A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×09 (You didn’t lose count, Camille, it’s less than ten)

TO 3x09



During New Orleans’s holiday backdrop, Rebekah is returned to her family but with a strange curse included that puts Hayley and Freya at risk. Klaus shares his deepest feelings with Camille after helping detective Kinney with his compulsion while Marcel coerces Vincent to thwart Tristan’s plan to gain the witch covens by becoming regent himself. On the eve of Christmas, Elijah makes a drastic decision and Aurora’s secret revenge comes to fruition leaving Klaus in the waking agony of his life.



One thing I’ve liked about this show is how it can be subtle enough with its themes and seasons still weave them into the story without beating you senseless with it. Christmas came more naturally and in a way that wasn’t overdone, but the prime focus came in the guise of a safe and secure household horrifically disguised as a terror for the Mikaelson family. As the climax came, it brought to light a truth that Klaus can’t truly know happiness like he wants to. And with his loss will come a fury the likes his kin have never seen. Altogether a stellar episode with a great balance of subplots and a feverishly tragic ending that’s sure to raise questions as to where the arc will take them next.



Elijah hires and dispatches a crew that returns Rebekah from the ocean. She awakens and later discovers a skull on her wrist, manifested from the stake that subdued her. It’s effects slowly make her furious and violent, lashing out at anyone near. Meanwhile, Camille visits with Kinney whose compulsion has nearly cost him his life. But Klaus aids him with positive compulsion which Camille finds entirely noble and is thankful for it. Tristan informs Marcel that he plans to gain the loyalty of the witch covens by buying the new regent’s support. Marcel counters by convincing Vincent to take over himself, which he does with an angry twist of his own. After Hayley finds and convinces Jackson to return home with her for Christmas, he encounters Tristan’s men who attack Freya and steal the coin she’s been researching to destroy. Jackson fends them off, but one escapes with the coin. After Rebekah returns to Klaus’s home, she falls victim to the curse and attacks Hayley, forcing Freya to create a cure which requires calling on Finn’s spirit from her necklace for help. Freya uses a spell-induced knife and cuts the curse mark off of Rebekah, seemingly absolving her from the curse. Later, the family share in a quiet Christmas evening with Klaus realizing Rebekah will need to leave once again to maintain her return a secret from their enemies. Rebekah reluctantly leaves but not before telling Klaus to tell Camille how he feels. That night, Vincent assumes the role of regent as Tristan arrives and shows him Freya’s necklace which contains Finn’s soul and the means to use it against Vincent should he refuse an alliance. Klaus goes to Camille and shares his feelings finally kissing her and spending the night with her. Rebekah then calls to Elijah and reveals the cursed mark returned on her wrist and forces him to dagger her and hide her body until the prophecy is over. As Tristan visits with Aurora, who seems satisfied with recent events, Klaus wakes to find Camille’s throat slit, presumably by her own hand, compelled by Aurora to do so should he lay with Klaus.


The idea of killing Camille was always in the event that Klaus became too situated with being noble, dependable, and on the path of gracious change. With his change of heart being solely based on his feelings for her, Aurora’s plan came true and now he’s potentially lost Camille forever. An act like this will cause for insane retribution and it’s the one move that’s guaranteed to keep Klaus on a dark path for the remainder of the season. I’m not saying killing Camille was a good thing, but if Klaus is going to learn to perform acts of mercy and kindness, they can’t be centered around his feelings for a loved one and more toward his own desires to do so. Its a step in the right direction when he’s usually rooted in selfish needs, but to truly grow from it, he can’t rely on Camille’s approval to do good deeds. I’ll explain my theory on Camille further down the review.


I’m a fan of Vincent, so I’m glad he’s made a short come back as the new regent. However, his rise to power is stifled by a fear of being overtaken by Finn again, which seems like an empty threat, but I suppose Tristan knows a witch who knows a witch and can maybe do what happened to Vincent before. Or maybe the vampire is bluffing, but one thing is for sure, I have no earthly idea how he attain that necklace in the first place. One second Freya has it, and the next, it’s gone. If anyone’s going to bring relevance to the witch subplot it’ll be him.



Rebekah’s back and forth arrival and dismissal from this show is getting ridiculous. Anyone else who’s a major fan of hers has to be feeling the same frustrations I do about this approach which doesn’t make a lot of sense. It’s as if, they can’t afford to keep her on for more than once every few episodes because keeping her on longer either means throwing another love interest her way or making her the subject for attack by Klaus’s enemies which has more been the case this season than the last one. Now she’s truly screwed because she can’t be wakened again until that curse is gone for good. Elijah is in a tough spot because by not telling Klaus it could cause another wedge to drive between them when he finds out. Stop taking Rebekah out like this, it’s torturous.


While the scene was a major piece in Camille’s feelings being validated with Klaus, I wasn’t very fond of how Kinney was handled tonight as a device to bring Klaus and Camille together. It reminded me too much of an episode of Jessica Jones where Jessica used Kilgrave to do something good by compelling a madman to give up his hostage family. Both utilized a “villainous” character to do a good deed using the same device of compulsion because they really wanted to impress the girl they are around. I figured Kinney’s compulsion was going to come back for a rainy day and this was it. I think they could have done something better, but I’ll give Klaus credit. He’s very sincere in his words, even if they’re essentially directed at Camille, because without her, Klaus wouldn’t give a rats ass what Kinney did to himself.



When Rebekah had her brothers once more burn their written wishes. It’s not a terribly important moment in the episode as a whole, but she’s managed to hold to a two season tradition and for that short moment, the Mikaelson trio were a single unit, elated in their bond, which of course gets to come crashing down later that night. It’s the rises and falls that help define the fortitude of these characters but I like how Rebekah can be the glue that holds Elijah and Klaus together. And that’s why they keep putting her in the ground, or the ocean as it were.



Rebekah gets it tonight mainly because of both her range from docile to feral, to guiding sister who knew when to sacrifice herself to maintain order for her family. She’s turning more and more selfless and remains the most caring and thoughtful member of the show. It’s callous how she suffers through so much, but even at the end endures yet another stab in the heart, although making Elijah do it was likely heartbreaking for the two of them. Without knowing when or if this curse will be lifted, she could be stuck in that state for a long time coming. She also knew how Camille and Klaus felt for each other and encouraged their coupling although let’s face it, that sped up how fast Camille fell victim to Aurora’s compulsion which could have been avoided because Klaus can wait for eternity before acting on his love interests, the real ones.



Does Rebekah just keep a laced dagger in her pocket for these occasions? Truth is I’d believe it because it seems natural and forcibly reoccurring. I suppose it’s better than asking Elijah to snap her neck out of love.


I’m not sure Marcel should have acted so smug toward Tristan in regards to Vincent becoming Regent. If I were Tristan, that would have tipped me to Marcel’s subterfuge, it seemed an odd way to pretend loyalty given Tristan would likely have him killed if he truly believes he’s been betrayed.


No Lucien in this episode. An odd choice, but in all fairness, the little vampire is still an annoying one. And Klaus is probably right, he probably did have a cure for Freya.


That cursed stake and magical coin are still two odd convenience devices to subdue Rebekah and whomever suffers the fate of being locked away by the coin. Still no real backstories or reasons why these objects exist the way they do. That cursed stake is rather fierce and I’m surprised the Stricts held onto it for so long.


Although its just a theory, I’d like to believe if Klaus had been really truly protecting Camille this entire time, he’d have a steady supply of his own blood ingested or injected into her without her knowing so that in the event of an unexpected death, she’d rise as a vampire. It’s not ideal, but at this rate, Klaus would consider it a final contingency plan to save her from her enemies. If somehow this holds to be true, than maybe we’ll see Camille again in a different light, but her death would have more of a lasting impact that would see Klaus return to a more darker tone that we used to see back in his earlier days on TVD. In any case, it’s just a theory, we’ll see if it holds up.



8 out of 10. Almost a 9. It hit a lot of points in great ways, including better screen time of Vincent, and finally giving Klaus and Camille that moment of love that was destined since the first episode of this show. The cost was Camille’s life, as it stands, but who knows where a show like this can take a dead character. If we open with her funeral, then we’ll know for sure what’s going to happen. Christmas was also handled in a way that didn’t seem overbearing and considering its when the Mikaelsons collectively get along, it’s becoming a trait to have Christmas on this show just to see them happy for once. The coin and cursed stake are still impractical objects and I loathe that they once more took Rebekah out of this equation. It’s too repetitive and unneccsary, but hopefully she’ll be back again before long. We’re now at the break and if I’m not mistaken, TVD and TO are moving to Friday when they get back. I read it, but I don’t recall the exact date. In any case, thanks for reading, we’ll see you again after the new year.



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