A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×11 (Help me out here, is it Castifur, or Luciel?)

SN 11x11



Sam and Dean track down an evil Banshee and come into contact with another legacy hunter who is after the same creature. Lucifer begins his quest to hunt Amara and discovers Dean’s secret connection to her from the man himself. When they find the Banshee, it targets Dean whose heart is vulnerable due to his relationship with the darkness.



Some good old school vibes here. We have our first potential reoccurring actress, this time in the form of a deaf hunter named Eileen, whose tragic history is very similar to the Winchesters. The Banshee monster was a bit run of the mill but it wasn’t really about the creature and more about the tender moments Sam and Dean shared throughout the episode. And of course Castiel outperforms as the newly freed Lucifer, who so far has been very casual with his reemergence.



30 years ago a banshee attacks and kills the father of a newborn baby girl. Her mother protects her from the creature but loses her life in the process. In the present, Sam and Dean investigate a murder at a retirement home, with Sam questioning a deaf maid about the incident. Meanwhile, Lucifer strolls through a park and encounters an angel who recognizes him. Lucifer explains he’s here to help put an end to Amara but the angel attacks him anyway and is killed for it. Later, a second person is killed at the retirement home and is witnessed by a middle-aged woman who is attracted to Dean. The brothers identify the creature as a malevolent banshee and attempt to capture it. Sam is subdued by the maid who is revealed to be Eileen, the baby from the past who grew up as a hunter descended from a Men of Letters. She is hunting the creature as well. Together they set a trap for the banshee while Dean returns home to collect weapons to kill it. Lucifer is there and the two chat about Amara which leads to Dean telling “Castiel” about the chances he didn’t take to stop her. Back at the retirement home the banshee comes for Dean but is eventually stopped by Eileen. Afterward they part ways and the brothers share a moment where Sam admits he should have searched for Dean while he was in Purgatory. That night, Dean is overcome with his thoughts of Amara and what his relationship with her is doing to him.



I like this new character in Eileen. She has a kindred spirit to Charlie in that rogue toughness and quirky jokes, but also very likeable and charming. So, it sucks to think that the writers may just kill her off later this season or the next because supporting characters do tend to have a shelf life. Even our lovable lady cops are probably on borrowed time which would also suck if something happened to them. In any case, she had a good debut and I look forward to her next appearance.


Dean and Sam’s brotherly relationship and heart to heart scene felt more genuine this time around. I usually cringe at these because there’s something oddly out of place as of late because I’m waiting for the inevitable moment that will break them up. But I don’t really get the sense that’s the purpose this season. True, Dean is hiding his feelings to Sam about Amara, but I hardly think that’s grounds for brotherly bonds to be severed like they tend to be every year. No, this time, Sam’s confession to Dean about how he should have looked for him was a true moment. Dean is his usual self, but he understands.



There wasn’t much to complain about or too terribly off-putting. My only comment regarding Lucifer is that I honestly thought he’d be more cruel and chaotic, but aside from killing the angel who indeed try to kill him, he’s been relatively low key. It’s not a bad thing by any means, I’m just surprised at how he’s treating the situation. His cover will be blown eventually when Amara sees him and the Winchesters are present. Then all hell will break loose for lack of a better pun.



When Lucifer snap/kills the angel who tried to stab him. It was classic devil moves and it also let us know that he has his original abilities and isn’t tied to Castiel’s powerbase, assuming Castiel could never snap/kill people, which I don’t think he could. Excellent moment that made me chuckle.



I think Mildred really outdid herself in her role in tonight’s episode. She seemed really comfortable and easy to get along with, and even though the flirtation with Dean was a bit over-the-top, her character fit like she’s been the show for a while. I think her accent slipped in and out, but maybe that was done on purpose, I’m not sure. If Eileen returns it would be appropriate to bring Mildred back as well.



The best part about Lucifer in Castiel’s body is that Misha played Lucifer pretending to be Castiel perfectly. He deserves so much credit for his versatility and I’m find with this marriage for the rest of the season if need be.


I might be thinking too hard on this, but how was Eileen’s father vulnerable for the banshee to attack him? He seemed like a jolly fellow before he smashed his own head in.


If Sam didn’t detect anything on his ghost radar-device-thingy, then why did they still proceed to think a ghost was involved? Was he reading the device wrong? Was I reading the device wrong?


I guess I wasn’t really expecting it, but it’d be nice to know very soon what happened after Crowley realized Castiel was Lucifer. Granted, he didn’t seem all that bummed that mother, Rowena died, but what exactly happened after? Of course Crowley isn’t dead, but still, we need to know sooner rather than later.


I’m also interested in knowing just how Lucifer stopped Amara the first time. Is it the same technique he’s going to use again? Will it involve a powerful artifact or something else entirely, like a sacrifice of some sort? Lucifer is generally known for liking sacrifices.



8 out of 10. The creature of the week featured a possible new-comer to the show that worked out rather well. The brothers faced the evil and came out a little more understood with each other which is a plus considering most episodes end with the two slightly becoming more distant. Lucifer isn’t just in the background, he’s a major player now and his hunt has begun. I felt very at home with this plot and will be a contender for the top 6-8 provided more of these kinds of episodes are churned out the rest of the season. Good supporting cast, nice creature effects and superb acting by the angelic man himself. Until next week, thanks for reading.



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