A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×18 (Why didn’t the devil lobby for a Metal-off? He could have played the best song in the world)

SN 11x18



Crowley retrieves another hand of god, the Horn of Joshua and meets with the Winchesters, offering them the artifact if they return Lucifer to his cage first. Meanwhile, Rowena is seen still alive and aiding Amara who is recovering from the angel smiting several days ago. Lucifer returns to the angel sanctuary and boasts his plan to destroy Amara and rule as their new god. As Amara begins affecting the world with dark clouds and lightning, Rowena contacts the Winchesters and they meet up to trap Lucifer. Once ensnared, Crowley enters Castiel’s body and attempts to flush Castiel out, but Lucifer easily stops him, forcing him to return to his own body. As Lucifer recovers, he escapes the trap, retrieves the hand of god and slowly begins to dismantle the brothers from the inside of their bodies. Crowley and Rowena flee as Amara arrives and confronts Lucifer. The devil uses the artifact but Amara is unhurt by it and captures Lucifer, leaving Sam and Dean empty-handed. They return home as Amara begins torturing Lucifer in hopes it will summon God, whom she believes still cares for him.



Even with five episodes remaining in the 11th season, this felt very much like a penultimate chapter which finally brought our two antagonists together for the first time. As far as expectations are concerned, the build up was written well, but the result was much to be desired. With as many lies and deceits as the devil has brought to the cast, I thought there would be more secrets to unveil between him and the Darkness, but sadly that wasn’t the case. His one and only shot to defeat her fizzled, and rightly so considering a hand of god artifact is no more powerful than a pellet gun is to the ocean. Rowena’s survival and subsequent return was unexpected and somewhat of an interesting predicament considering most cast members who are killed tend to stay dead, but she’s resourceful that one, and I accept that. The true puzzle we’re faced with now is whether God will in fact appear and be known both as a tangible character and as the theory goes that he’s Chuck and always has been. We shall see.



This was the furthest development we’ve received regarding the ancient battle between God’s angels and The Darkness who harbors a grudge with being locked away. Her power is strangely absolute, but also intricately significant in that Lucifer was nearly dead wrong with thinking he could effectively stop her. Tragic but necessary to really sell her power level, now we’re beginning to understand how omnipotent she really is, especially if she can torture the devil and that’s saying a lot. And props for Mark making a small cameo as the original Lucifer, I really want to see him having a scene with Amar, no offense to Misha, because he’s been doing great so far.



There’s a couple of spots here I need to take count of, starting with Castiel’s frame of mind. Dean is convinced Cas needs to be saved and is essentially his voice on the outside, but when we actually see Castiel within his mind, he’s very much retreating into television land, ignorant of the happenings outside. He isn’t shown to be stressed and barely bats an eyelash when Lucifer and Crowley tackle within Castiel’s body. In this instance, Sam seems correct that Castiel is willing to let things ride out and doesn’t want to be saved if it will clench a victory against Amara. I just expected more from the resident angel who tends to endure more than most characters on this show.


Lucifer and Amara didn’t share the kind of epic scene I was hoping for. I didn’t need it to be effects heavy with rains of fire and ethereal blasts being dragonballz’d back and forth, I know the devil is in the details, but they were seemingly left out. This Lucifer tried a very simple method to convince the sister of God to trust him, which she flat out denied, and instead wants to use him for bait to pull God back into the universe. Her method is fine, but Lucifer’s just seemed bland and very effortless. His ability to follow through with his guarantee makes him seem more incompetent than entertaining. I get the whole point is to sell Amara’s true power, but Lucifer should always have an ace in the hole for every occasion, whether that means the Winchesters being in on it or not is up to the writer’s but he should still have a game plan and not be throwing these pointless hail-mary’s around.



When Amara arrives to confront Lucifer. Until the failed attempt at taking her out, I was excited to see how they would interact. The “nephew” was a good little throw in as being the first angel makes him in a strange way related to this sibling pair. Amara is shaping up to be a visually elegant character that’s beyond anyone’s control. That’s been the case for a while, but even more dominantly stated here. Her exact entrance was for me a great highlight.



I want to give it to Crowley for trying his hardest to remain a king in his own little world and even going so far as to confront Lucifer in Castiel’s body. It wasn’t something I would have thought him capable of doing, but the king of hell tried and was expelled for the effort. When he’s desperate he’ll cling to the Winchesters for support and that always makes him the most endearing of the bunch.



With three hands of God now empty and useless I’m certain a 4th will appear as the brothers surmised a chosen one would have better luck utilizing it than someone like Lucifer. They should just call these the Limbs of God, but the left leg of God doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.


I’m slightly confused as to why any kind of witch power would have the capability of healing an entity like Amara. Maybe if she’s in “human” form she’s susceptible to that kind of influence, but if that’s the case, than I’d expect Rowena to find something that can harm her, after all, if she can heal, why can’t she hurt her?


At this point, I’d expect Amara to get tired of wounding Lucifer when God doesn’t show up, which will give the devil enough time to collect his thoughts and retry with Amara to find an alternate method to return god to physical reality. What no one realizes there is Death should have been the one to be that instrument, but Dean slew him and that’s just bad form.


And I think I’m about done wanting to see any more scenes involving those 5th tier angels who have no names, no significant stories, no gusto, and certainly no idea how to solve the problem of Amara except smiting from a distance which had an affect but clearly not big enough for them to try it again. These angels are burned out and frankly so am I, with them that is.


I’d speculate what the next hand of God artifact will be, but there’s a lot of biblical history from Sampson’s strength, to a piece of Babel, to something Christ related or even some chunk of the ten commandments. They could get creative, but it’ll likely be something a bit more obscure since after 11 seasons we still haven’t heard of these things yet.



8 out of 10. If this were the episode prior to the finale, I’d say they were on a good pace, but we still have some one-shot stories to tell it seems as I doubt we’re in for a 5 episode Darkness arc, but I wouldn’t mind that either. Tonight’s episode accelerated the rage of Amara and the meeting between her and Lucifer, who, as always, stole the show as best he could while ultimately not living up to the hype he declared, but to his credit, he really wanted out of that prison and probably would have said anything. Truth is, he really thought he could beat her and that’s the part where the Winchesters should be fearful. This should point to Dean being the key to stopping her as a chosen one and considering how many ways he’s fit into the plot, it would be insane not to have him be the one to take her down. Rowena’s return is fine, I always liked her character but let’s make sure not to waste her talents with running away too much. From here on out, I’m hoping the world becomes more unstable as we finally address the one and only mystery left on this show…where did Ruby’s knife come from?? Kidding, I mean the God thing, is it really Chuck and if so, what’s he doing? Thanks for reading.



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