A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×12 (Stefan hits Damon and his steering wheel a few times. That’s how over it he is)

TVD 7x12


Damon continues to spiral downward after presumably killing Elena and seeks out Julian to essentially end his life through a barrage of vampire fights leading to Julian himself. Meanwhile, the heretics receive marks indicating the arrival of the huntress. Nora and Bonnie perform a locator spell and seek the huntress out themselves with Mary-Louise joining them. Matt makes a new ally when Penny encounters a vampire in Mystic Falls while Caroline begins to suffer desocating effects due to the gemini twins feeding off of her vampire-energy. After Stefan and Valerie save Damon from Julian, Damon reveals he killed Elena. In a fit of rage, Stefan returns to Julian and with Valerie stakes and kills him. That night, Bonnie and the heretics find the huntress who is an old woman in a hospital. She attempts to kill Bonnie but is stopped and killed by Enzo who kidnaps the body and later burns it to ash. From the dust comes forth a younger version of the huntress, something Enzo planned all along. In the future, Matt encounters Stefan outside the tv station and knocks him out with a tranquilizer. The huntress, revealed to be the young woman allows Matt to be on his way having done what she wanted.



I thought the huntress was Penny, it’s not Penny. That’s okay. This youthful lady born from the ashes of the dead huntress is far more interesting and ties well enough with the phoenix myth of dying and being reborn. I’m also satisfied with Julian’s demise and having it come from the hands of Stefan. Though we’re no closer to proving or disproving beyond a shadow of a doubt that Elena is dead, it’s clear that Damon truly believes it and his descent now includes bedding a new vampire lady, which I doubt will be much of a character in the future. As we close the lid on Julian’s arc we begin the next with the huntress and her role in Mystic Falls which somehow ties with Enzo, unfortunately. Good episode, albeit a somewhat frustrating one of you’re a huge Damon fan.



Julian’s death, assuming it’s permanent, puts most everyone’s claims of vengeance to rest. I think Stefan and Valerie teaming up to do away with the de-facto town leader was in essence the necessary move. Opportunities like this came in droves and yet only now do we finally see how easy it can be to take out a vampire regardless of their age. It was the right pair of vampires since they had the most to gain, emotionally speaking.


While I don’t find anything Enzo does redeeming or positively charged, his role in resurrecting the huntress was an intriguing and unpredictable moment. We know bits and pieces about how she received her power, what that power is and now we’ve seen another layer which puts her in an immortal state provided someone can burn her body. This will likely be the only time this occurs as she appears to remain that age even in the future. She has a familiar face, but I may just be mixing Elena’s with Nora’s and getting her face as a result. I do like where this is going, but now we have to drudge through how Enzo fits into all this considering he was given away by Matt to a group we’re not that familiar with.




It’s pretty simple, Damon gave up. He settled on some anger releasing moments, but ultimately fell victim to his own sadness over killing Elena. Even though Stefan pulled him from the brink by a thread, his reveal of Elena’s demise caused his brother to strike him, multiple times. And then he submits to the persuasion of a no-name vampire lady that clearly is attracted to Damon. This is a major step back for the Salvatore brother, but in all fairness, we need to see this downfall lead him to putting himself in a coffin. At this point, my guess is that when he learns Elena isn’t dead (however they spin this) he’ll put himself away to prevent any possibility of screwing it up again.


At this juncture Caroline’s pregnancy feels very far away and not at any center of attention. She’s struggling through this internal attack alone and though we know she’ll eventually give birth and break up with Stefan, in the meantime, her struggle is a plot-point that isn’t compelling at all mainly because we know what’s going to happen. Does Caroline go through a change that affects her in a way we’re just not seeing yet? I’m not sure, but right now, without Alaric, Caroline has no one to be resonant with and Stefan is too distracted to be involved in the “relationship” aspect which of course correctly works against him for what we see as their status in the future.



Watching Julian get slowly staked by Stefan. It was a moment that needed to happen and at the end, Julian tried to struggle, a testament to his survivability, but futile in the attempt. I suppose villain like him didn’t deserve a quick beheading, but rather a methodical decay staring into the eyes of someone who needed revenge. This might be the last time Stefan feels any solace considering what he now knows about Elena. I do hope this death is permanent.



Stefan pushed forward the need to kill Julian, an act everyone has been sitting on for many weeks and one Damon couldn’t follow through with at all. He’s dealing with a trifecta of issues namely Caroline’s struggling mystical pregnancy, Damon’s suicidal phase, and his internalized feelings toward Valerie which will only grow now that they’ve settled on their vengeance together over everything Julian did to them. He’s trying to save his brother and now he has to save him knowing what he did to the love of their lives. He may come off as a cement-dry and monotone hero, but tonight, he got the job done and he didn’t care how it was accomplished. Kudos.



I’m wondering if the reason why we’re seeing a physical manifestation of the huntress revert to youth because of the phoenix power and through burning is because it will parallel how we’ll get Elena back. If the huntress can be resurrected through some shamanistic power after being burned to ash, then technically the same can apply to Elena if the same abilities were bestowed on her as she was also burned to ash. One theory anyway.


I cringed when we were supposed to think Damon was in trouble because someone announces a character has never been “beaten” in combat before. That gives us less than ten seconds to invest in whomever is battling our hero even though the premise is completely one-sided. Granted Damon “cheated” to win, but we knew absolutely nothing about this other vampire except that he was clearly bigger which is supposed to spell out “better.” I don’t know, they could have done a better job than this. No-name, no voice, bad guys are showing up too often, and with everyone dressed like it’s Friday night, there’s no originality for taste either.


What if the gemini twins actually absorb all of Caroline’s vampire energy to revert her back to human? Wouldn’t that be an interesting twist of fate, although I believe she was still a vampire in the future, I honestly don’t remember.


How exactly are Enzo and Bonnie supposed to fall in love again? At this rate, I’m just going with love spell and leaving it there. The fact she still flirts with him is probably the most unbelievable acting I’ve seen from her for this entire show’s run. At least it was believable that she fell for Jeremy.


If we don’t time jump ahead soon, this show is going to dip into season 8 with this future plot majorly unresolved. If it’s going to drag out this long, at least give us an entire episode that let’s us engage the premise as it was meant to.



7 out of 10. The Salvatore’s each reach a pinnacle moment in their dead lives that bring out their darker sides, sides we’re very familiar with, but it proves that without love to keep their evil tendencies at bay, they’ll likely to perform acts that could lead them into bad relationships as seen in their flashfowards. With Julian’s arc coming to a close, we’re ready to inject the remaining season with a villain whose motives are still a mystery, but her power is just as dangerous as many we’ve seen come before. Damon’s fall continues to be the primary concern of our story with his most recent acts a vision of careless apathy. He’s driving very little except the pain he endures and hides on his sleeve. If Stefan can help, it’ll have to be in spite of what Damon “did” to Elena and that will take a lot to get past. This episode felt a little above average with a few good twists and turns and promises for things to get more interesting in the near future. Thanks for reading.



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