A Sashurai’s Review: The Walking Dead – Season 6×15 (No, nothing will be alright ever again)

TWD 6x15



Carol leaves and encounters a few of the Saviors on the road. She kills all but one and leaves presumably wounded. Daryl also leaves to track down Dwight by the railroad tracks which prompts Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita to pursue. Morgan and Rick then leave to find Carol. They locate Carol’s vehicle and track a blood trail leading to a farmhouse where they encounter a man who flees from a group of walkers. After killing the walkers, Morgan tells Rick to return to Alexandria while he searches for Carol alone. Glenn and the others find Daryl, but end up splitting up as Daryl and Rosita obsessively follow Dwights trail. Glenn and Michonne are captured by Dwight and his men which leads Rosita and Daryl into a trap. Dwight shoots Daryl, but it’s unknown where and how bad. Meanwhile, back at Alexandria, Enid cuts Maggie’s hair which is then followed up by Maggie having massive pains leading to possible complications with her pregnancy.



This was one of those times where seeing Carol’s flurry of hyper-sensitive emotions simply wasn’t an act, at least it doesn’t matter if it was because what she’s gone through has broken her down to a core we haven’t seen in quite a while. Tonight’s episode of TWD finally sets up the encounter of comic issue #100 that we’ve all been dreading since we knew Negan was coming to the small screen. What’s supplied in this arc is the foundation of our crew feeling that they have control over their destinies and soon, they’re going to have to face a new dose of reality. I’m very fond of Morgan searching for Carol alone and I do fear for what they’re doing to Maggie because in the main continuity she and the baby are fine. The final line from Dwight at the end was unnecessary but I understand the need to sell that Daryl isn’t dead. The amount of times people will be going through that shot frame by frame to prove it no doubt will be numerous. Pretty solid episode all around, I think we’re in a good place to get to that finale and really see what season 7 is all about.



Carol is truly amazing as what she does. It’s almost cathartic how she’s reached a point in her life that only Morgan can truly understand. I’m looking forward to seeing if they can figure out that path together or whether Carol is too far gone, either by a wound she’s sustained, or by her mental state as a survivalist. It was definitely the highlight of the episode, wonderfully echoed through a flash-forward narrative that, when brought to the present, made her all the more deadly, just as we know her.



It’s ironic how invincible Daryl feels that he can chase down Dwight and his men alone with just a crossbow, and even while teamed with Rosita, he can be so easily captured by Dwight, who should still be reeling in pain after the chunk lost by a very bitey Eugene. I think the problem here is how telegraphed it is because when it comes time to execute one of our main cast, we need a group of favored characters which includes Glenn, Daryl, and Michonne. Rosita is steadily climbing but let’s be honest, she’s lower tier at this point, which actually makes her safe in this situation. Daryl getting shot doesn’t help with his case, but depending on the wound, I’d say he’s near the top of list of everyone’s theory that he’ll be the one to perish in the finale. Still, it could be a misdirection, and no one wants to see anyone go I imagine.



When Carol used her hidden gun to mow down the Saviors in the truck. Her heightened anxiety followed with a flurry of bullets was harsh and fast, giving swift response to her almost sorrowful state that they could just walk away. When it came down to it, she didn’t hesitate, as usual. Never thought her character would grow so much, but I suppose that’s kind of the point. The build up was fine even though we suspected her long sleeves were concealing a weapon, we just didn’t know how deadly until she used it.



I’d like to give it to Morgan simply because of the story he told to Rick about things coming full circle. Rick isn’t used to hearing Morgan’s way of thinking and though they contradict each other in many ways, Morgan has a passion for believing in surreal possibilities outside of common mistrust and survivalist methods. When he took Rick’s spare gun I knew it was a way to appease him, and I would expect Morgan to dispose of it the second Rick is out of sight. Of course that could mean he’ll need it in the future. Morgan is constantly a fascinating character, someone who should be able to maintain his convictions, but you know will someday be tested to harshly by them. Let’s hope it doesn’t come too soon.



Lucille is coming. I saw the bat wrapped in razor wire and it doesn’t look like an ornament. I’m shuddering at it’s destructive capabilities already. No one should ever have to be hit by it, ever.


The wounded savior following Rick and Morgan seemed redundant. Unless he’s going to be something significant in the finale for Morgan and Carol, I don’t see why there was a point in keeping him alive unless he also knows how to contact his men to set up some mean ambush. We just don’t know enough right now.


I don’t think Maggie’s new complication was necessary to throw into this episode, it seemed like it was more fluff to get us crazy invested into next week’s finale, and trust me, we already are. Do I think she’s going to have a miscarriage? No, that’s just overkill, and not just kill all of Sam’s family overkill either.


I can’t quite figure Rosita out. She’s still visibly upset over the break-up with Abraham, but she’s not on a deathwish either, that much is certain. There are moments I feel she’s waking up to the story that’s happening around her, but I don’t see her becoming a main-player unless the goal is to replace her with someone we’re about to lose.


Because of what happened to Denise, and other times similar, I expect every single meaningful conversation to end with that person getting killed in mid-sentence. That’s the way I’m taking every scene like that from now on. So yes, I was cringing when Morgan was giving his speech to Rick, because now you just never know when a bullet or an arrow or a rocket will come flying at them out of nowhere.



8 out of 10. This episode had a strong opening and a very good first half. I felt there was some story slippage when it came time to capture Glenn, Daryl and the others because of the set up for Negan’s debut, but beyond that I felt it was a very solid episode with some great dialogue and some stellar moments with Carol. Maggie’s situation seems very spur of the moment and thrown in for the sake of more drama, but I have hopes she’ll get through it without anything traumatic spilling over. If Glenn survives and Maggie does end up losing the baby, then I guess that’s the how the writers may play it out, but a double dose of loss of that magnitude will be just too darn devastating and I’d be shaking my head for the next several months until season 7 premieres. One final episode left, let’s get to it and hope for the best. Thanks for reading.



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