A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×15 (Well, the headless guy isn’t wrong)

TVD 7x15



Cortez, an old vampire sired by Klaus arrives in New Orleans and forces Vincent to locate the last of the white oak. Elijah discovers that Hayley has been murdering members of the Strix while Marcel attempts to keep the peace as leader of them. Klaus confronts Cortez and ultimately kills him but not before realizing all his kin are beginning to converge from all over the world. Kol reunites with his family but soon realizes as a vampire he’s subject to the same bloodlust as before. Vincent finds the last white oak bullet as Camille forges her own path by swearing to finds and kill Aurora on her own. Klaus decides to leave town with Hayley and Hope in an effort to keep his city and family safe from harm against those that are searching for him. And late at night, after Kol drinks from a human he encounters Finn who has also seemingly returned from the dead.



All is not well in the city of New Orleans. The curse is ever present and the portent of the sire war is back on track. I imagine the remaining season will detail the effects of this war while Klaus stays from his home, an act I thought he wouldn’t succumb to. But that was the old Klaus, and this new one is in fact “vulnerable” as it’s been stated. The flow of emotional ties breaking and forming was very lucid and relatable as both Elijah and Klaus had to settle with their loves telling them how the world works in their eyes. In a lot of ways, this episode helps bridge the gap between one arc and the next and does so in a way that doesn’t feel forced for hammed up. I enjoyed a lot of what this episode had to offer.



Klaus in a lot of ways talks up a good game but usually backs up that talk with vicious cruelty and a knack for dishing verbal irony. What we’re seeing now is evolution in a way that compels him to do what’s best for the family and not think of himself as the sole proprietor of all he can see. Him leaving has to be one of the more selfless acts he’s exhibited in his time, but also who goes with him, the mother of his child and Hope herself. Camille also gave him good reason to leave and I agree with everything she said, both to Klaus and to Vincent, but I’ll comment more on that later. Even though he may be painted as a pitiful former arch-villain, I rather like where he’s headed even though he still has the power to tear heads off.


Hayley and Elijah’s feelings were a bit under the radar compared to Kol and Davina, but I do want to comment that Haley’s honesty and Elijah’s reaction are the kinds of open truths that this show doesn’t confess enough to. Elijah would never openly admit his feelings in such a blunt away. His actions more than make up for it, but sometimes it takes someone like Hayley to get to the point of the situation even if it doesn’t result in what either person wants. It’s a plain statement of fact and it was delivered with a pure candid tone that I appreciate seeing and hope I can see more in the future from other couples who differ in their ideals or thoughts in general.



My only issue really is the introduction and departure of the one-off villain, Cortez. I don’t think you can introduce a single vampire who somehow is engaged as a true bad-ass and someone to be feared. They tried with Cortez but there just isn’t anything any writer can do to outperform the majestic nature of the Mikaelsons who are at the top of their class. Would Lucien fear a guy like Cortez? I doubt it. I’d say try harder, but more are already on their way. At least give them enticing personalities because Cortez was a brick of normalcy compared to Klaus and Elijah’s suave personalities.



The ending with Klaus leaving and the arrival of Finn. Both moments captured by the same foreboding music really help sell the mood of changes looming on the horizon for the oldest family in the city. It’s a shame we’re on a break, because I do want to know where this is heading. Will we get to see more of Hayley and Klaus on the road? And how is Finn also returned? Maybe he’s just an apparition of Kol’s. Hopefully not.



I want to give it to Camille based on her conversation with Vincent toward the end. Her stance and attitude as a young vampire who needs to come into her own is classic heroine mentality. She doesn’t want Klaus forced into a position to choose between the two and she wants to find her herself. Plus she had the courage to stand up to Klaus in a way that pushed him right out of the city. She was strategic and flawless and I think I’m beginning to like her as a vampire. I just think it’s a bit odd that she’s already controlled her bloodlust, but maybe the psychology of the mind is easer for her to grasp than it is for someone like Kol who is very beholden to his new lust for blood.



I knew there was a reason why they showed seven bullets of made from the white oak. One bullet was fated to survive which means likely one Original will perish this season. My money is still on Rebekah, sadly. But then that means Camille would be killed as well.


Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I thought Cortez was staked in the heart that second time before he was promptly beheaded. I guess Klaus purposefully mess to sell his point. I also thought it was odd Klaus didn’t just compel Cortez considering that’s still a thing Originals can do.


I hope we don’t forget that Hope has abilities and that they should be manifesting even at her age. In three years who knows what kind of destructive force she’ll be capable of.


My theory is that if Finn truly did return that it was inadvertently done from Davina when Kol was brought back. Hopefully he’s not a foe, but he really doesn’t like a lot of characters on this show. I’m glad the original cast is back in this manner. Those two were always in the sub-light of their siblings more theatrical personalities.



8 out of 10. Klaus’s attitude was a bit predictable but he did what needed to be done in leaving the city and staying in the continuity of TVD taking a three year hiatus. The sire war is still very much a possibility which I’m glad they haven’t abandoned and I really enjoyed Camille and Hayley’s performances as they respectively ended ties with Klaus and Elijah. Kol is already beginning to slip and his brother is in physical form at least until they tell us he isn’t. There’s a lot of potential and I didn’t find much beyond Cortez as a B-rated villain that dragged this episode down. We’ll get a bit of a small break this month before returning and hopefully a bloodbath awaits. Thanks for reading.



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