A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×16 (One by friend, one by foe, one by family, one by frenemy, one by feline…)

TO 3x16



Hayley and Klaus travel to Hayley’s old stomping ground and she discovers a teenager she used to babysit named Kayla is on the verge of turning after unfortunately killing someone. After arguing with Klaus over his need to stay outside of werewolf affairs, she goes to Kayla and helps her cope with the new change in her life. Meanwhile, a vampire named Sofya steals the white-oak bullet from Vincent and offer it to the highest bidder in an online auction. Josh helps Marcel and Elijah locate Sofya and retrieve the bullet from her while Finn returns to the family asking Freya to transfer his soul into a witch so he can live as a mortal. Still angry at him, Kol attacks Finn after Davina performs a spell to prevent Finn’s soul from leaving his vampire-body. Finn later convinces Elijah to keep the bullet for the time when they finally want to depart the world. Vincent is later given direction by the ancients to help Sofya escape and capture Freya who attempts to hide the bullet out of town. Klaus informs Elijah that wolves are still being hunted outside of New Orleans as Freya is captured and discovers Lucien was behind the entire plot to retrieve the bullet.



I suppose one way or another, Lucien was going to have to be returned to the status as major villain considering his role in the first place. How the ancients play into this I’m not sure, but it seems the Mikaelson family are once more pitted against a common foe. Tonight’s episode of The Originals delivers the precursor to likely the final arc of the season which could still spell disaster for a main character and a bold direction for another. Klaus and Elijah may have acted out of character, but it’s the latter I find the most turbulent considering his status as the family counselor. Sibling rivalry will never be expelled from this kind of storytelling but at least it’s the right combination that helps keep this season on top of it’s game while pressing into familiar territory regarding the threat of white-oak.



Elijah managing his affairs at home is always the best position to put him in, considering his stature as the middle child who consistently attempts to maintain balance. All around, It’s been good to witness Kol and Finn interact considering how little they were utilized in the past before the dark family returned to New Orleans, but now the band is back together. All we’re missing now is Rebekah and Klaus and soon all six can share a living room and discuss, family matters.


Hayley certainly has a way with getting through to Klaus much in the same manner that Camille does. It seems this only works when Klaus has pre-existing or current feelings for the individual who’s confronting him about his overall attitude. Hayley makes a lot of good points, the most being that being nice isn’t a weakness. While Klaus can easily argue that point, he’s trying to compromise and that’s always the mark of a principle character who’s trying to understand his or her place in the world. And it’s always good to see Hayley stand up to him when he’s being jerk-face.



There was a bit of eye rolling when Lucien was deemed the puppet master of the event. I’m sure next they’re going to say he planned the entire event where Klaus was delinked from the vampire bond so he could be free of his sire. In any case, it looks like we’re stuck with him for at least a few more episodes. He always struck me as a convincing second in command, but never a true ring leader. Sofya’s fear of being declared good as dead if she told Elijah who commanded her almost had me believing it was going to be someone truly ominous, but it’s hard to bring in more naturally powerful characters than the Originals. All in all, a terrible reveal.



Hayley’s talk with Kayla followed up with Klaus’s compromise over deciding together how best to raise Hope and move forward. It’s easy to see Hayley and Kayla’s scenes together are a metaphor for becoming a teenager and going through those “changes” only she’s literally becoming a werewolf, but Hayley was there to guide her through the first step. Klaus iterating what he’s learned in such a short time is always lined with passion and a sense for doing better. Even though it’ll be short-lasting, I do find those scenes to have the most meaning when learning how best to keep him grounded as a character who learns.



Between Hayley and Elijah, Hayley gets the spot tonight. Though both had good reasons for helping those in need, Elijah did the one thing that guarantees someone will die from that bullet mainly because it still exists. Hayley’s good nature toward her kind is the gentle reminder that as a new mother and as someone who tries to see the good in people, will do what she has to see that good will be done. Her strength continues to grow in ways that foster that spirit and hopefully she won’t have to endure the kind of tragedy that comes with being so helpful and considerate toward others.



Kudos to Josh for starting to show some abilities both as a resourceful internet savvy guy, and as a fighter who tried to take on multiple vampire foes. He might be the weakest vampire ever on that show, but he’s trying and most of all, he’s learning.


I am interested to see how the ancients want this to play out. Are they in favor of keeping the white oak active so more Originals can die, or are they planning something more sinister to all vampire-kind alike?


I’m a bit at a loss with what Finn actually wants. If he couldn’t get out of his body, then why didn’t he just plunge the bullet into his own heart. I thought that was what we were trying to achieve in that moment of craziness when he caught the bullet from being burned. Why Elijah could be convinced to spare that bullet based on Finn’s rant still makes no real sense to me. I really do think his decision to keep the bullet intact goes against how much he wants to protect his family.


If Finn and Kol were brought back as vampires, then technically what is their power level? Are they at “Original” power level as the older you are the more powerful a vampire is? Are they more powerful than Lucien? Their fight earlier just looked a tad bit underdeveloped considering how strong they used to be.


If Hope and the Gemini twins were born roughly the same time, I wonder if they’ll be introduced together after the “3 year” time jump. These characters should be playing a bigger role as children born of magical properties often display a vast set of power that put most main characters in check and themselves in danger to villains who want to control or destroy them.



7 out of 10. Tonight’s episode thematically revolved around family and the conditions for protecting them. Sure there will be squabbles and even tussles, but at the end of the day, family must come together for the common good or risk tragic outcomes. Lucien being central to the next arc is unfortunate but I suppose necessary to establish credibility in his long con as he was widely shown to be a mischievous and evil being from the very beginning. I suppose next he’ll be breaking Aurora out and finding Tristan to get us all back to where we started. None of these characters have died so it stands to reason we’ll see them all together again. And will Elijah wake up and realize that Rebekah doesn’t need to be stuck in a coffin anymore? She needs to return so the family can have a true reunion before all hell breaks loose. Decent episode with some good themes and coherent values. Klaus is doing good for the short term. but as always, I’m certain he’ll get pulled back into this protective ways that always leaves him weary, untrustworthy, and ranting, as Hayley pointed out earlier. Thanks for reading.



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