A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×08 (In a way, aren’t all vampires bi-polar?)

TO 7x08



With both Tristan and Camille captured separately, time is of the essence as Freya and Elijah attempt to discover Tristan’s half of the coordinates leading to Rebekah while Klaus searches for Aurora. Marcel is given the task with retrieving Tristan or the Stricts will revoke his membership and Aurora creates new vampires with the intention of letting them feed on Camille for making her jealous.



While not exactly a filler episode, there wasn’t much push in the direction of plot save for being one step closer to finding Rebekah and placing Marcel directly in the Stricts good graces. Most of the characters are no better or worse for their worries and woes though Klaus is now aware of Camille’s dark secret that originally put her on a path to learning the psychology she uses on a daily basis. The prophecy is only mentioned twice which means we’ll be stretching this out longer than may be necessary, but it’s a slow boil until everything rips itself apart. It’s no longer a sire war as it is a delicate game of tug-o-war mainly dealing with short tempers and fragile alliances. Aside from an interesting final scene, there wasn’t much in the way of considerable moments that exist as the payoff to what we’re anticipating as a war of the originals.



With Elijah present, Freya binds Tristan in a circle while Hayley bites and tortures him to procure half the coordinates to Rebekah’s location in the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Aurora takes Camille to Marcel’s gym and begins turning a group of men there who want to be vampires. Klaus searches around through clues Aurora left for him as Lucien follows with complaints that Camille should be left to die. Klaus eventually discovers Camille’s location and snaps Lucien’s neck when he becomes too annoying. Marcel is approached by Aya and told to resure Tristan to prove his loyalty using the same stake she used to render Rebekah near death. Aurora forces Camille to tell her a dark secret while passing the time leading her to admit to severely hurting a man in college for abusive acts on another woman. This drove her to learn psychology to study her behavior as she enjoyed the feeling of retaliating. Marcel finds Elijah and requests Tristan be released. When Elijah refuses, his sireline appears and they fight. Hayley helps until Marcel stabs Elijah from behind. Meanwhile, Aya finds Tristan and stabs Freya in the stomach. The pair leave as Marcel stays behind and heals Freya. Later, Tristan allows Marcel to join their ranks and discovers clues to Rebekah’s location which he later texts to Elijah. Klaus finds Aurora and attempts to persuade her that she doesn’t care for Camille. Unfazed by the move, Aurora intends to kill Camille but Klaus removes Aurora from the gym as Camille is knocked unconscious. She wakes to find the new vampire group hungry and one attacks her. She stakes her as Klaus returns to rescue her. Aurora laments her grief over losing Klaus to Lucien who consoles her while Freya summons Finn’s spirit from her locket with a need to speak to him about something important.



Learning of Camille’s history with a violent act was an interesting way to further connect her with Klaus who likely feels more kinship with her than before. That kind of backstory makes sense for her character as we never really knew why motivated her to learn psychology. I’m also glad they didn’t decide to throw Klaus and Camille together right then and there. The music only brought the notion but they didn’t explore it. That will come later, but rest assured it’ll be a done deal this season unless something extremely tragic occurs.


There wasn’t much, but reintroducing the original Finn is an interesting development as he wasn’t very focused on except when he took over Vincent. As Rebekah was trying to resurrect Kol, Freya seems to have plans or at least wants to discuss something with Finn, but right now we can only speculate. In retrospect we have two ghosts, two vampires, and a hybrid. That makes for a merry Mikaelson bunch, right?



It seems minor, but I’d like to point out that there are references to objects that seem to have powerful effects against the originals and we’ve never heard of them before including that coin Lucien gave Klaus and Aya’s mystical stake that seems to have the same abilities as the daggers we all remember back in the TVD days. I’m hoping they don’t continue to conjure these powerful artifacts out of nowhere without at least some explanation as to how they came to be, who made the, and why.


I’m not sure I completely understand Aurora’s endgame here. Granted she admits she has bipolar but that hardly means she’s incapable of devising well thought out plans to convince old loves to choose them again. If she was going to prove Camille wasn’t important regardless of what she found out about her, why go through the charade at all? If she killed Camille, her fate would have been sealed. She took a chance that Klaus would choose her and lost that gamble horribly. Klaus also recanted his earlier claim about caring for her which makes showing us his painting of her locked in a brick wall almost a moot moment. Klaus may be twisted but he’s generally an honest person because his ego needs his audience to know how justified he feels in any decision he makes because he’s too powerful to be refused.



Camille’s backstory on her one and only violent act was an unexpected bonus to finding more about her nature and history. She’s by no means a violent character but she had a moment that she couldn’t control and in the result she drew pleasure from it. Klaus now knows this and though he wouldn’t exploit it on purpose, I can see him using this to flesh out more of their relationship? What that means is anyone’s guess, but at some point he’ll stop being just a protector and make a move that will really define if he’s capable of changing for the better or if Aurora is right and Camille is nothing more than a plaything to him.



Marcel is definitely putting himself on a limb to help Elijah and Klaus. It’s easy to tell that he will never truly betray them, but there stands to reason that something might compel him to turn later, because he’ll never do it of his own accord. He remains quick witted and cunning as he not only successfully kept his cover but he found the clue needed to nearly locate Rebekah. Hopefully he won’t have to prove himself further which could mean Aya will give him some slack. This is a good part for him to play and helps keep him not only relevant but useful to his strengths.



Aurora’s two clues scavenger hunt was completely pointless. In the end it was to bide time for the new vampires to awaken and to give Klaus a bit of something to do between scenes with Elijah and Tristan. They could have made this more involved and interesting, but it really felt weak.


For that one brief moment I actually felt bad for Lucien as he looked at Aurora with that expression that only unrequited love can produce. Maybe she’ll turn to him for attention to try and get over Klaus, but I think she’ll be a bit more destructive. Truthfully I can see her still going after Camille for what happened.


Jackson’s absence being explained as his activities in the bayou is something I mentioned in my TVD review earlier that when characters are notably absent there should always be some reference if normally they should be present. Granted, Jackson left Hayley, but we didn’t know where and I always feel those kinds of non-explanations are weak reasons to write characters out of certain portions of shows. Tonight, is a good example of how to do it right.




6 out of 10. A little higher than average. The Originals used an entire episode to cover two points, that Camille had a dark secret we now know and that Marcel is now fully immersed with the Stricts. Everything surrounding that information was a bit dragged out and probably didn’t need so long to tell. The prophecy continues to be referenced, but it’s more for reminding exposition than it is to draw out fear because I’m certain Elijah and Klaus are tired of hearing it. Elijah knows what’s looming, but even he can’t overprepare for what’s coming, and we still don’t know what. We’ve always known how deeply Klaus cares for Camille, but like most intentions to be good it revolves around being accepted by the ones you love and what you’re willing to do for them. Klaus’s acts will always be hollow in nature until he does them for himself. We’ll get one more episode before the winter break, hopefully to develop Freya’s relationship with Finn and her plans with him. Thanks for reading.



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