A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×07 (Are vampires never actually dead-dead anymore?)

TVD 7x07



Mystical vampire pregnancy scares run rampant as Caroline and Alaric attempt to verify if Caroline is indeed pregnant with the Gemini twins. Damon and Stefan lure and capture Lily and try to suade her into turning from Julian which brings up an old memory when Damon’s father burned him as a child. Meanwhile, Bonnie and Enzo track down Oscar’s car and discover an ancient weapon inside. Matt discovers more humans compelled at the Mystic Grill, and Enzo confronts Julian which unintentionally puts Lily in harms way. In the future, Damon and Alaric arrive at the TV station where Caroline is seemingly being held, but Damon is knocked out by tranquilizer darts as he enters the empty studio.



It’s always amusing when Damon is impressed by Stefan’s cunning and planning yet sometimes I think he forgets that his little brother used to be a ripper. Memories of stranger seasons aside, the foundations were apparently put in place that finally rejoins Lily and her sons as we come to find out that she once attempted to leave the abuse of Damon and Stefan’s father but was threatened if she tried. As skeptical as I’ve become, I’m not going to completely believe she’s turned from Julian, because that kind of alignment switching seemed to easy. A few reveals came out, most notably that Caroline and Lily now both know about what happened between Julian and Valerie way back when. Sympathy is being passed around including a candid moment between Enzo and Bonnie that still hints at their eventual coupling which I still don’t understand. Aside from that, the episode had many traits going for it, and whenever there’s a sword fight that’s anywhere near half-way decent, I applaud the show for bringing it to focus. The show, as usual this season, played certain pairings that were stronger because of it and helped keep the pace and character development active and interesting.



In the future, Damon and Alaric race to the TV station knowing whoever captured Caroline is setting up a trap for Stefan. Damon goes inside and sees Caroline missing from the newsroom. He is then taken out by our unknown female assailant. In the present, Caroline takes a pregnancy test which comes up negative. Stefan invites Lily over to once more draw a truce and tells her what happened to Valerie. She refuses to believe Julian did what Valerie said leaving Stefan to follow through on his plan to capture Lily and tie her up in vervane rope. Meanwhile Bonnie and Enzo find Oscar’s car in a junkyard and discover a cross-shaped blade which Enzo deduces is made to kill Julian and goes to confront him. Matt calls Caroline for help after he discovers humans in a trance inside the Mystic Grill. Caroline calls Valerie for help and she arrives to take mystically lift the compulsion spell. Beau intervenes but the three escape after saving the humans. While trying to convince Lily of Julian’s evilness, Damon recounts when he was 12 and his father burned him at Thanksgiving dinner for admitting to stealing money which Lily was the culprit of in an attempt to buy train tickets for the three of them to leave. His father hits and threatens Lily if she tries to leave. Meanwhile, Enzo challenges Julian and the two duel with sabers. Enzo reveals the sword and attempts to kill him. Julian gets the upper hand, but Damon arrives and stabs him which also hurts Lily as they are linked in a spell. Bonnie discovers through research that the blade has no magical properties unless joined with the phoenix stone. Lily rejoins with Julian but later comes to the realization that Julian is a monster and goes back to Stefan with plans to betray him. Bonnies shares in Enzo’s woes after he regretfully give up on reaching out to Lily. Valerie finds Caroline at the hospital and uses her power to uncloak the twins inside of Caroline showing she really is pregnant.



I’ll start with something I never thought I’d say. I liked Enzo in this episode. It’s a far cry from saying he’s a valuable character on this show, but his segment with fighting against Julian was actually worth watching. The rock music helped a little, but the overall sense of two “gentlemen” fighting for a lady’s honor was oddly appropriate for this part of the plot. The more Enzo doesn’t do something cruel, the easier it is to tolerate his existence. I still don’t vote for his coupling with Bonnie, but if it gets him off of this Lily kick and doing things that aren’t cruel or evil, then I’m on board.


I’m not sure how tying up Lily was going to get her on their side, but it brought out a frustrating memory that Damon apparently held in over the years regarding his father’s treatment and Lily’s seemingly negligent behavior. It culminated with his acceptance that if Julian died, so did Lily. He carries the biggest pensive face when he knows what he’s done is dastardly and he just doesn’t care. This could be a start to the path where he finally forgives her, but then again, Lily could be setting up the brothers per Julian’s plan. I’m not sure. It’s easy to buy into someone saying they’ve seen the bad in someone they’ve ignored for so long, but then again, if Lily does betray the Salvatores, there won’t be any turning back.


Caroline does a fun job with denying her pregnancy. This is one of those classic storylines where a favored character becomes pregnant and hilarity somewhat ensues. We know she’s pregnant, the signs are pointing false, but at the end of the day, I think she’ll be warm to the idea, which of course puts her surrogate status as a questionable outcome between her and Stefan.



The humans being compelled and stash in different areas of town. We know the heretic group is behind it, but not the full story. The breadcrumbs in this subplot are too weak for me to have any interest and Beau is such a background character now, I keep forgetting he’s still on the show. This needs to lead somewhere other than the vampire witches needing their own stash of humans to feed off of during the winter season. My guess is that they are being primed for a bit of soul swapping once Julian has the phoenix stone and intends to put all those vampire souls into those bodies. This of course means the bodies will need to become vampires as well, but I doubt that’s going to be a difficult goal to attain.


It’s a minor point, but what was the point of even throwing in a Thanksgiving reference both in the present and the past? How did linking those two time periods within one holiday make any relevant sense other than just showcasing that TVD hasn’t forgotten about that time of the year when families get together and give thanks by eating lots of Turkey? It felt very half-assed and would have been better suited to just be left out. Usually during Thanksgiving, there’s a plot to bring not just a few people together, but everyone because family is what you make of it and the Salvatore brothers have a family outside of Lily. Although Elena’s coffin in the background of this great gathering would have been strange.



I liked the sword fight. And by the looks of them I’d say those were 19th century French officer sabres they fought with. They were two characters stuck in old school ego, and quite honestly their accents and love for Lily made this a fun fight to watch. It didn’t feel tired or fake. I liked the outcome too.



I think Caroline should have it tonight. She’s transitioning out of her valley girl-style mentality. No longer the college party girl who needs to have fun all the time, she’s getting a new makeover which involves a becoming a surrogate mother. She’s handling the situation well considering the awkward nature of an undead vampire housing a pair of twins. It’s happened before (*cough cough Darla*) but it’s by no means a reoccuring theme that all vampire shows use. She’s being a real sport about it and I imagine she’ll help bring them to term and go through all sorts of pregnant cliché’s like the eating and moodiness. Who would have thought it would happen to her?



I don’t like cheap plugs on a show, in this case I mean Matt leaving to meet up with Tyler and Jeremy. This will be an off screen reunion and Matt will return with some form of a plan to help Matt’s situation in Mystic Falls. I can’t imagine what that is, but maybe it involves enchanted stakes. But not the white-oak kind, because those don’t exist any longer.


This is also why it’s frustrating having a spin-off show disassociate itself with the parental counterpart. Why couldn’t Stefan appeal to Elijah or Klaus with stopping by (a few thousand miles) and just compelling Lily to turn against Julian? For that matter just have one of the Originals just kill Julian outright? I’m sure that will be a cake-walk.


I also don’t think Damon could just slam on the breaks at 80mph and come to a screeching halt at the TV station without actually going through its walls. Physics people!


I couldn’t tell, but I’m guessing those are fraternal twins inside Caroline. I’m really guessing, I have no evidence supporting that theory. Oh wait, we have an episode when they were three years old. Does anyone remember if they were identical?


Is the sword what extracts vampire souls and puts them in the pheonix stone? That seems to make the most sense, and if so, how does this connect to Stefan having that mark on his chest?

Vampires usually don’t have heartbeats. They don’t breathe, their blood doesn’t really pump, their organs are husks and they need to feed to sustain themselves. Vampire immortality has changed over the years to accommodate for them looking perfectly normal and having perfectly normal bodies that just heal fast and don’t age. It’s just pointless to say they’re dead when their hearts beat. Does that make sense?



8 out of 10. Surprisingly good. No one scene truly stood out as monumental, but everything ebbed and flowed in a way that kept he pace strong and the characters well balanced with those they shared scenes with. Damon and Stefan are always great together. I don’t know why but Bonnie and Enzo aren’t horrible even if I don’t agree with where they’re going. She’s being annoyed but playful and considering what she’s been through, that alone is charming for her. Alaric and Caroline will be interesting to see that dynamic blossom into, who knows what? I’m not concerned with how Stefan will take it, I get the sense he’ll be very distracted with the coming plot that will likely end his and Caroline’s relationship. The twins alone won’t be a good enough reason in my opinion. Good sword fight and nice use of a flashback even though that father is a terrible actor. We’re taking a short break next week but we’ll have one more episode before the winter comes. Thanks for reading.



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