A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×13 (Aurora might fair better with a white-oak sledgehammer than a gun)

TO 3x13



Aurora kidnaps and injures Freya forcing Elijah and Klaus to search for their sister while Aya allows Davina a chance to be with Kol in exchange for his knowledge on how to complete the spell to delink them from Elijah’s bloodline. Hayley trains Camille in combat as Marcel urges Davina to stay sided with him and he’ll make sure to raise Kol back when he can. Klaus finds and frees Freya as she’s buried alive while Elijah confronts Aurora and her gun with white oak bullets. Missing her chance, Aurora flees when Klaus returns to face her. Elijah intervenes and is shot but survives as Aya learns that Davina needs the heart of an unsired vampire to complete the spell. She sends the coven witches to Hayley who is that unsired vampire. They fail and Aya attempts to kill Hayley herself. Marcel convinces her to let him find a solution which he does by acquiring Jackson’s heart who became a mirror image of her hers when they were married. With Jackson’s heart in possession, Aya finds Aurora and attempts an alliance against the Mikaelsons.



We stand on the precipice of a grand change in this vampire-universe. Either an Original dies or a bloodline is severed, either way, things may not look good for Elijah who took the brunt of tonight’s violence. Even though I really enjoyed this episode, I fear Aurora is a bit outclassed in the villain school of planning and executing. True she provided a nice diversion with burying Freya, but she could have had her vengeance several times and failed in each one. As a loose cannon, her role as a competent antagonist is fleeting at best. The intensity was raised a nice margin as we creep our way into the next phase of the prophecy and I do like where it’s going.



When the Mikaelsons are under real threat the entire game changes yet here we see the brothers really band together under that common goal and when the fear set in that he might lose his brother, Klaus relentlessly saved him. This also prompted Klaus to reaffirm his familial affections with Freya as the sister he tends to neglect more than anyone else. Now as a united trio more than ever, they’re going to stop at nothing to eliminate the threat that could undo them forever. Great moments to be had by our resident protagonists.


Even though it feels like a overused theme, I never get tired of seeing Davina and Kol express their feelings and passion toward saving one another. I think it’s mainly because without that singular purpose I can’t find much in their characters lasting on the show. That doesn’t bode well when characters can’t really function on their own, but this is one of those times that if characters work better with specific circumstances, it’s just better to keep that formula working for as long as possible. And Kol really has changed considering who he used to be.



I feel bad for Hayley because next to Jackson, I fear she’s the next most expendable character on the show. They had their chance with Camille and didn’t take it which means she’s unlikely to be a killed over later this season, but stranger things have happened. It was too soon to pull the Hayley death-card here tonight, but even with Jackson’s heart as a replacement for the spell, I wouldn’t count on a major character getting killed off and that’s what this season is unquestionably setting up. Jackson was the warmup death and Hayley might be next. Why is this bad? It’s not bad persay, but rather use of Hayley as of late is hindered on his makeup as a creature and not because of her alluring performance as she has no one else but Elijah to have good scenes with. Even with Klaus it’s still dry and empty as he offers kind words that might as well fall on deaf ears.



When Elijah was shot and Klaus broke his neck to take the bullet out. There was a lot of pain and fear swapped between brothers and it wasn’t oversold with horrid screams or Elijah’s bloodline all feeling the effects. It was a simply one brother attempting to save the other and he did. Well shot and worth the investment.



Everyone gets the tip of the hat tonight with the exception of Aya and Aurora who I felt continued to drag the show down bit by bit. As far as who got the edge, I think tonight it goes to Klaus who did try to make things right with Freya. It’s something he does from time to time and when he sounds sincere, he’s really convincing as far as notably evil kings go. He did try to console Hayley for what it was worth even though it was hard to believe him.



At this rate it’s more likely that Elijah’s sire bond will be broken more than an Original dying, but if an Original does perish I’m banking on it being Rebekah and I don’t like that I’m banking on it being her. In fact, I can see Aurora doing something completely bat-s**t crazy by killing her own sire as a means to committ suicide and take out a whole grip of vampires with her.


Speaking of breaking the sire-line. Did they specify if it was just Elijah’s or would it be all three remaining Originals? I don’t know if we know enough about the spell to understand its complete effect or if it’s tailored to work on only one Original at a time.


Camille’s plight was a decent subplot detailing her want to keep her “dark objects” in hand because without them she’s utterly defenseless and Josh was even used as a means to sell the joke on how new she was. Even though Hayley had a sparring session with her to train her combat skills I wonder if Camille would be better served learning techniques that might better suit her abilities. Not every vampire has to learn kung fu to stay alive. There’s her psychology, her environment, her ability to understand situations and become more aware of other people’s weakness rather than worrying about her own. I just think there’s an opportunity to train her in a different way rather than just throwing her in the pit and having at it.



8 out of 10. This felt like a classic episode and stood out from many of the ones this season. Aurora tried her best to eliminate Elijah but couldn’t get the job done and it’s almost sad that both Klaus and Aurora hesitated on each other giving weight that there’s still inklings of feelings between the two. The prophecy looms overhead while Marcel continues to play for the Strix only this time it may cost his alliance with the Mikaelsons to stay as leader of Elijah’s former kin. Lots of dynamic themes here and unpredictable natures coming out most notably Aurora and Aya who looks like they’ll be teaming together for the time being. It’s not a great match, but at least they’re joined and maybe can get something accomplished for once. Good episode all around, I look forward to the next one before the short break. Thanks for reading.



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