A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×10 (Do all females magically develop curly hair when they turn?)

TO 3x10



While Tristan forces Vincent to activate the barrier device, Hayley and Jackson are captured by Tristan’s men. Klaus is distraught over Camille’s compulsion driven suicide only to find she had Aurora’s blood in her system. Revived but weak, Klaus attempts to convince her to feed and become a vampire. Elijah attempts to salvage the situation and attempts to bargain Hayley for Aurora who they capture. After tragedy strikes a seasoned member of the group, Camille makes her choice to survive or die.



Tonight’s return of The Originals marks the beginning of someone’s vampire life and the end of a noble one. The plotting and scheming of our oldest sect of the undead leaves a tremendous gap in the werewolf world but new opportunities arise for our resident therapist. Is it the resolution we were expecting? Essentially yes, but Klaus is nothing if not the king who somehow always gets what he wants. In the long run, keeping Camille around is meant to satiate Klaus instead of turning him into a raging monster of violence. Had this happened toward the end of the season, I’m convinced she would have been killed for good. As it stands, the episode told a good story, but the repetitive nature of turning loved ones into vampires themselves isn’t as “original” as it should be these days.



After Klaus rages over Camille’s death, she revives and remembers that she ingested some of Aurora’s blood. Klaus attempts to lead her to becoming a vampire, but Camille refuses and wants let herself die as a human. Meanwhile, Hayley and Jackson and captured by Tristan’s group as Vincent is forced to activate the barrier device or suffer the return of Finn’s soul into his body. Elijah rescues Vincent and uses him to help put a stop to Tristan’s plan. Camille continues to want death forcing Klaus to trap her in an attempt to change her mind. Tristan confronts Hayley and tears Jackson’s heart out, killing him as a message to Klaus and Elijah. Together with Camille, Vincent, and Freya, they devise a plan to lure Tristan into a trap. As they meet at a warehouse to trade Hayley for a captured Aurora, Tristan is captured in a container with the barrier device activated. His forces are convinced by Marcel to flee rather than risk complete annihilation by the originals. Elijah promises to send Tristan to the bottom of the ocean as Hayley dooms Tristan for killing Jackson. That night, Elijah and Hayley send off Jackson in a funeral pyre within the bayou and Camille convinces herself she can do good if she remains alive and drinks Vincent’s blood to turn completely. Klaus later finds her drinking his blood stash at home and delights in seeing her as a new vampire.



Was it the right storyline call to turn Camille? The reason I’m saying yes is because Klaus isn’t ready to launch himself into vengeful hysteria. That moment will come later at the real cost of Camille’s life, this was just a prelude to what will happen when something really devastating happens to her. I’m also excited to see how deep down the rabbit hole Camille goes with this darker personality that she always feared would be let loose. Knowing Klaus, he’ll encourage this dark change because it fits more with his tone and demeanor. Even if she decides to murder for pleasure, Klaus will still be fine with it. There isn’t any reason to protect her from monsters anymore. She is one. Whether she’ll turn out like the others on the show who become vampires remains to be seen, but we know she’ll have that wild shadow accentuated by an original’s embrace. It’s the same old song and dance, but this time with an actress I like. So, I’m essentially fine with this development, for now.


This is bad to put here, but Jackson’s death may have been a necessary tragedy to put Hayley on a stronger path of discovery. In a way she’s turned into a single mother, and from a relationship perspective, she and Jackson had already reached their plateau and love and happiness. He supported her in every way, and compromised when they needed to. Once a television couple reaches that stage, the only logical course is to break them up or kill one of them. I would have preferred a stronger exit for Jackson, but he went with the nobility you’d expect him to depart with. He wasn’t necessarily an influential character, but he stuck to his roots and his beliefs and maintained his integrity. His loss could really bring down any werewolf plot, but let’s face it, they weren’t going to make much of an impact this season anyway.



I feel like I’m missing a key moment, but the last time I remember seeing Aurora before Elijah and Vincent captured her was two episodes prior after she snagged Camille. In that episode she sits on a bench with Lucien and then all of a sudden she’s being fed tranquilizers in a car? Did I miss a line where Tristan said for her to get collected? I must have because I feel like there’s a weird plot hole here. Hopefully I wasn’t paying attention otherwise something feels sloppy.


Marcel’s spy game isn’t resonating with me anymore. I kind of liked where it was going, but now with Tristan seemingly out of the picture, why keep up the ruse? Aya is a Lt. of Tristan’s group but not nearly charismatic enough to warrant leadership or a fellowship. Hopefully Marcel takes over quickly and we can dispense with this possible coupling which I hope never takes place.


Lucien was remarkably absent and though I didn’t mind that, why was he the odd man out in this current plot? Doesn’t he have as much stake to lose with Tristan being defeated since they’re technically allies? Is there any reason Klaus should keep him alive at this point? This second half of the season seems to be going in a slightly different direction than I thought, but that still leaves the prophecy to look forward to.



I liked Vincent and Camille’s scene at the cemetery and how she rationalized becoming a vampire. I honestly thought the scene was going to be something like Vincent forcing her drink blood because Klaus threatened to put Finn’s soul in him, but that was more Elijah’s earlier threat and would have been a tired one at that. So, in keeping with Camille choosing one way or another, It’s better that it went down like this so Klaus doesn’t take the blame for what happens when she goes completely berserk and starts painting the town red.



Camille sometimes gets a bad rap because she really shouldn’t be on Klaus’s radar, but after three seasons, she called it herself. It was bound to end with her dying or becoming a vampire. In this case, she gets to stretch out her acting a bit and to be honest, I think she’s taking to the change quite well. I think it is kind of typical that when a good character becomes a vampire they tend to fall prey to that intoxicating world and lose themselves. It’s just a question of whether Klaus will accept this new darker Camille or whether he’ll train her to be more patient with her hunger.



Both Hayley and Klaus had very honest and combustive reactions toward their loved ones being killed. Hayley’s was more rooted in paralyzing dread though, but it was interesting to view their particular worlds come crashing down in the same episode. Only Klaus gets to retcon his loss while Hayley must endure hers. And where was Hope during this time?


Tristan having his own witch threaten Vincent seemed a little superfluous. Are there other witches that are going to be against Vincent’s leadership as regent? Will Davina make a comeback after being written out of this last story arc?


With Jackson gone, does this mean Elijah and Hayley will eventually rekindle the romance they once shared? I’d say there’s a fair chance of that, but maybe further down the road. She needs to instill some kind of new leadership with the werewolves otherwise they’ll dissolve much as the witch plot has been. The vampires are kings in New Orleans, but they’re not the only supernatural force there. I balance needs to occur soon so this prophecy can start to feel genuine.




7 out of 10. We have a new vampire and a dead werewolf as are openers with the return of The Originals now on Friday nights. What began as a promising lead into a triple-sided ware between sires and originals, now looks to have been pressed into a one-sided tale where the originals claim victory as a family. I feel they’re winning too many battles, but with the season barely half-over, I can understand why the status quo of Klaua and Elijah staying ontop needs to be met. Now comes the prophecy’s turn to enact subtle but insane

changes to the dynamic that is our sibling bonds. Camille’s change promises to bring about a dark side she’ll want to perpetuate and it will be up to Klaus on whether he’ll embrace that change or subdue it. He’s not one to subdue anything unless he has complete control, and I father Camille won’t let him have it for long. Let the chaos begin. Thanks for reading.



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