A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×14 (Lucifer logic: Time travel won’t solve anyone’s problems)

SN 11x14



Sam researches and discovers a weapon that can aid in their fight against Amara. It disappeared while being transported by an American submarine during WWII held by a Woman of Letters named Delphine. Lucifer as “Castiel” is convinced by Dean to utilize time travel and sends Dean back to the day the submarine was attacked and destroyed. He convinces Delphine to turn the artifact, a piece of the Ark of the Covenant to him and remove all sigils that block “Castiel” from retrieving him. Meanwhile, Lucifer tires of his charade and reveals to Sam who he is before trying to kill him. Castiel resists long enough explain why he let Lucifer out. When Lucifer reemerges he returns Dean to the present and attempts to claim the artifact for himself, but as it was used by Delphine to destroy the German warship attacking them, it’s rendered inert. Sam expels Lucifer from the bunker and Dean is left greatly saddened at the sacrifice by both Delphine and the men of the USS Bluefin.



I never consider time travel a necessity on this show, but it’s a tool to push certain plot points along and never as a means to erase or change historical or canonical points of time. While I thought Lucifer’s guise would continue late into the season, it appears we’re going a different route. There’s good things to take away from this episode, but I also wonder if the toll on Dean is a bit overly dramatic given his sentiments and time bonding with Delphine and the crew. By the end, we’re given a real sense of hopelessness even though Dean presses on to stop Lucifer and Amara. That in itself is the selling point with why this episode worked.



I much prefer this kind of progression with how Lucifer grows fed up with his disguise. I was expecting Sam to be weary with how Castiel was able to return and save Dean needing Archangel power, but that wasn’t a clue that was necessary. Instead, Lucifer bypasses more episodic charades and comes clean with every intention to destroy the brothers right then and there. This means, from here on out, he can strike at any time, and he should because he’s the Devil and he shouldn’t being playing anymore games with the brothers. I believe any chance for an alliance is gone which puts the Winchesters on a serious deficit against two forces of evil.


The object losing its power was a bold move as well. It doesn’t mean power can’t be restored, because they simply don’t know enough about it and Delphine even proclaimed it was a piece of the Covenant which means there could be more of them out there. The fascinating piece here is the premise that there are god-like objects capable of combating Amara, which is really all that’s left to explore unless the brothers themselves are to be turned god-like. While I don’t prefer they turn into an episodic excavating pair of artifact seekers, I do think there are some clever ways to insert biblical lore into the fold and not make it extremely campy.



I think there’s only so many times you can introduce a WWII plot with the evil side attempting to retrieve and utilize powerful artifacts to gain their victory before it just becomes too contrived. It wasn’t like there was a scene with a young Spielberg who observed these events and got the idea for Raiders of the Lost Ark, so why the parallel? Will timber from Noah’s ark be next in line? I understand the reasons to include time travel, but why not produce a bit more and go further back, away from the popular wars or the times where espionage was the groovy thing to do? Really take Sam and or Dean and put them out of their element. The old west was a great example, but they did that one already. At least Delphine wasn’t related to them in some way.



When Lucifer reveals to Sam who he is. As always, Misha outperforms and switching between personalities is a trait he’s very well suited for. His Lucifer is darn-near almost perfect as Mark portrays him, but arguably this is a satisfying turn of character. Sam’s reaction is of course priceless as he was powerless to defend himself and in a way Lucifer was saying what we were all thinking, that he should just ditch the act and go straight for what’s coming.



Castiel/Lucifer was on point tonight. The mannerisms, tone, off-putting remarks, and display of pent-up frustration showed the father of lies is every bit as unstable as he was when we were first introduced to him. There’s a selfish desire to rid the darkness himself, and he truly wants nothing to do with the Winchesters while doing it. This means he’ll either eventually need them later, or something else will draw the three together, but tonight, it was great to see the character dance on a thin line of control as Castiel did his best to stay Lucifer’s hand of death and give reason to why his takeover needed to happen.



Will we actually get a scene with Lucifer and Amara together without the Winchesters involved? Or will we be tagging in and out our core evil staff until the finale. I’m hopeful we’ll get more reasoning with why Lucifer is so onboard with resealing the darkness and not just because he wants the world to himself.


There seems to be a reoccurring theme with angelic/god-like power dispersing in a cosmic burst that’s meant to take down or incapacitate Amara. I’m guessing the next object or ability that’s introduced will do the same thing. Light is the key in stopping the darkness and there needs to be a lot of it in a very highly focused and intense beam. It’s times like this we need Goku in an old fashioned beam battle to save the day.


We’ve now been given a glimpse into Crowley’s treatment and I must say it’s a bit disappointing considering the stature of both he and the devil. Downgrading Crowley into a casually dressed pet with a collar is a bit too cliché for my tastes. Lucifer is beating Crowley down through force and power. Never mind the fact that Crowley is a very clever demon and so is Lucifer, but we’re not addressing that. All we get is that Lucifer knows Crowley is hiding some resentment and continues to make fun of him for it. I’m hoping Crowley is in it for the long haul and will find a way to con himself back into freedom because as it stands he’s not in a good position to bargain his way out of any cage.




7 out of 10. Good presentation and it was nice to see a Woman of Letters be a part of the Winchester plot considering the rich history they’ve given us over the last few seasons. It’s very separate from the hunter lifestyle and you can really spot the tonal difference when making episodes about the two. Though the WWII era I think is a tired theme in Supernatural, Lucifer’s reveal and subsequent attempt to slaughter the brothers more than made up for it. Time travel should be used very sparingly on this show because science-fiction may be a close relative to Supernatural, it’s not about that kind of storytelling. The dynamic has changed dramatically and Sam and Dean need allies more than ever. But who’s left, and who’s new that can help them in their darkest times? Hopefully we’ll find out soon. Thanks for reading.



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