A Sashurai’s Review: The Walking Dead – Season 6×10 (Cool guy Daryl, meet other cool guy Daryl.)

TWD 6x10



After a few weeks, the survivors of Alexandria have put things back to normal. Rick and Daryl scout for supplies, while Michonne follows Spencer outside. On their way, Rick and Daryl find a truck with supplies and run into a man named Jesus who tricks them and makes off with the truck. Rick and Daryl catch up and reclaim the vehicle but Jesus escapes his restraints and hitches a ride. After a short tussle, Jesus maneuvers the truck into a lake and is knocked out. Meanwhile, Enid and Carl encounter Deanna as a walker outside. Carl lures it away but Spencer and Michonne spot it. Spencer kills his mother and buries her telling Michonne that he had seen her weeks before. That night, Rick and Daryl return with Jesus and place him in a room. Rick settles down with Michonne and the two begin a physical courting. Later they are woken by Jesus who escapes and wants to talk to Rick.



Out of the comics comes one of the later additions to the crew who started off as mysteriously cunning and very capable of escaping any restraints. One difference is who he represents, but for now, his mannerisms, look, and guile are spot on. Welcome to the club Jesus, let’s hope it’s for the long haul. This episode was every much a bonding tale for a few pairs notably Rick and Daryl, but also Michonne and Spencer along with Enid and Carl. Everyone else, save for Denise, Eugene, and Maggie got a pass this time around as the gang from Alexandria have put their town back in order. With the craziness that ensued last week, we were treated with the closest thing to a comedic episode as we’re going to get. Nice turn of events with some interesting final moments to discuss.



Where is Jesus from? Is he really a good guy? The short answer is yes, however I believe they’ll be shifting his origin to Ezekiel’s town whom we haven’t been introduced to yet. This will be a necessary step in the introduction to Negan which will be soon. Jesus is a great ally and as such needed to showcase his skills against Rick and Daryl who are arguably the two most skilled combat veterans on the show. While he was still rendered unconscious (A feat I think he faked the entire time) he easily escaped both times he was captured and as such clearly has Rick’s attention now. It’s hard to gain Rick’s trust, so he’ll have to tread carefully, but so far I’m liking Jesus’s depictions and adaptation very much.


One major change which we kind of knew was coming was Rick’s relationship with Michonne. In the comics, this was supposed to be Andrea, but since she’s dead on the show, Michonne was the next closest character. This also means that her relationship with Ezekiel later on may be a bit strange unless they dismiss it completely in light her feelings toward Rick now. I don’t mind the change. Since the last season, Michonne has grown extraordinarily close to the Grimes family and has shown a softer side that we picked up on. This doesn’t mean that one or other will perish because of this coupling, but it does mean they will be more fiercer when one or the other gets in trouble.



This was a very relaxing episode that had no real danger to speak of, which means the pace slowed down immensely and a show about zombies had but a few. The characters had time to breathe which is never a bad thing, but it can also lower expectations if things don’t pick up in the near future. This wouldn’t necessarily be a good episode to introduce new fans to as it tones down the gore by a lot. What I can say though is there wasn’t much I found depleting, annoying, or lacking in this episode save for more information on Jesus, but that’s how we get drawn into future episodes.



Pretty much every scene with Jesus. I knew going into it he was going to have to hit on some notable abilities like physical combat, escaping, and being intelligent enough to know what not to say to get him killed. I think it really helped when he took Daryl’s gun and shot a walker to save Daryl and then Daryl thanked him right before punching his face. That kind of moment was priceless and I’m glad a guy like Daryl exists to interact with Jesus.



While Jesus was the show stealer, Daryl really played his parts well, having that sense to not be one-upped by the craftier rogue. It was because of his reactions and actions toward the new guy that we really resonated how interesting of a character Jesus is already turning to be. Daryl has had a few moments to let loose and this is a good episode to dive into his more robust characteristics.



Out of everything that I’ve seen in tonight’s episode the one element that threw me off was a picture of Carl with Judith sans his eye getting blown out. It made me feel like many months have passed since the massacre at Alexandria. but that clearly wasn’t the case. Just an odd thing to throw in to mess with our concept of time.


I believe the note Rick left for Jesus was “You were out, we brought you here. You’re safe. Talk soon. Rick.”


I’m glad they gave Spencer a bit of closure as well as an actual on-screen death for Deanna. Her roar at the end two episodes ago would have served just as well, but this way, we get some more depth with Spencer and maybe he’ll grow a bit more into someone reliable like Michonne. We’ll see.


I’ve been scratching my head on why there’s a couple of walkers lodged into those vehicles outside the gate. Is it because of their smell to keep others away or is it because the noise is to keep others away? I can’t imagine the townsfolk forgot about them.



8 out of 10. There were more chuckles and lighthearted moments in this episode than the entire show combined. Watching Rick relax and pester Daryl with his music was as amusing as watching Daryl chase down and deal with Jesus who is already making waves on the show. He’s one of the good guys, so let’s hope it stays that way while we focus on this next arc which I assume will lead to Ezekiel’s town. Pretty satisfied with tonight’s events. Some things are back to normal as they can conceivably get. Rick’s relationship with Michonne seemed expected, but nonetheless falls in line with around the time Rick perceived his next relationship in the comics. As always, the two worlds are immensely different, but they do get a lot of things right. Thanks for reading.



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