A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×14 (Why has no one tried finding and using that sword on an Original yet?)

TVD 7x14



Guided by Valerie, Stefan escapes an encounter with Rayna and flees to New Orleans where he finds sanctuary in a bar and the presence of Klaus who is eager to learn the recent dealings in Mystic Falls. Meanwhile, Enzo explains to Bonnie that the people he’s “working” for want Rayna and the pheonix sword in exchange for information on his family. Together with Damon they attempt to spring a trap for Rayna but things go sour when Damon attempts to leave to help Stefan. Enzo subdues them both and when Damon awakes, he’s trapped in a room with Tyler whose werewolf gene is on the verge of triggering. Klaus learns who Stefan is fleeing from and grows angry that Rayna could be in New Orleans killing his people. He orders Stefan to leave but then answers a call from Stefan’s phone he left behind. Caroline convinces Klaus to help Stefan and he later saves Stefan from Rayna in the bayou. Tyler scolds Damon over his wreckless choices and when Bonnie escapes Enzo’s grasp to free Damon, Tyler changes and injures Bonnie who is unable to heal from Damon’s blood. Tyler flees as Damon takes Bonnie to a hospital. Enzo discovers that Sylvia who is in charge of the armory is a descendant of Enzo’s father who created the place. Nora and Valerie are seen captured by Sylvia as Klaus takes Stefan to a witch who may be able to help against Rayna. In the future, Caroline arrives in New Orleans but is shocked to find out Klaus has been gone for the last three years.



Here’s where things begin to get interesting. Maybe Enzo’s rich background can help save his character from certain obscurity as she now has a bloodline fan girl. But enough about him, Klaus Mikaelson has finally crossed back over into TVD and it looks like he’ll maintain at least some part in the next episode along with some surprising spoiler-ish news that he hasn’t been seen in New Orleans in three years. We know the prophecy will have it’s price but beyond that, we simply don’t know the details. Tonight’s episode brought about a positive mess that held together through and through, making this yet another satisfying addition to this supercharged season.



Let’s start with the obvious. Klaus has solidified himself as a principal character that is considered an ally of Stefan’s. For what it’s worth, he’s crossing over at an opportune time and though it’s just him and not the entire family, I’m fine with this singular appearance. His transparent feelings toward Caroline and ever-apparent and if anything, he’s the one who may be convincing Stefan to let her go causing Caroline to go through the motions of dispelling Stefan from her life in the near future. He’s crafty that original.


Every time Damon realizes how much he’s a cause for calamity, he completely becomes selfless and does what needs to be done. It’s a shame these small bits of clarity go with the wind for him, but for now, he’s understanding through Tyler’s frustration that Damon’s simply too problematic considering his destructive nature. It’s always been a hard pill for him to swallow, but now he’s beginning to see his own sense in staying away from those he cares about. Again, he won’t let Bonnie succumb to her injuries which is his only real anchor at this point aside from wanting to save his brother from a lifetime of running. Damon could be a quick episode away from becoming coffin-damon.



The concept of the armory might have been something useful and cool in earlier seasons, but I feel it’s a touch much in convenience considering how it easily ties into the phoenix sword, a powerful object that absorbs vampire souls. I’m not keen on Enzo having some tie to the origin of it either because now we really are stuck with him. If he’s going to convince Bonnie to fall for him, he better be on that now otherwise it’s starting to look more and more like compulsion.



When Klaus and Caroline talk on the phone. There’s old feelings there and Klaus is magnetic when he’s sentimental over those he cares about. If anyone was going to convince the hothead to go after Stefan it would be her. It was a nostalgic moment and didn’t involve either yelling at each other, so that’s a plus.



Klaus made this episode more fun to watch because he’s always just egotistical enough to be unpredictable and those kind of supporting characters can really add elements to these episodes. As powerful as he is, he knows what Rayna is capable of and is now helping Stefan out of respect for Caroline. I’d imagine he’s secretly having some kind of fun knowing he’s a friend’s only hope.



So, does this mean Klaus won’t need to give Stefan his blood to help Damon? I hope they don’t forget about that little plot thread since Stefan is still under the impression that Damon is or might be suffering from a werewolf bite. We know he’s not, but Stefan doesn’t know.


I really liked how Stefan ended up in the bayou at the same shack we’ve seen several times before. It doesn’t make much sense how he coincidentally got there, but what did matter was Klaus saving him and the allure of a dozen werewolves who barely tolerate a vampire’s presence let alone two.


Nora and Mary-Louise have been taken by Sylvia. This is good as they can be written off the show for the remainder of the season if they chose. On the other hand, that means they’ll be in the same vicinity as Enzo and the armory and will likely be placed right in the middle of the plot again. Sigh. They also got over Beau’s “death” really quick too.


Now that Tyler is a werewolf I think I need some kind of reminder how and who he killed to trigger his gene again. After all he went through with Liz, it all just gets thrown away and once more he’s one with the beast. Aw well.


Adding the scene with Caroline in New Orleans is very interesting as how it ties to the events of The Originals. I think there’s a bit more going on here than we know and hopefully is means we’ll see more cross-over events with both teams before the finale. I like the mystery with why Klaus is gone, but it could mean a few things such as Klaus being taken out of play or he left of his own accord because a sibling is forever dead. It’s fun to speculate.



8 out of 10. Enjoyable episodes as I’m a sucker for cross-over scenes between sister-shows. Damon’s falling more into his period of self-loathing but at least he’s turning more selfless to those he cares about. I’m not keen on this armory development, but it could be worse I suppose. At some point, Enzo will turn some kind of leaf and begin courting Bonnie, but right now it looks completely unrealistic. We’ll get one more episode before the next mini-break, and I imagine with Klaus’s witch being involved, it will mean one heck of a showdown against Rayna. I’d like to think the witch is Davina, but somehow I doubt it. Thanks for reading.



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