A Sashurai’s Review: The Walking Dead – Season 6×11 (To make them understand right off the bat. Good pun)

TWD 6x11



Jesus explains to the group of Alexandria that there are other communities out there that actively trade and invites them to see his establishment. Cautious but curious, Rick and a few others join Jesus in an RV and travel. On the way they come across a crashed vehicle with survivors held up in an empty building. Rick and the crew help save the friends of Jesus and take them back to their settlement. Once there, they meet Gregory, the leader who attempts to out bargain with Maggie as they have more food but less weapons. Other settlers return and confront Gregory about Negan keeping one of their own hostage. The group’s leader, Nathan attempts to kill Gregory whom Negan wants dead. Rick interferes and kills Nathan. When Gregory recovers a deal is made for half of their food stock in exchange for stopping Negan and his people. Rick leaves with his group confident they can accomplish this task.



What we have are the workings for eliminating the concept of group survival and the expansion for mankind’s prolonged return. I was hoping for a bigger hilltop community, but I’ll settle for the slow rise to bigger towns. If anything, I expect Negan’s Saviors to be nothing short of massive. If it wasn’t for the short interim with saving Jesus’s companions, this would have been a walker-less episode and to this day I don’t recall any episode being like that save for possibly the first finale, but I don’t recall. Characters are beginning to show signs of change, most notably Abraham and Maggie who are stepping into roles that could make them better characters. We’ll certainly see as the tide of the dead continues to roll in.



New communities means new characters to explore and new personalities to conflict with. Rick is easing Maggie into a role of leadership which she’s taking too nicely while negotiating with Gregory, a no-nonsense peacekeeper whose lacking in credible governing. Rick and his crew are set to their task and already they intend to take on an unseen enemy who even Daryl thinks is barking more threat than they can deliver. A lot of positive energy came out of this confident crew which can only mean more downfall awaits them, but for now, positivity is rewarded with hope.



Aside from some stellar effects with walkers embedded into a crashed car, this otherwise felt like a lackluster of an episode. Consistency is key and unfortunately the momentum is shifting due to the pacing set by learning of a new community. Distance is also a factor we’re unknown to. We don’t know if the hilltop community is a hundred miles away or a few dozen. I’m also unconvinced that this is the kind of community that Jesus should be existing in. He’s a bit overqualified and even though he said that they don’t have many fighters, and that needs to be stated for them to be subservient to Negan’s demands, I just think his status as a capable lieutenant puts him in a much better standing than anyone gives him credit for. This is also the second time we’ve been introduced to Abraham’s existential crisis. It’s more rooted in relationships now than survival, but he’s quickly turning into a walking symbol of ambivalence, always questioning what side of life he wants to fall on. Sooner or later he’s going to think he made the right call but find it probably isn’t.



Rick’s stabbing of Nathan and subsequent “what?” statement to the settlers watching in surprise. Rick is so comfortable with killing now it barely registers as questionable when the need arises. Plus the amount of blood flowing from the jugular was immense, I know there was some CG element involved but it looked immensely real from where I was sitting.



Maggie takes the spot tonight. Rick knows how much she’s growing as a character and valued friend and tonight she took to speaking for her group by not taking any crap from Gregory and even making him choose between a rock and a hard place. With a baby on the way and plenty of support from a new doctor ally and Glenn, she’s on her way to becoming a symbol for great courage and achievement.



Where was the generator that powered up the fetal monitor for Maggie’s scan? Up until that short scene, I didn’t see any signs of power existing in that camp. Even after what Jesus said about the place I wasn’t convinced power was a thing they had access to.


We’re reaching a point where the amount of characters this show is producing is going to exceed GOT and not for a lack of killing them off too. Things are going to get bloody and really soon.


Would it be entirely screwed up if somewhere down the line, Rick, Carl, and Daryl all got haircuts? At this point, why haven’t they? What’s the significance of them growing their hair out if not to represent the passage of time, the grimness of their grueling lifestyle, which isn’t that bad as of late, or staying on top of zombie trends? At least Carl, Daryl I can understand because he really had no intention of changing his demeanor whatsoever.


If the symbolism of Abraham leaving Rosita’s necklace on the ground isn’t a sign that relationship is going to end, I don’t know what else to say toward it. He’s apparently made some epiphany that relates to what another settler mentioned when he was nearly about to die. Whether this means he’ll actively break up with Rosita remains to be seen. Sasha won’t let him make a move until he does that much is for certain.




6 out of 10. I may still be in carnage candy mode, but tonight’s episode didn’t have the same feel-good moments or rambunctiousness that the last few have delivered on. It’s possible a show like this is driven toward hardships that these characters are faced with on a daily basis, but right now there wasn’t enough going on to make me feel for the new town and its occupants aside from Jesus being a part of it. We have an excuse for Rick to dash in and save the day which will likely get many of his allies killed or at the very least a major cast member, because we got the short story on how Negan handles authority and it’s the same tale that centered around the climax of #100 in the comic. Make no mistake. Someone won’t walk away alive or undead by this finale. Thanks for reading.



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