A Sashurai’s Review: The Walking Dead – Season 6×07 (For gags, they should have shot his death scene and played it as a dream)

TWD 6x07



A short flashback reveals how Glenn survived. Enid finds him and he coerces her into returning back to town. Rick intends to make another attempt at drawing the walkers away. Spencer makes a gutsy move that backfires, Ron seemingly makes a play against Carl and Carol becomes suspicious of Morgan when he brings Denise to an abandoned home.



Rather than keep us on the fringes of never knowing Glenn’s fate, they hand us our reward for waiting and reveal that not only did he survive but he also brought Enid back with him. Unfortunately it’s at a climactic point that will likely change the fate of Alexandria from here on out. As the penultimate episode to the mid-season finale draws to a conclusion, we’re left with a relatively optimistic crowd that will once more be put to the test. As always, there’s going to predictions of death and dismemberment coming up with so few no-namers to throw at the walkers. Someone else isn’t making it out alive before the end of next week.



Glenn survives by crawling under the dumpster/container and waiting the night until the walkers move on. Enid finds him and drops him water. Glenn tries to locate her but she doesn’t want to be found. Back in town, Rick disapproves of Gabriel’s attempt to hold mass and later teaches Ron the fundamentals about shooting handguns. Glenn later finds Enid and coerces her to return with him even after she pulls a gun on him. Morgan later questioned by Rick, Michonne, and Carol about letting the wolves leave alive as they were the ones who tried to kill Rick later. Morgan laments that he’s trying to do what’s right even though the world just isn’t that simple anymore. Later, he goes to Denise to see his prisoner about his wound. Rosita is training a few members how to use machete’s but Eugene is having trouble because he’s still too scared to try. Spencer is then seen trying to climb across a rope over a group of walkers and it breaks. Tara and Rick help Spencer much to Rick’s disapproval over the risk involved. Ron is later seen stealing bullets for his gun. Carol follows Morgan and Denise just as Ron is approaching Carl with his gun in hand. As Maggie sees a few balloon in the air and believing it to be Glenn’s signal, she rejoices. Unfortunately, a tower just outside of town collapses and takes a large chunk of the wall with it.



Finally giving us the answers we needed about Glenn helped put to rest a tired theory that he was never dead to begin with. If casual viewers didn’t scope the internet they might have been surprised, but the rest of us sure weren’t. Still he’s back in full form and even found a loose end with Enid attempting to survive on her own. He brings her back which is frustrating on it’s own right because he’s bringing her back into a complete mess, something she was trying to avoid from the get go. Her returning could help save Carl’s life since Ron is busy being a jealous ex-boyfriend. If Carl is forced to kill Ron, or if Ron dies at all it will likely ruin things between Rick and Jessie. I’m almost expecting this to happen.


I like Morgan’s sentiments and beliefs really coming across to main characters who are very survivalist. I know they won’t change any of their minds, but at least they know where Morgan stands. This may not be a philosophy he can hold onto, and the real test here is waiting to see if Morgan is wrong. He mentioned how not being killed by Rick allowed him to later save Daryl and Aaron which was a great example, but moving forward, will not killing the wolves member lead to a devastating loss that he could have prevented if he had killed him?


The tower slowly crumbling and falling throughout the episode was a fantastic way of setting up their largest debacle since the semi-crash earlier this season. It chipped away and then came crashing with the episode ending before we even see the dust settle. That means all hell is going to break loose and that breather Rick talked about earlier will be over in a flash. Good setup that really didn’t take away anything because we knew what was going to happen. Although it would have been strange if the tower fell on someone, like Gabriel, but now we’re going to see everyone’s agendas come out while a hundred walkers fill the streets. That’s how zombie shows work; dark human deeds in the middle of a hurricane.



Spencer’s solo effort in trying to get to the cars. What happened here was absolutely terrible communication. Rick wanted to do the very thing Spencer was leaving on his own to accomplish, Rick just needed more setup time and more help. It’s hard to imagine Spencer’s act alone was going to make a dent in the herd, but he tried anyway. It felt like a cheap shot to put someone in danger because every episode needs the possibility that a person might get torn apart by the walkers, and it seemed too early for him to get eaten after the way he exhibited himself a few episodes earlier. Deanna can’t handle much more tragedy like that but I can still see it happening next week.


Ron is keeping his thoughts to himself, but he doesn’t like Carl, enough that he’s even going to try and kill him. At least that’s the images we’re seeing on the surface. What I don’t get is why he feels murder is justifiable given his angsty breakup with Enid. There could be more trauma at work here, but as it appears on screen, it’s petty and barely gives Carl something to do on this show which is handle a residue of passive teenager rebellion, a title he once held as a kid growing up in the zombie world. Neither character is very interesting at this junction and it would be easier if something happened to Ron just to get him out of this toxic mess he’s starting to build for himself.



When Maggie saw the balloons and knew it was Glenn. It’s reoccurring, but they really are the power couple on this show. The best moments are when characters are reunited even when one accepts the other is dead. I wonder how many more times this can work, but for now it was nice setup that will hopefully pay off as Glenn races through the herd to find her. Unless something really crazy happens. Let’s hope not.



Glenn gets the MVP tonight. How he handled Nick’s death and subsequent survival says a lot about his character and resourcefulness. And twice, he could have walked away from Enid and none would be the wiser, but he remained dedicated and resolute with saving who he could which included taking the note he found back to Betsy. His commitment with staying ethical and very human has continued to pay dividends as he’s one of the earliest survivors to maintain throughout the show.



This mid-season finale isn’t going to be enough time for Morgan to turn his prisoner around, in fact, it’s almost disappointing that we didn’t get another round of banter between the two regarding philosophies on the kill or be killed mentality. Odds are, Carol will shoot that guy on site and that will be the end of that.


In the comic, the town still stands, so I find it unlikely that this wall collapse will be the death of Alexandria itself. It’s unfortunate that Deanna spent all that time trying to redesign its expansion only to watch it crumble more on the inside, but that’s what zombie drama is all about.


Tara flipping off Rick was a nice touch of human responses considering how he yelled at her for saving Spencer’s life. It was appropriate and Rick deserved it. It paints the picture that Rick may not ever truly absorb the townsfolk into his group, he considers himself separate from them and even with Deanna’s support doesn’t make much of a difference. Tara won’t apologize for doing what she thought was right in the moment, even if it did put her in harm’s way.



7 out of 10. With Glenn’s survival finally settled, it’s time to move onto the final stage of the mid-season, which is the culmination of their attempt to drive away a thousand walkers from their area. Rick continues to sow discord without truly realizing it as he pushes Gabriel and others away with his leadership mentality. Glenn and Enid’s trek back to town was notably the better scenes in dealing with both the fatalistic and the hopeful side of things. Aside from Ron and Spencer’s scenes, the episode held together pretty well. I really didn’t think Morgan was keeping the wolves prisoner on his own without telling anyone as that didn’t seem very clear until tonight. With one hell of a cliffhanger, we’re going to be promised a lot of zombie killing come next week. Afterward, it will be a few months before TWD resumes it’s stride. As always thanks for reading.



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