A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×17 (What if Mystic Falls is just another way of saying “Spells broken?”)

TO 7x17



Lucien takes Vincent and Freya to Mystic Falls where the Mikaelsons first became vampires. There he forces Vincent to perform the spell that made them using Freya’s human blood and an additive of potent werewolf venom. Davina and Kol help Finn and Elijah track Vincent down as they return to Mystic Falls where Sheriff Matt Donovan confronts them. Meanwhile, Klaus and Hayley discover a group of captured werewolves in one of Lucien’s research facilities in Tennessee. Hayley frees them and remains to burn the facility down while Klaus returns to New Orleans. As Finn, Elijah, and Matt find Lucien, he drinks the blood from the spell and begins to transform into an original hybrid. Finn uses Matt’s gun to kill Lucien which completes his turn making him more powerful than the originals. He bites Finn but Freya keeps them safe from Lucien with a barrier spell. Lucien flees and the others return home to try and save Finn. Even with Klaus’s blood, Finn is unable to recover and dies with his family by his side. After grieving for their fallen brother, Klaus swears revenge but discovers that Lucien had enough blood to give to another, whom he realizes is Aurora. Too late, he finds that Aurora is missing from her prison.



The tide of power has indeed turned and rushed over the family that has never known more danger until now. Tonight, Klaus and his siblings lose one their own as Lucien ascends into a hybrid of immense power. Magic and spells have been a root of a lot of problems in this world but at least Klaus and the family are attempting to do something about it. I’m unquestionably impressed with the turnout of this plot and though I can’t stand Lucien as a character, by giving him rise and a new sense of confidence, he may just turn into the kind of villain this season needs and now he has a queen by his side, ready to take the plunge into hybrid-ism. As a fan of cross-overs, The Originals snuck in another with Matt appearing in his hometown of Mystic Falls, still assuming the role of vampire evictor. Packed full of clash and sorrow, this season has culminated into a final arc that will pit the historic family against one their progeny in a fight for the ages. And it’s looking to be unbelievably violent.



The most important feature here was the setup to give Finn a short glimpse into family sentiment and make his second departure more sympathetic which I believe was accomplished here. Granted Kol, had to remain sickened and suffering from the corrupt spell that brought him back, but even he wished Finn a lasting peace when the time came. With only Elijah to pour his rage on, Finn did his best to make him aware of what it meant to be trapped and daggered for a century and longer. This would have been better served toward Klaus himself, but Elijah is fitting enough and the one who would understand Finn’s plight the most considering his trials set by their brother in the past. I was satisfied with Finn’s departure even though I wanted all six siblings to be present at the same time, something we’ll never see now.


This was the opportune moment to seize the prophecy and make it relevant as well as having Lucien be the instrument of it’s undertaking. He wanted this since day one and it helps he had such a plan in place which makes what he’s been doing since the start of the season relevant even though there were plenty of times he seemed like a lack-luster character who over acts his way to the chagrin of Klaus and the gang. But now he has the power to back up his passion and Aurora is by his side as well. I have a theory with where this is going, but its honestly too early to tell how this will all play out considering the origin of spells and the effect it has on all humans. Still, it was refreshing to finally see a villain put The Originals in a place of uncertainty as it’s no longer a white-oak stake of bullet that puts them on edge, but simply a bite that can dispel centuries of ruling.



It goes without saying that this episode needed Rebekah to round out the family of six and to be there for Finn’s death along side Freya, their only other sister. I’ve spoken enough on that subject but there’s very little I had issues with in this episode. Everyone had the right amount of screen time and importance which included Camille recounting to Davina how similar Kol’s actions seemed when her uncle was cursed. One thing that unfortunately stood out though was how little we truly know about the werewolf packs. We were given such a short run down by the elder wolf on his lineage and how that factored into the new strain of werewolf venom that we simply had to take their exposition and run with it. We never truly settled on a proper story arc that involved the wolves save for Klaus’s interaction with his biological father and Klaus only ended up killing him for the effort. I think the inclusion of the hybrid spell would have been that much more potent had he been given enough time to understand what these 7 packs of wolves were all about, where they came from, and what it meant for the, to be harvested in such a way.



There were better scenes for sure, but watching Matt stand up to Elijah and Finn was monumental for the guy who just wants to protect his town. And given his presence around Finn as the man who killed him last gave this episode even more symmetry than it needed which I always liked. Even while Finn and Elijah argued in the center of Mystic Falls, that clock tower was there to remind us how integrated this show is with the mythos of that town and how they’ve indirectly affected it over the course of time. I am surprised Elijah didn’t just rip Matt’s heart out where he stood, but his comment about saying hi to Rebekah for him was a gentle reminder that she’d probably be very pissed if Elijah had killed one of her boyfriends that she actually got along with.



This episode was meant for Finn to take the spot. I liked that Klaus never once portrayed his unbearable arrogance for an entire episode, but it was important for us to understand the least visible Mikaelson who was essentially the firstborn of the family. He had a story to tell, misery to understand, and a release to go through which all culminated tonight. He wouldn’t have survived like Elijah and Klaus would have, but he helped save Freya and for that, he earned the respect of his siblings which gave him all the peace he needed to pass onto the next world. I’m glad he was given the time to have that kind of outing and if the other siblings are so lucky, we’ll be in for a hellish falling out should any more siblings perish by Lucien’s hand.



I know spells are a dime a dozen these days, but considering how powerful Esther’s vampire spell was, I can’t imagine Lucien’s adding of werewolf venom woudn’t completely disrupt the spell. There’s a lot of analogy with how spells need to be perfect and harmonious with the ingredients they require and if anyone can just throw in an extra vial or a dab of random things that they wouldn’t get completely wrecked by the result. If this were truly a world that stuck to the rule-sets they are governed by, then Lucien should have exploded the second he drank that vial, or at the very least, gone completely insane and monstrous.


My only theory I’m holding onto at this point is that the insane and monstrous effect will happen to Aurora. She’s already unstable and though I’m certain she’ll drink, or be forced to drink the second vial, she’ll go through an entirely different experience. Granted she’ll still need to be staked to finish the transformation, but I’m sure Lucien has that all planned out. Knowing her, she’ll find a way to return Tristan to the ranks and share that blood with him as well. What better way to have the progeny outclass the Originals than in a plot twist like this.


One scene I omitted in my summary is that Vincent and Davina agree that the ancestors need to be taken out, destroyed, or stopped completely. What’s fascinating is that Vincent said all this out loud and I imagine he’s being monitored somehow by the ancients and if so, they probably would have killed him already for actively voicing his betrayal. But then how would they get this interesting subplot off the ground then? While Lucien plays at dominating his maker, Vincent will be risking everything to keep the ancients off this playing field. It may cost him his life, but at the same time, with Davina’s help, they could very well accomplish the task. I’m rooting for him, he’s been a solid character since he showed up as Finn.


I’m honestly surprised that Lucien didn’t rip Matt’s head off when he transformed. When Matt wakes up, I’d imagine he’d want to do something similar to Freya and find a witch who could keep vampires out with a spell. Oh wait, we already did that plot. Well then, Matt will wake up with a hell of a headache and continue missing Penny and hating vampires, especially Stefan.


Here’s one last little gripe. If the same spell was performed to turn an existing vampire into an Original, and it’s been stated several times that the older you are the more powerful you become, then doesn’t time factor into this transformation? The spell should have put Lucien in the same playing field as Elijah. Now granted, the werewolf strain is what’s giving him the edge, but does this in fact make him as powerful or more powerful than Klaus. It’s just the bite that’s more lethal, and even if it’s a combination of the 7 packs that gives him a killing bite, that doesn’t necessarily translate to being a physically stronger or faster hybrid. I’d like to think we’re missing something here, but the truth is, we have to just accept that the spell simply makes Lucien unbeatable, but hopefully not truly invincible.



9 out of 10. This was a fun episode to watch. I was hooked from beginning to end and there were very little wasted scenes. Everything culminated into Lucien’s rise and they made Finn’s passing memorable and tragic. Everyone had a hand in playing their part and even Lucien seemed to have toned down his eccentric behavior, that or it finally worked once he had the power level to back up his annoying accent. Matt’s cameo as well as a memory trip down Mystic Falls blvd. helped saturate this episode into one of the finer ones this season if not the best episode to date. Klaus and his family are under more threat because everyone is vulnerable to the same person. Maybe keeping Rebekah in the coffin is the right move because at least then we’ll know she survives without a scratch. I’m looking forward to how this plays out with Aurora as she still remains to be a wildcard regardless of Lucien’s lust for her to be by his side. Thanks for reading.



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