A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×14 (And here I was hoping the Salvatore’s came from Rebekah’s bloodline)

TVD 7x14



Aurora and Aya lay a trap for Klaus and Elijah leading to Davina and the Strix witches to complete the spell that binds all vampires to them. Their minds are housed in a representational spell where Tristan and Aurora watch in delight. Meanwhile Freya, Marcel, and a recovered Lucien plan to infiltrate the Strix to save Klaus and Elijah. Still in town, Stefan accompanies Hayley with a plan to use Rayna against the Strix as a distraction. Freya uses Lucien’s power to find Elijah and Klaus in the spell as Hayley breaks into the Strix’s home. Marcel aids Hayley but Davina completes the spell on Klaus just as he and his brother are set free. All vampires from Klaus’s line including Stefan are freed from the sire-bond which takes an enormous toll on Klaus. Elijah confronts Aya who dealt with Rayna herself but is unable to kill her. Hayley stabs Aya from behind and ends her life. When Aurora awakens, she finds herself trapped within a wall which Klaus seals up as a fitting punishment. Stefan and Klaus say their farewells both telling the other to do right by the women in their lives. Davina is later seen resurrecting Kol with the blood and power she siphoned from Klaus and Elijah.



If this were the season finale, I’d have been satisfied with the result. For three seasons and longer on TVD, all vampires have been subject to the lives of the Originals, now Klaus has been severed to his kin, an act that will shake the foundation of all those once belonging to his blood. I think everyone always suspected that the Salvatore’s came from Klaus’s line, but now we have the proof beyond proof. This also means that by the next episode of TVD, Damon, Caroline, and who knows maybe Enzo too will have felt the same effect that Stefan went through as they are also free from Klaus’s line. That will be an interesting moment, but suffice it to say, I was very gratified by tonight’s stellar climax and subsequent new beginning.



It’s hard picturing the vampire curse as just a powerful spell cast by a powerful witch, but there we have it. Only two Originals remain who are connected to all those under them. This was meant to paint a bulls-eye on Klaus’s back and it certainly will as those forced to be loyal can now take their revenge if they so choose. Klaus is still powerful, but his subjects are no longer tied to him. This is a great evolutionary step toward humbling him, which I suspect will still take many episodes and possibly seasons to get to, but this was a tremendous step and I’m glad it took the onslaught it did.


This was a much better use of a cross-over plot than on TVD as Stefan integrated his own survival into a plan that helped destroy the Strix. Nevermind the fact he was the youngest vampire out of anyone in that group. He interacted with a good chunk of the cast and left with a meaningful gesture toward Klaus who really took one for the team. I’m glad the cross-over event continued this way, I don’t know why I thought this would bleed into next week, but this was perfect and a very fitting plot to have the two swap in each other’s shows.



A lot of good things happened tonight, but my one disappointment is that Rebekah wasn’t utilized in any way. If I’m not mistaken, there’s no reason to keep her shelved in a coffin as the threat of Tristan, Aurora and presumably Lucien is basically over. I’d thought by now one of the three would have perished, but sadly all three are alive, albeit in torturous states with Lucien the last one standing. This show is extremely family-centric and though Claire Holt is on another show, I’d like to think she’ll return before the finale, but then comes the question, Elijah and Rebekah can die and no one on the TVD will suffer for death for it now that we know everyone comes from Klaus on that show…except maybe Enzo.



I like when main characters say their goodbyes after a hectic event. For Stefan and Klaus, there’s mutual respect and maybe even a hint of camaraderie, but even more so, there’s that sense of unspoken trust on what they’ll do moving forward. I appreciate moments like these because there are so far and few between. The rest is on them to fulfill their requests to do right by Caroline and Hayley. Nice moment they shared, hopefully not the last.



Very tough to pick one. Everyone shined in their own way tonight including the guest star, but I think Klaus is the narrow victor. He suffered the worst out of everyone and still held his head high in the end. He’s in a vulnerable place right now and it’s the best place for him to be to finally see the kind of growth he deserves to go through. He’ll be putting up some more brick walls (figuratively of course) because we really see some change, but for now, those closest to him will have to give him support.



I’m convinced now more than ever that Rebekah will be slain by this seasons’s end and that is why Klaus will be absent from New Orleans for those three years. It may not come to that and the result is something we can’t even begin to predict, but for now that’s my fear.


So I guess Stefan really really didn’t need Klaus’s blood to give to Damon who he thinks may have suffered a werewolf bite. Seriously dropped the ball on that plot point guys.


Does this also mean that Stefan no longer has Freya’s spell helping him mask the mark from Rayna? I’d like to think it’s somehow back on or else he sacrificed a lot to try and save his sire.


Speaking of Rayna and her sword, did everyone forget Aya dragged Rayna’s body at the end? Is no one catching on to the fact that Rayna is very dangerous and she could still harm everyone in New Orleans if left unchecked? If Stefan’s mark is masked, she could even stick around for another episode just to revenge in her home town. Hopefully they don’t just gloss over this leftover plot thread.


I’m all for Kol returning from the dead, but does this make him human, or does he retain his witch abilities from before? How strange would it be if Davina’s spell somehow infused him with Klaus’s vampire power? It’s strange even thinking about it, but I’d like to see Kol become a vampire again just to screw with the relationship. I can’t imagine anyone going after them unless Klaus has a blood-debt owed to her which is entirely possible. After all, who is to say someone can’t return the link by another spell?




8 out of 10. This was a jaw-dropping episode that wasn’t even treated as a finale. If more episodes came out like this, the show would be unstoppable. Major players took a hit and it served as the second part to classic cross-over that this show has been missing for a while. They may not happen often, but when they do, make them count, and they did. Killing Aya is a plus and walling Aurora makes this two for two. All that’s left is expelling Lucien from New Orleans and we’re all set. There’s still a few more episodes left and the prophecy is far from over. One by friend, one by foe, and one by family. Was Davina a friend or foe? Likely foe, which means Elijah will go down by friend? I don’t know, prophecies play out in the strangest ways. One more episode remains before the next break. As always, thanks for reading.



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