A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×06 (Rebekah is the Kenny of this show)

TO 3x06


Klaus and Aurora take a stroll through New Orleans, getting know each other once more as Elijah and Freya uncover more of Tristan and Lucien’s plot to imprison their sires starting with Rebekah. Hayley is stalked by an old vampire under Tristan’s bloodline with ties to Genghis Khan and Rebekah is forced into her original body when Aya kills her mortal witch form. Camille is put under pressure by Lucien to find a dark object or watch as her police friend Kinney is slowly put to death.


What began as a prelude to a three-sided war has now become a two-sided battle with a tricky third party still trying to convince Klaus she’s on Rebekah’s side. While some elements move forward, others take a small step back, most notably in the guise of motivation set upon by three vampires who were made to act like the Mikaelson’s to keeping Michael from discovering their true location. While told rather than narrated in a flashback, we’re given a brief explanation as to why the sired generation despise the original family so much. There’s a flaw in this writing but it can be easily overlooked as long as there’s a destined climax on its way. As a whole, tonight’s episode has some frightening moments mixed with a few trivial encounters and a reoccurring theme that is getting more tired every time I see it. As directions go, while not entirely foreseen leaves a bit of dryness to the over-arcing plot which until has was turning wildly into an inferno. Now it’s seemingly a romantic fire stoked by the wantings of Klaus and his desire to ignite old love. We have a ways to go to fix this.


After Klaus and Aurora spend the night together, the previous 24 hours and seen as a flashback where Freya finds Elijah and Klaus settled after their skirmish with a newfound drive to uncover Lucien and Tristan’s plot. Klaus serenades Aurora while Elijah seeks our Freya to find Rebekah and bring her home. Freya uses a spell to communicate with Rebekah who is in another country nearly done with her search to find a spell to bring Kol back to life. Her body is killed by Aya and a team of vampires loyal to Tristan. Freya helps Rebekah escape after she returns to her original body, but Rebekah refuses to leave until she finds the spell. Meanwhile, an old vampire tracks Haley with orders to kill her. Hayley fights, captures, and brings him to Marcel’s gym where they tell Elijah by phone. Elijah intercedes and stops the vampire from killing Hayley and Marcel but sacrifices himself instead of telling Elijah by compulsion what Tristan and Lucien’s plans against them are. Rebekah finds the spell but is captures once more by Aya and daggered while Camille and Kinney are taken by Lucien and ordered to find a dark object needed for a spell against the originals. Camille finds it and is forced to give it to Lucien to save Kinney’s life. Klaus is told of Rebekah’s fate however Aurora assures him that a pair of vampires sired by her line have possession of Rebekah and are bringing her safely back to New Orleans.


Bringing Claire Holt back as Rebekah. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. With all respect to her replacement witch body, I much prefer Rebekah in her original form. Vincent will probably have issues with his ex-wife being dead, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t brought up at all. Rebekah put up a heck of a fight and though she was still daggered has every intention of Killing Aya when she’s free. And I believe it too. Marcel may have a thing for her, but I certainly don’t want that to develop at all. It’s time to let the original daughter back into the family fold. Stop keeping her off screen, it literally makes no sense why they keep doing this. She’s been daggered so many times, I lost count.

Aurora is quite lavish and crafty considering she should have as much reason to hate Elijah and the Mikaelsons as the other two. Yet, she maintains an on-screen loyalty that hasn’t wavered as of yet. What is strange is that she has yet to meet with Tristan since she’s been in New Orleans which you’d think would have happened already. She’s a strong character, and hasn’t been prone to any real psychotic breaks since she came back into the picture, but I wonder if that’s because she has Klaus where she wants him. Take that away, and who knows how crazy she’ll get.

I wish they would do more with characters like the Red Sorrow. Vampires with ties to real life historical figures is a novel concept, one that’s hardly touched this series, but when it does there’s a pull that makes me want to like the series more. It’s unfortunate that our resident cast is forced to overpower this idea because they have all the screen time and this Red Sorrow had no build up, just a general urgency from Elijah that he needs to die a.s.a.p. Still, I wouldn’t mind more characters introduced this way, it saves from having no-name vampire cannon fodder torn to bits every time.


By telling a brief story and now showing a flashback with how Elijah turned Tristan and that he, Lucien, and Aurora were compelled to act as the Mikaelsons for over a century was a bad idea. There was too much present plot to keep a flashback from happening, but I gladly would have sacrificed Lucien’s scenes with Camille and Kinney to get another flashback of Aurora and the others trying to be the Mikaelson’s for a spell. That sounds infinitely more amusing than the plot Camille is forced to continue being put through.

The serial killer is a red herring, unless it really is Lucien and by telling us now or having it be some other random compelled character just won’t have any kind of payoff here. I’d even endure more Davina and her witch problems then be given more of this atypical off-beat drama. The dark objects are being squandered and now that Lucien has what he wants, object wise, we’re hopefully moving past this arc and into greener pastures, but with more blood.


Rebekah fighting off Aya and her horde. I just enjoyed seeing her back in action and in a lengthy fight too. Equally I hated how Aya took her out toward the end, but she made a promise to kill her later and I’m certain Rebekah will fulfill that vow. As an original, there was no doubt she should always win against Aya regardless of how trained the younger vampire is. Age equals strength in this universe and Rebekah is more powerful by that fact alone.


Tonight it goes to Aurora. She’s keeping her loyalties loud and clear and even went so far as to secretly plan for Rebekah to be taken into her custody away from Tristan which is a bold move and should earn her place with Klaus. But I fear there may still be a long con at work here, but I’m not sure what that will entail. If she knew of Tristan and Lucien’s plan, why wasn’t she in it on it from the beginning. It makes a little more sense if Aurora is a traitor, but I do believe her feelings toward Klaus is real. That’s how it usually works with betrayal, the act is necessary, but the feelings are real. Just as retaliation of said betrayal, and Klaus more than anyone knows how to hold a grudge. That and Aurora’s hair and color is just so incredibly buoyant and vibrant.


Why doesn’t Freya have enough witch power to rip heads off and not just snap necks. That would have made Rebekah’s escape a lot easier.

I like the imagery of Klaus breaking a brick wall to reveal an old painting of Aurora to showcase the physical manifestation of locking away his feelings toward her, but let’s be realistic. Burning the painting or ripping it up would have been easier, because then you really won’t ever see it again. But in all fairness, deep down inside, he wanted Aurora back and used this as a means to bury the memory but never forget it. Still, a classy thing to do for an old guy.

If the Red Sorry was being stabbed from behind while he had Hayley and Marcel’s hearts in hand, shouldn’t he have not let go and just took the hearts out as he pulled away? Or did he just not have those hearts in hand. It’s hard to see through those ribcages.

They didn’t do a good job selling Kinney’s loss of blood throughout the episode. That guy should have looked very pale and sickly and that wasn’t very apparent.

It’s also a bit of a letdown that the one things Tristan and Lucien have planned is a way to imprison the originals. I mean, that’s it? No crazy power switching or soul swapping, or permanent death that doesn’t affect the bloodline? I sure hope those visions pull out an interesting twist soon, because Lucien and Tristan’s plan, as told by Aurora, is very poorly innovative.


7 out of 10. The highlight was Rebekah returning to the fold. The Red Sorrow’s scenes could have been handled a little better, but the idea was well placed. Klaus may be too trusting toward Aurora which hopefully backfires, because right now, everything she’s doing is working to her advantage, we just can’t truly tell if she’s working alone or with Tristan and Lucien. Camille needs a better subplot to work through and I’m hoping her moments with Lucien are at an end, because he’s a miserable character with no redeeming qualities as of yet. When Klaus and Elijah work their differences out, they can produce some stellar moments that showcase just how powerful the Mikaelsons can be, but I’d much rather see that sire triple war that I keep mentioning play out to its bloodiest. And stop daggering Rebekah. She deserves better. Thanks for reading.

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