A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×11 (We’re out of bourbon, and I burned up your ex. We cool?)

TVD 7x11



Coming off the effects of time served in vampire-limbo, Damon embarks on a new stage of hell laden with hallucinations and uncertainty as how to free himself from them. Stefan reveals to Caroline how he inevitably survived his own hell and the state of Mystic Falls has been driven into anarchy with Julian the center of its new development. On the eve of Damon’s darkest day, a new unseen enemy is given a name; The Huntress, and she is the one responsible for capturing Damon in the future.



While a lot of great scenes came through with the sentiment and bravado one would come to expect from the Salvatore brothers, there were also an equal and opposite amount of moments that turned tonight’s episode of TVD into a kaleidoscope of mixed feelings. For every resonate scene came the candid trope of casual conformity that left the episode in a strange spot not withstanding the monumental death scene that contradicts what we already know to be essentially false. What does stand out is a multitude of promises that things will get more interesting and crazed before we somehow match up with our 3 year gap, which is slowly inching closer to that time period. And it needs to come sooner rather than later.



We’re given both Stefan and Damon’s inverse look at how they deal with the stress of eternal limbo. Stefan giving up his brother to survive is an interesting step because without any real love of a spouse, his brother is all he has. Stefan has turned into quite the empty fellow considering his place as a main character. His not giving up on Damon at the end was both a message for himself and for Damon that giving up and letting go doesn’t need to mean forever. It’s a shame we only got snippets of his time in limbo, although repeating the same drowning moments probably wouldn’t have made much of an interesting episode. One thing to consider though is that Stefan didn’t mention of seeing Elena during and after his time in that prison.


Speaking of Elena, having Damon inadvertently set her on fire was a genius move, plot wise. The guilt trip alone will keep him sullen and crazed for eons. Given that she was turned human before becoming sleeping beauty, one would think her ability to survive being set on fire would be slim. However, she is in a magical state so the truth can be whatever it needs to be. What we do know is that Damon had himself put into torpor and wasn’t meant to be reawakened until Elena came out of that curse suggesting that no matter what, she does in fact survive. It’s a very strange cliffhanger, but I think its safe to see Elena isn’t dead.


The slow introduction of the huntress is both interesting yet questionable. I’m putting this as a good thing because it introduces someone new who can still be a game changer for the season and as far as I’m concerned Julian isn’t and shouldn’t be the main villain of this season. And just so we’re all clear, the police officer that took Matt in has to be the huntress. If it isn’t, I’d be very surprised. They both had pony tails, slim figures, and a youthful appearance. Plus, Matt’s scene in the future referenced the huntress in the same episode. Way too much of a coincidence there. I do look forward to see what she’s all about and where her weapon came from and most certainly, how she lost it to begin with.



I’ll start with the condition of Mystic Falls. I had no way of knowing if the entire city was overrun by vampires or if there were a lot of humans acting chaotic. Are there a 100 vampires in the city, or just a dozen? It’s rampant and while all this is going on, Caroline has the most pointless baby shower which really contrasted to the state of the town which suggested a cesspool of craziness that should be stopped. Matt and Bonnie try to do their part, but even that seemed random that they knew the drag races were going on that they were vampires and that they were in the right spot to contain the threat, which is all Matt seems to be doing as a lone warrior here. If I had to sum up one person’s personality that fit the dynamic of this episode it would be Tyler Lockwood.


I was fine with Bonnie including Nora into the mix because she felt bad Nora was left out and seems like the only “redeemable” heretic of the bunch, but when she non-chalantly mentions the threat of the huntress I was left wondering why there was no earthly mention of her before that very moment. Only after she’s dealing with solitude does she fear that incoming threat of this woman? Was it strength in numbers that deviated from such a fear or was it just too soon to reveal that plot point because of the future? Either way, it didn’t help the episode much until we began to piece together her inclusion during the last scene as Matt is revealed helping her out of at this point spite it seems.




When Damon unintentionally burned Elena. I do want to point out that a hallucination shouldn’t have been able to hold him back and the fire sure as hell shouldn’t have stopped Damon from diving in and pulling her out. There’s a lot of seriously deep subtext here that involves Damon knowing subconsciously that letting Elena go is what he needs to truly survive. And thus he let the coffin burn. Now, we don’t know truly for sure that the end result was her death. Damon kept that from Stefan and for good reason because Stefan would have had to rethink his place as the loving brother who won’t ever give up. Still, it was both a tragic harmony and a graceful cop out because killing Elena in the middle of the season just seems a tad bit too overdramatic right now.



This was still a Damon episode and he deserves a lot of credit for going through his multitude of emotional traumas. His pain is very real because he just can’t get past what he needs to feel better and comfortable with his life. He’s used to creating his own answers and making them work for him and when that’s taken away, he’s left with selt-loathing and accepting that solitude may be his only refuge. It’s why he doesn’t tell Stefan about Elena because his brother is all he has left. As always, great acting on his part.



I was a bit disappointed that Matt and Bonnie were technically still alive to drink Damon’s blood to survive. I wanted it to be more of a screwing of the mind, but I guess that episode had played itself out. I’m guessing Damon missed Caroline’s heart too.


Not that I mind, but are we forgetting what happened to Enzo and Matt’s part in that kidnapping? Bonnie still has to fall in love with him for some odd reason. Maybe the Huntress will have more information on his whereabouts and fate.


It should have been a quirky fun little moment, but showing Matt had a dating profile and Bonnie making fun of it seemed like the most out of place “look we’re still humans being” in the entire episode. Even stranger than three blindfolded men attempting to change a diaper in a futile race to prove Alaric was a master of the craft. All the comedy just seemed very miss tonight for me.


Tyler’s got a point. What kind of a stake does he or should he have now that Mystic Falls is under vampire control? He really had no happy memories there and he’s not the “do what’s right” kind of guy. He was originally portrayed as a bully and since wolves are kind of no longer a plot point in TVD, his camaraderie with Matt isn’t a necessary thing. He’s essentially expendable at this point while Matt still has the fortitude to keep things very human capable, which is why he’ll side with the Huntress when the time comes.


Without her dagger/sword, what threat does the huntress really possess that a vampire-witch can’t defeat. Witch abilities tend to trump most other power sources and if she’s at all linked to the hunters that Jeremy was involved in, well that doesn’t lend to her being very powerful of her own accord. We’re missing a few more key bits of information on the subject at hand.



7 out of 10. Drawing in on more of the sanity and salvation of the Salvatore’s we’re given a glimpse into Damon’s understandably wrecked psyche. It’s unfortunately mixed with Julian’s control of Mystic Falls, Caroline’s mixed-feelings over raising the babies with Alaric, and Nora’s fear of a new threat, all of which compound the episode with a lot of sub-plots that don’t really connect that well at the moment. Life isn’t supposed to continue like normal with most of our characters and there needs to be a necessary collision of sides, but everyone is still semi-copacetic with one another which includes Stefan and Damon letting Julian keep Mystic Falls for some reason. Damon’s plight was the highlight and did standout plenty against the remainder of scenes. Stefan’s own wake or realizations did compliment the main plot and at is stands, Damon is once more harboring a secret that could undue the relationship he has with his brother. The future is back in play as we understand everyone’s place in it now from Matt’s perspective. With the season half over, it’s time to bring out the new bad villain and see what she can do. Thanks for reading.



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