A Sashurai’s Review: The Walking Dead – Season 6×06 (So long Mr. Crossbow, I’m sure we’ll meet again)

TWD 6x06


The off-road trio of Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl take an unexpected detour when they are attacked by an unknown group, forcing a split between the three. Daryl is taken captive by another trio who are attempting to regroup after escaping another community while Abraham and Sasha hold up in a building and discuss their current plights in the world. Daryl helps the trio only to be double-crossed, but finds a silver-lining before reconnecting with Sasha and Abraham.


When you think about how much times has actually passed this season, it seems rather short, but with a lot to say, it’s no wonder this first half of season six is meant to cover just the fallout from directing a thousand zombies away from Alexandria, while we countdown the weeks to Negan’s arrival. There’s never a boring moment when fan-favorite Daryl is involved, and as always he capitalized in his scenes with a few words as possible. Abraham and Sasha’s bonding moments are a different story. It’s been difficult warming up to Sasha but if she truly has her affairs in order than I suppose that’s all well and good. Abraham had a small crisis but he dealt with it in yelling fashion. Not much relevance there except maybe a pairing between the two later on provided Abraham doesn’t muck it up by not informing Rosita on the situation. What we got was a tease into Negan’s forces and a small glimpse into how his societal structure works. Not a fantastic episode, but hardly a yawn fest either.


As they wrap up their mission with luring the walkers away from town, Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham are suddenly attacked by multiple vehicles and shooters. They get separated as Abraham and Sasha kill the majority of them. After ditching his bike, Daryl is captured by a man and two women who are seemingly on the run from another community. They take Daryl to their old hideout but he gives them the slip, stealing their big with his crossbow and supplies. After killing a walker, he finds a cooler with insulin suggesting the younger woman is diabetic. Meanwhile Abraham and Sasha find a building and wait inside for Daryl to eventually find them. They discuss a few thoughts and feelings toward their attitudes as of late with Abraham leaving to find anything of use. He discovers a case with rockets and a walker hanging on a highway with the launcher on his bike. He tries to face the walker but realizes he can’t get the weapon and abandons it only to later collect it after the walker’s impaled body slips off. Daryl returns to the trio and helps them evade the group hunting them. One member is lured into a walker and is bitten forcing his friend to sever his arm and leave the area unable to locate the trio. Returning to the hideout, the younger woman, Tina is bitten when she attempts to mourn a pair of bodies inside. After burying her, Daryl offers to take them back to Alexandria, but the pair instead hijack Daryl’s bike and crossbow and leave. Daryl later finds an abandoned truck and locates Sasha and Abraham as they leave together. On the way, Daryl encounters a voice on the radio pleading for help.


Watching Daryl work his style is always a plus on this show. He’s always been a mad of few words and doesn’t take too many chances because suspicion has taught him a lot over the seasons. He still does moral things even when faced with overwhelming odds because that’s the kind of person he is. It’s tough to watch people cross Daryl after he’s helped them because there’s no inherent evil at work, just desperate people, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Daryl met back up with the pair and did what he had to to get his stuff back. I do find that Daryl has better moments when he’s a part from the main group, it’s almost fitting that if things like this keep up he might be due for his own solo spin-off.

It’s not every episode we get to see the mindset of a character and understand how he continually deals with living in the apocalypse. For that brief moment, it was uneasy and tense enough for Abraham that had something gone wrong and the walker bit him over collecting a rocket launcher, then, well that’d be it. His screaming at the walker is something we all want to do sometimes, just yell at the absurdity of everything, but it was a candid moment that he got to have on his own and it worked.


Negan’s coming is shadowed by the low cut off-screen work of his men attempting to locate those who run from them with their supplies. There’s good and bad with keeping these people nameless and faceless, but it’s also a bit textbook when you’re waiting to give a bigger reveal later. We know these are Negan’s men or else they should have just kept their faces intact and not bother hiding them. They don’t really act any different except in their societal structure, but I think it was silly of them to call off the search so quickly after one of their own got bitten. That seemed rather loosely resolved since they sent a good chunk of men to go after that group and a few of them died earlier.

I’m not certain I’m following this idea that Abraham is now interested in Sasha. They’re playing at outright saying it, but at least Sasha has the sense to tell Abraham that he has stuff to take care of. I guess things with Rosita aren’t working out. Not exactly the kind of person to person drama I was expecting them these two, but I suppose it’s better than Sasha losing her mind all over again.


I might be looking too much into it, but I liked the throwback with Daryl getting that last cross-bow kill on the walker. He could have attacked it with a knife or drop-kicked him, but he struggled to get that weapon free and delivered his patented headshot as always. It was as if the scene was telling you, that’s the last cross-bow kill we’re going to get from Daryl in a while if ever again.


Even though Abraham went through a bit of what I suppose would be called humility and understanding to him, I still think Daryl outshined everyone else in the episode. He’s still resourceful, cunning, and tries to live through Rick’s code, by throwing back those three questions to the guy. Ultimately it didn’t do him any favors, but at this stage, trust is one of the hardest things to build between two people in this universe but Daryl still shows he’s willing to try which not a lot can say these days.


Those rockets better come into play since Abraham went out of his way to collect them. They don’t even have to do anything in their favor. In fact the irony would play out better if the rockets became useful to an enemy and caused a major problem to go down because of it.

Tina getting bit almost seemed they are just meeting a quota at this point. It felt like a rushed feel and it being the girl that was diabetic didn’t make it any worse. This is also the second time this season they didn’t show a bitten character being killed (headwound) before they were buried. I suppose we’re saving those moments for the main cast now.

Abraham may be losing his sense of military focus but he may have been recharged with that uniform he put on shortly before the episode ended. It’s not much to look at in metaphor but even characters like him need a spot of positive energy to help them along the way.

The voice on the radio could be any number of people. I don’t suspect it’s someone in Alexandria, that time sync doesn’t feel quite there. I’m guessing it will be someone along the way that further keeps the three from getting back to town before the mid-season finale. It could even be the guy on the bike, but he didn’t have a radio on him. It could also be a trap from Negan’s men. We’ll see.

That walker with the bike helmet was still growling which suggests it was able to somehow push oxygen through it’s skeletal ribcage. For some reason that didn’t make much sense to me, but considering the effort a walker has to make to sound guttural without breathing I suppose there’s no reason not to say the walkers are perfectly capable of sounding raspy even if they have no body.


7 out of 10. Daryl helped make this an above average episode. Without him, this would have suffered as I wouldn’t have expected Abraham and Sasha to carry it too far alone. The light introduction to Negan’s men is giving us the foreshadowing we’ve come to expect and while it’s exciting especially finding out who Negan will be, it’s still a long ways off. The runaway trio had little time to impact and just as soon as you might have starting feeling sympathetic, they double-cross Daryl and that is something you just don’t do to him. A few good moments that had two decent jump scares, but overall I’d say this is probably one of the weaker episodes of the season so far. Time to ramp up the blood again. Thanks for reading.

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