A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×07 (That’s how you do a turkey day dinner)

TO 7x07



When the Mikaelson brothers attempt to pit their bloodlines against each other, darker agendas surface to give birth to a very epileptic prophecy. Aurora seemingly helps Klaus with storing Rebekah, but shows her nature to ally with her brother which causes a rift between them. During a Thanksgiving banquet between the family and sire bloodline, personalities are tested as Freya frantically searches for her missing sister. Meanwhile, Marcel plots with Vincent to help remove Davina from the sights of the Stricts. And Camille attempts to escape her imprisonment from Lucien’s penthouse suite.



This was a much better use of the Thanksgiving holiday. It could still have been a normal feast for the ages, but the time was right and once a season it’s good to dabble at least one of the three main holidays, but hopefully done in a tasteful and creative way. While not quite the war start I was expecting, it’s still early enough to play sides against one another and keep us guessing with who is really allied with who and whether more betrayals are for certain. A lot of good outcomes came from tonight’s episode including Davina’s expulsion from the coven, Camille’s fate undetermined thanks to Aurora, and Elijah’s sensing of the prophecy beginning to focus. While those elements worked wonderfully, a few were staggering. Camille’s scenes up until her escape, were at best laughable, and I still think Rebekah’s absence is a poor way to keep her off screen and Aurora’s subterfuge seemed strange until I realized she really was duping Klaus, which makes sense, but still painted in an obscure way.



Freya attempts to locate Rebekah but is unsuccessful. Elijah goes to Klaus who relives his tension when Aurora reveals she has her in protective care. Elijah and Klaus conspire to bring Tristan and Lucien to Thanksgiving dinner to attempt to break them apart at the seams. Meanwhile, Aurora meets with Tristan and discusses her own plans with the Mikaelsons. Camille is stuck at Lucien’s suite with a vampire watching over her and Jackson strongly objects to Haley attending the dinner, but she goes anyway. Marcel convinces Vincent to help protect Davina from the Stricts and has her excommunicated from the coven leaving her alone. During dinner, Klaus and Elijah use their wit and charm to rile up Tristan and Lucian, but things backfire when Lucien reveals he has Camille who Aurora didn’t know Klaus had feelings for. Each member is then separated with Freya and Haley attempting to beat Aurora into admitting where Rebekah is. She mentions that she has half of the coordinates with Tristan containing the other half that shows what area in the ocean Rebekah’s coffin is resting. When everyone returns, Klaus snaps Tristan’s neck as a threat if Rebekah isn’t returned. Aurora leaves upset and finds Camille just as she escapes the suite. Lucien later gives Klaus the medallion that was to be used to entrap them as a sign of loyalty. Jackson returns to the bayou after realizing Hayley will always side with the Mikaelsons when they call and Elijah reflects on the dinner with portents showing the visions he received are starting to come true.



This kind of group gathering is definitely what was needed to help entrench our cast into their constant web of lies and deceit. Even as Elijah and Klaus played with their food as it were, Tristan and Lucien still found moments to seize the upper hand and it was Aurora who fooled them all as her pinball-style of alignment came to a head. I’m glad she wasn’t completely siding with Klaus, that would have been too easy and having Camille be the tipping point in her tantrum-causing ways is the perfect catalyst. The dynamic works for the moment even though I think Lucien and Tristan and still a bit underwhelming against the might of Elijah and Klaus.


It may be fleeting, but pitching Davina from the coven was the smart move. She’s been trying to prove she’s a capable leader and someone who has grown over the last two seasons, but her impact as the coven leader has been so low that this was the only logical course of action. I don’t expect a lot of fallout except that maybe Vincent’s plan may not work as well as he think it will. I don’t think the Stricts are done with her, unless Davina actually lost her witch powers, and if that’s the case, then she won’t be of much use to anyone.



Can’t state this enough. Keeping Rebekah in a coffin in the bottom of the ocean is a bad idea. I first thought it was a lie perpetuated by Aurora to fool her brother and Lucien, but now I see the decided to rip the plot from the Angel season 3 finale and put it right in the middle of New Orleans. Freya isn’t supposed to be Rebekah’s replacement, they’re supposed to be sisters who fight together. It’ll all come around, though honestly, this seems more and more like she’ll be the one Mikaelson who will be sacrificed by the end of this season. I don’t like it, but that’s what I suspect. Better hope Damon and Stefan and are from Klaus’s line.


Camille’s time spent in the suite with that very rude and crude vampire. “Shut up and get me a beer?” Seriously? That was the worst line in all three seasons of this show, hands down. He didn’t even compel her to do it, not that he could have, but still, awful awful segments there. Now she’s bitten and in the trunk of a car. Is she dead? Will she be turned? Imagine Camille finally turning ala Elena from TVD. This would be a great little mini-twist in the season considering he psychological make up. I’d be down for it.


Jackson and Hayley are already having their first fight? This seems a bit sudden after the hell they went through getting their lives sorted out and with Hope. I think their relationship is fine, no need to rile them up and get Jackson all butt-hurt over Hayley aiding the Mikaelsons. This feels more like a mid-season issue, we’re only 7 episodes in. They’ll make up for sure.



Mostly the banter at the dinner table before everything went to hell. Dinners of that size are meant to bring out the worst in people using very passive aggressive methods and this is where Klaus excels at even when he’s put in his place and he has to settle for pensive face until the next stab and then he just neck snaps his opposition and calls it a night. It might be a while before we have a sit down like this again, but for what they did I enjoyed it.



A bit tough, but I’ll go with Aurora this time around. She seems to enjoy her ridiculousness and relishes in turning her volume to 11 for maximum craziness. The jaded atmosphere is almost palpable and she’s a refreshing personality that we don’t normally see too often on this show. She’s taking the initiative and making sure she has a leg up on everyone and now that she has Camille, there’s no telling how that will play out. She’s very unpredictable and that’s a good sign.



Why go through all the trouble of finding a medallion and using a spell to entrap the originals when you can just drop-kick the lot of them into the ocean? Unless the bottom opens up and they fall into the core and melt, I’m pretty sure they’ll be safe from permanent harm? I’m starting to wonder if this entrapment spell is even real or a decoy to something much worse, like the creation of an uber vamp. Hmmm, where have I seen those before?


If Jackson doesn’t get back with Hayley soon, I’m just going to believe he’ll be the next target of a major character death on this show. There really hasn’t been one yet and the clock is ticking.


Are we more or less dropping the serial killer angle are did Lucien at some point fess up to the murders as a means to collect the medallion through some Machiavellian plot that didn’t need that much planning? And here I wanted to believe he really wasn’t responsible regardless of the fact we saw him slit his own face up in some twisted masochistic segment. Vampires sure are weird when they’re old.


All respect to Aurora and her class, I just can’t picture that hairstyle going over too well in the future. It combs completely up and over the back and resembles a mound on her head. I saw it once before from Mis Kirshner in “Not Another Teen Movie” ironically, Mia would play Elena Gilbert’s biological mother in TVD. But anyway. Change her hairstyle, it’s atrocious. Good dye job though.



8 out of 10. The Mikaelsons thrive on being lavish, regal, and snapping necks when it suits them. Tonight, the brothers attempt to outwit their childe and in the effort found that Aurora was not to be trifled with in the fuels of love and war. Elijah is now beginning to understand the gravity of the vision and Klaus is dead-set worried for Camille which is somewhat hard to empathize considering he bedded Aurora not too terribly long ago and though he’s the king of his castle, he really should stick to one love per season. Great dinner scene and good build up to the next episode. Sadly, we have a short break, but we’ll be back soon to take off the next chapter. Thanks for reading.



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