A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×18 (Oh yeah, Marcel is still on this show, isn’t he?)

TO 7x18



Lucien courts Aurora and convinces her to take part in a plan of vengeance against Klaus and the Mikaelsons with the hybrid blood as an offering of love. Meanwhile, Vincent deals with the backlash of the ancestors choosing a new regent (Van Nguyen) and Kol becomes the target of their wrath. Lucien confronts and easily defeats Klaus, taking him back to his penthouse for Aurora to torment as Lucien then sets his sights on Elijah for Tristan’s whereabouts. Camille and Hayley locate Klaus after she drinks the hybrid blood but are able to subdue her and save Klaus while Freya entraps Lucien. Unable to contain him though the two escape while the Strix are taken out by Lucien. As Vincent and Davina help keep the ancestors as bay, Marcel convinces Kol to leave town. As he leaves, Kol begins to decay outside of city limits. He returns at the edge realizing how affected by the ancestors he really is. With Aurora once more under Klaus’s thrall, Lucien sets his sights on Camille and bites her, infecting her with the potent werewolf toxin.



For the first time in nearly the entire series, Klaus is formally beaten and dragged through the harsh conditions of the cursed knife, a more powerful foe, and a vexed lover all while having no distinct advantage save for one or two choice words. He’s met such agony in the past but tonight there was more to the fear in his eyes. Tonight, the Mikaelson family use all they have in their arsenal to combat Lucien and Aurora who collectively are a formidable pair, but now the tide turns for the worse. While not as impressive as last week, there was a bit more berserk in the nature of Lucien’s power that culminated in Camille’s unexpected infection, an act that on paper spells her end by next week’s episode. It’s a merry-go-round, but we still need to know how it ends and how badly.



The bigger the threat the more real it gets for Klaus and his family. Now a simple but fierce bite can end everything they’ve ever known, and for Camille, it just very well might. Lucien’s rise as the most powerful vampire can be a worthy force of villainy if he sticks to the nature of power and less on the majesty he thinks he gains from being in control. Today was a good lesson in understanding that his physical posture can still be weighted down by things like love and loyalty to that love. If he sheds himself from it, then he truly will be more dangerous than ever. Keep him more a menace and less a showman and he’ll earn his place as the seasonal arch-villain.


It may seem macabre, but Camille’s growth and subsequent climax tonight is spelling out more and more that her role can only feasibly have one end; death. It may have been more spelled out when she confronted Aurora after Hayley gave a short speech on overcoming fear, but realistically, as a vampire, she’s been tactically defensive to the curse that makes her undoubtedly vulnerable now matter how many ways she gets creative. The lead into what perceivably is her departure is what I think makes for a withering Klaus to truly become frantic and fearful, however I ponder if they have the gusto follow through, once again.



Vincent and Marcel have tough acts to follow in their plight to protect Davina and remove the threat of the ancestors. It’s not what they’re doing isn’t working, it’s just out of all the elements passing through tonight’s episode, it wasn’t nearly as compelling as watching Aurora dance and dawdle with Klaus who was genuinely trying to get desperate and get in Aurora’s head. There’s a fundamental concern with how the ancestors can influence the real world considering they’re dead. Now they can remove magical barriers and futz with Kol’s ability to remain active as he tried to leave town. That part hasn’t really sunk in yet, but at least he’s stuck in perpetual torment. The ancestors need a form for us to see or they need to be removed from this equation. An unseen force continuously causing threats and changing the rules of lore on this show feels a bit lazy writing on this end.



When Hayley and Camille confronted Aurora. That scene was a capital moment that really harnessed on opportunity and helplessness and probably would have been ten times better if Klaus was forced to actually watch one of the two perish at Aurora’s hands. As it stood, The pair successfully brought down Aurora and gave Camille more to work with in terms of dealing with the fear of being a new and weaker vampire.



Maybe undeserving but I’m giving it to Aurora. She held up against Klaus’s onslaught of a verbal cyclone, bouncing back from love to hate as she laughed and endured the quarrel. She gets more captivating as her screen time increases as I also think she has the most elegant hair and color than anyone ever on that show. Yes, she can be defeated and was but she’s also intelligent to understand what power looks like in the palm of her hands and how to wait for that moment. Her trouble is that it goes to her head, like all things when she’s crazy.



I can’t remember the last time a scene happened where a vampire forced another vampire through an uninvited home, but I can’t agree with the vampire lore that Camille would slowly suffer by being inside. She downright should have exploded when she crossed the threshold. Witch spells are finicky for sure, but I also disagree that Aurora would have the strength to pull a vampire through said barrier.


I suspect the only cure for Lucien’s bite is Lucien’s blood, or even stranger, the blood of a different hybrid, like Aurora should she be killed and re-awakened as a hybrid. I suspect something will play into the role of a cure or else they really did sign Camille’s death warrant. While I still think a major character death will happen in the next four episodes, I don’t know if the time is exactly right for Camille yet.


An interesting note with Kol is that the power that brought him back has a limited space and that if he goes outside of that space, he’ll decay and die. This means he’s stuck in New Orleans at the mercy of the ancestors who want him savage. The problem I see is that his days are essentially numbered. He can’t leave town, unless Davina finds some way to counteract the spell by using her own power, should he leave again, but I don’t think they’ll make it that complicated. I expect Kol won’t make it out of this season alive either.


One other note on the hybrid structure. If vampires become hybrids then they’re still forced to abide by the uninvited guest rule, but if a werewolf becomes a hybrid, they’re absolved from that rule, in the case of Hayley, she was able to enter Lucien’s “home”. That’s an interesting loophole in the physics of spells, one I find handy and gives Hayley a distinct advantage over other hybrids.



7 out of 10. Not as intense as last week, but still a consistent and positive effort. Aurora’s return was in inevitable pleasure and though she’s subdued, she’ll play a pivotal role in what’s to come, the dreaded prophecy. Much of the episode was drenched in Klaus’s vulnerable state, something they really wanted to sell here as he watched Camille almost die helplessly. Only now, at the end, he wasn’t there to stop Lucien’s vengeful act that will in all likelihood cost her what life she has left. The witch plot has it’s moments, but tonight wasn’t one of them. Kol’s unfortunate curse is more realized as he can’t leave town without dying all over again. Lucien is close to becoming a monster with no conscious, but he’s not quite there yet. We’re still a few weeks out before the end comes and for now, the build is simmering, but eloquent enough to sustain a strong climax that’s sure to devastate everyone involved. Here’s hoping.



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