A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×12 (Stop killing the cool witches!)

TO 3x12


Camille bargains to Klaus the white oak horse for her dark objects to which he reluctantly agrees. Meanwhile, To keep the Strix distracted from knowing about the weapon, Elijah devises a plan with Marcel to simulate a play for control involving an old custom. Marcel proves victorious and assumes control of Aya’s group. Davina discovers the weapon is the horse in Camille’s possession but is betrayed by another witch employed by the Strix. The witch finds Camille and attains the horse, later giving it to Aurora who she really works for and is killed as a reward. Aurora fashions the white oak into 7 wooden bullets as Klaus and Elijah ponder whom she’ll go after first. And Aya tells Elijah her true plan with acquiring Davina for the Strix which involves a massive spell that can detach all the Strix’s from Elijah’s bloodline freeing them from death should Elijah die.



While I remain convinced Lucien has been written off the show, tonight’s episode of The Originals capitalizes on its primary focus which details the formation of a new white-oak weapon capable of destroying an original. Compelling performances all-around, I’m very satisfied with the turn and switch along with Klaus and Camille’s drama reaching a tangible conclusion. Everyone played a useful role including Aurora who remains the chaotic villain responsible for the current arc’s progression. Everything is progressing adequately and I’m certain the best is yet to come.



The game Elijah played never had any other outcome, but for a small moment, I forgot it was just that, a game. If Marcel was going to snatch power for the city he calls home, this would have been an opportune time regardless of Elijah’s hand in it. If anything, I’d like to bank that he’s playing a long con for himself and no one else, but it’s more likely he’s settling as an ally of the Mikaelson’s because that’s who he generally is. This helps elevate Marcel’s place in the series and he seriously needed it. He has cunning and when he uses it, he can be just as powerful as any other character on the show.


Twice in a row we’re introduced to new witches who for the most part hold their own as formidable characters within the one episode they partook in. And both died just the same. It’s frustrating when witches are used to such a capacity that to give a few the kind of story and scenes that help resonate only to kill them off is a strange curse in itself. Ariane could potentially be used as a bridge between Kol and Davina, but the new one tonight is unfortunately gone and she really brought her A-game tonight too.


I’m also glad Camille and Klaus are no longer at odds with each other. Camille is nothing if not resourceful and when she finally explained to Klaus what her motives were, he lightened up just enough to scold her for the effort. She’s a very capable character who continues to try her best to fit in with the underworld and while many still harbor ill will toward her, I think she still deserves a chance to let her flex and survive as a creature of the night. She’s not wrong. She really does need those dark objects if she’s to survive on an even playing field.



The only things I found off during this episode were Aurora’s placement and hidden witch who was randomly loyal to her. Not to mention the predictable nature that she had to die after doing a very loyal thing. Aurora should have kept her alive and close at hand, because she singlehandedly stopped Klaus and that’s not an easy feat.


The wooden bullets are a good and bad idea rolled into one. One the one hand, there’s multiple chances to kill an original, but a gun is so corny even by today’s standards. These aren’t sniper rounds either, so it’ll likely be a typical 6-shooter up close and many of these shots will miss because multiple bullets means multiple chances gone wrong.



When Elijah and Marcel drank to their victory of distraction. It’s not often we see Elijah so light in mood but he felt proud over the accomplishment and giving Marcel that sense of purpose helped solidify their alliance. The two were in genuine good moods, assuming Marcel didn’t want this for himself outside of Elijah’s influence.



I really liked the coven witch who got away with the white-oak horse. I didn’t think another Strix witch would be as alluring as Ariane, but I thought she did very well with the little screen time they gave her. Her family story wasn’t much to really take in, but she had a presence about her that I thought could have meant she was a mainstay character. Sadly, that’s not the case.



7 bullets is an odd number. Revolvers tend to hold 6 shots and anything automatic usually falls around a 10 bullet capacity. Which means that if one weapon is going to contain all and only 7 bullets, then it has to be the Colt 1911. Otherwise Aurora will likely use a snub-nose revolver and have an extra bullet for that moment we forget if she fired 5 shots or 6…then it’ll be 7.


And who’s to say that’s actually “all” of the white oak that’s being used up? Maybe she’ll even have an extra toothpick somewhere she can shoot from a blow-dart gun as an extra backup because when you grind that stuff to dust, you can make a pretty large supply. Oh, I know! A white-oak equivalent to a glitter-prank box.


I’m a bit surprised that Aya is the one instigating the spell that will remove her and the Strix from Elijah’s bloodline. This has been an on-going prediction and theory for quite some time that was even possible. Even Davina pondered it back in the day, but now we’re getting a tried and true method that will finally end the debate on whether an original could and should die considering the effects could ruin many a vampire on The Vampire Diaries as well.


Camille’s dark objects are likely going to be a “get out of jail” free card whenever they need to conjure of some fashionable tool or weapon to get out of a situation. Case and point, she used one to escape the Strix witch and we weren’t even given any proper design of what it did except mess with a witch. I have a feeling all her dark objects will be used in similar situations without much explanations to give.


I’m starting to think Elijah has had more vampire girlfriends than Klaus considering all the stories we’ve heard from the man which now includes a prior relationship with Aya. He even fell in love with an Elena doppelganger once, right?



8 out of 10. Well played episode with good characters and a sensible plot detailing Marcel’s importance, Davina’s plight, Klaus’s worry, Camille’s instincts, and Elijah’s true cunning. Let’s not forget that the real master at work is Aurora who thinks she has the ultimate weapon at her disposal. The Strix witches are great characters and the only downside is they keep getting killed off which is sad considering all witch-centric plots tend to fizzle out rather quickly. The Originals remains strong and fiercely driving that stake forward into the arc of hte prophecy, where no matter what, The Originals are destined to fall. Thanks for reading.



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