesn’t mean he’s going to give up on that concept at all. He’ll continue fighting the good fight while Dean ponders what he’s really going to do when he sees Amara again. Does he want that connection with her and is it more her influence than his choice on the matter? We’ll see. One more episode I believe until we break for a spell. As always, thanks for reading.

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