A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×11 (These convenient witches shall aid you in your quest to figure everything out)

TO 3x11



Klaus attempts to quell Camille’s darker side as a vampire while Elijah enlists the help of the Stricts to gain knowledge on the prophetic weapon that will destroy the Originals. Davina joins the Stricts to gain access to the other side where Kol is found avoiding Kara and the ancestors. Hayley continues to deal with her grief over Jackson’s death and Camille not only discovers the weapon Klaus is searching for, she steals it to bargain for the dark objects he took from her.



A flash of brilliance came in the guise of an innocent carved figure made from the familiar substance capable of ending an original vampire. It brought back to focus a very real threat and not a fantastical new kind of weapon that no one’s heard of before. The threads pulling everyone closer together makes for a captivating episode that may have over done it with Camille’s alluring dark personality, but capitalized on a few other points namely Davina’s inclusion to the next arc. Mostly satisfied moments to be had with the exception of one or two oddly handled situations. I may not get the war I want, but instead we’re getting fear in Elijah and Klaus and that says a lot considering their indestructible personalities.



Maybe it was a spur of the moment idea, but I honestly didn’t think they’d pull out more white oak substances, yet here we are, a small piece of it now in the hands of Camille who is quickly developing an agenda of her own. This kind of turn was better than Klaus nurturing her dark side, something that would have been overtly cliché. It doesn’t help that Camille played every “old trick all new vampires play” when they think they already have it all figured out, but in her case, the therapy aspect was played rather well since all of her realizations of being bad were all an act. She’s quickly becoming an adversary and after studying Klaus for so long, it makes perfect sense that she’s the best character to go rogue given the stacked side of “heroes” we have.


For Kol’s sake, I’d like him to reunite with Davina even though her return seems a little too perfect time-wise. It’s not easy to change a character’s demeanor even though love is usually the catalyst for all vampires who start off as evil. If there’s a ghost/witch plot to be had here, it’s interesting how it’s forming. I’m not sure if this other side is a one-shot, but its a good place to start now that most of our resident witches have been reduced to cannon fodder for the vampires.



I stated it earlier, but if every vampire group has their own witches working for them, then what’s the point of having these allied covens? It’s arbitrary to be honest and furthermore, why give us this keen back-story on Ariane who seemed like a character who should have at least been in a few more episodes and just kill her off like that? We’ll never know what she got out of this bargain with the Stricts or all the details on Elijah beyond what we already know. We need more likable witch characters and they already ruined it by killing an untrained seer who was at least interesting enough to get to know. Way to go, team!


Marcel’s tiny moment at the beginning may have been staged or not depending on how you look at Ariane’s character. If she knew how Marcel’s role would play out, then it makes sense that she would purposefully trick Aya into thinking he was a loyal character by giving him a non-threatening tarot card. However, maybe it’s us that are fooled and Marcel really is playing at staying loyal to the Stricts. The truth is, Marcel shouldn’t be actively betraying the originals and in believing so I felt the dinner scene had no barring in the episode at hand except to give Marcel confidence that his ruse was still in effect.



When Klaus realized the horse he carved for Rebekah was made out of the white oak stake. You’d think it would have been more pale on the eyes, but nevertheless, it was a cool revelation because that carving has been around since near the beginning of the series. I don’t know if that was always the plan, but I liked how cleverly it was put in the background without us every suspecting its origin.



I didn’t really like where Camille’s scenes were going, but the more she fooled the cast the more I realized her skills to misdirect and cut to the core of their problems is something a vampire without cares really would do if they felt the need to react. Camille gets it tonight for her smooth delivery and dangerous game she’s begun. I still would have liked it if she kept the curls though.



If Josh is going to continue sharing scenes with everyone, it’s high time he started becoming a credible character and not the on-going sidekick he’s made out to be. He’s survived as a minor character for three seasons now and it shouldn’t be just to bounced conversations with Davina every time she needs a partner in crime to utilize.


I thought the ending was an interesting highlight of Elijah’s style to be near his loved ones but not quite embracing. He understands Hayley’s pain and won’t seek to comfort her beyond just being close by and listening. Even though he killed a witch in the previous scene, he maintains a very casual and caring form especially when it comes to Hayley who will always be under his protection.


The prophetic visions originally showed a vampire character who seemed more brutal and monstrous (Still think its Marcel) yet it wasn’t mentioned tonight at all. The weapon itself was the focal point and now that its in the hands of Camille, there’s no telling what it will become. It’s too small to become a stake, but maybe it could be added to a hollow dagger of some sort and transformed with magic of course.


No Freya, Aurora, or Lucien tonight. Is Lucien just being written out for the time being? With Tristan gone, I’d expect he and Aurora to bond and ally since he was always in love with her, but that’s an easy one to figure out. Maybe Camille is on her way to him as we speak with ideas on how to manipulate all parties involved in this crazy plot.



8 out of 10. Very enjoyable episode. Camille’s attitude was very run-of-the-mill based on how new vampires act when they turn and can’t control themselves. But she took it up another level by outsmarting Hayley, Klaus and everyone she could compel. Davina’s allegiance with the Stricts is purely based on her need to get Kol back and now that we know he’s in some afterlife danger, she’ll stop at nothing to see he lives again. Her role has meaning again, and it’s worth reuniting them together at least for Kol’s sake. The beats were good and the weapon being under Klaus’s nose the entire time was a nice reveal at the end. The originals have something to be afraid of and fear can lead to some desperate moments especially when the threat is real. I look forward to next week. Thanks for reading.



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  1. I was just looking up new Originals recaps and found yours- they’re great. Well written, and I agree with you on most things.

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