A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×18 (Shouldn’t Beau have escaped the stone when it exploded?)

TVD 7x18



Damon confronts Ambrose (Evil Stefan) at the fraternity and agrees to kill Rayna in exchange for Stefan’s soul who is being looked after by compelled EMT’s in an ambulance. Meanwhile, Enzo apprehends Rayna in hopes of finding a cure for Bonnie’s condition after taking pills meant to subdue Alex and the armory from locating her. Rayna’s blood is in the pills and there is no cure currently available. Tired of waiting, Ambrose kills everyone in the fraternity and moves on, intercepting the ambulance carrying human Stefan. Stefan retreats to a house as Damon and Alaric find and capture Ambrose. At an institution while undercover and in hiding, Bonnie locates a family member of the armory who tells her that Bonnie is being pursued due to her bloodline being the only witches able to unlock a mysterious vault in the Armory that must remain closed. Valerie successfully returns Stefan’s soul to his original body and Alaric tells Damon where Bonnie has been. As Valerie recovers, she tells Stefan to find Caroline as she is his true love. At the institution Enzo tells Bonnie the damning effect of the pills but swears to let no harm come to her. Damon arrives but Bonnie shuts the door on him, still angry at his choice to leave her 3 years ago.



It seems every step Damon makes forward he stumbles several yards backward down a hill, into a ditch and the ditch is on fire. What began as an interesting trek through the mindset of a murderous vampire turned into a bleak afterthought with more interest in showcasing Bonnie’s agenda and Valerie’s presence as a hindrance to Stefan’s love-life. Damon attempts to build bridges with smoke and mirrors and ends up the victim of a backlash by those he abandoned, justifiably. It’s a harsh lesson to be learned when you make decisions that affect friendships, in that regard this it’s a good message to witness, but the same time, Damon could inexplicably be pushed back to those old ways if there’s no one left to care for him. They don’t call him Dignity Damon for nothing, or at all, but all in all most of what took place had the average bite with some seasoning of veritas.



I wish it didn’t take this long for us to find out what Bonnie has been up to. She’s not really crazy, but in fact under a guise to find out a mystery involving her bloodline being able to access a vault that the armory don’t want opened. That means in the next episode or two, it’s going to be opened and until then we’re all going to wonder what’s in the vault. Since Bonnie has been becoming more relevant on the show as a whole it’s important to weave her back into the plot but have it make sense and though I think it’s a cheap ploy by saying only a “Bennett” witch can perform this task, I like that she’s becoming more central again. The armory seem to be a faction filled with very dubious intentions, but like all curious witches, we won’t know their true alignment until it’s too late.


Damon is having to swallow some serious pills of humbleness which won’t help him until he can really prove his worth to those betrayed by his leaving. Alaric stood his ground, but gave him the chance to try at Bonnie, who had a much louder reaction toward Damon. This could get very frustrating for everyone watching because Damon sees her as a good friend and Bonnie may see him the same way, but since Caroline and Stefan got together, one can wonder if Bonnie maybe felt something more and directed those feelings to Enzo who was the only person who didn’t abandon her. It’s a tough triangle but at least Damon is trying, how long he’ll try remains to be seen.



Ambrose tried but was a lost cause of evil. There was a real shot at creating a persona that could have brought Paul out of his three-degrees of acting, but sadly it looked like same ‘ol evil-Stefan running around with a bored sense of killing. There were plenty of moments to throw in some eccentricities that could have made this Ambrose character a likeable villain, but the goal was to just shove bodies in his direction and show how “brutal” he was with killing. That’s not a lot to build on and we’ve always been in the impression that everyone in that stone more or less goes insane.



As we’re discovering Bonnie’s importance with the armory and the vault. It helps bring characters back into light and hopefully this will turn into an epic reveal of some sort though we’re once more threatened with Bonnie dying which isn’t new for us and pretty much shouldn’t be. But it was good to know she hadn’t actually been reduced to a broken down character who was too distraught by Damon’s leaving to maintain herself.



Valerie made a bold decision to let Stefan go in the hopes he gains a more lasting happiness with Caroline, who right now I can’t see as getting back with Stefan, in fact there’s so much of a mess about to unfold for the Salvatore’s that the popcorn will just keep popping for the last 4 episodes. In any case, Valerie let Stefan go, an act that she wasn’t ready to do for the last three years because she wanted him and for the most part had him, but she’s not a villain and as such did what she thought was the more sensible thing to do. Personally, she’s more of a fit than Caroline is but that’s no longer the avenue the show seems to be going with. Shame.



I feel we trailed off a bit on Ambrose and whether or not there would be some comeuppance with Valerie’s attempt to purge him from Stefan’s body. I guess not. Very run of the mill bad guy who deservedly got what was coming to him, again.


Speculations will arise now that there’s something big and scary lurking behind a vault door, but what is it? A person, a thing or a thing attached to a person? Why specifically a Bennett witch? Are they more unique or is the pattern woven so specifically for a reason, to keep worse Bennett witches from getting out? But it is an “armory” which suggests a totem, object, or artifact of some kind that maybe can give witches power undreamed. At this point, it’s too early to tell.


With Caroline still looming around New Orleans, how will Stefan play his next move especially with Alaric who wants to marry Caroline and raise the Gemini Twins? I have no doubts Caroline will tell Stefan to shove off, but more importantly, is she safe where she is right now even though we haven’t heard from her in a few episodes?


Damon also has his work cut out for him now that Bonnie knows he’s back. This will be an even worse train-wreck because Damon tries very odd and sometimes juvenile things to win back those he “cares” about. And Enzo won’t make it easier. Damon will catch on to this vault storyline and lend a hand by probably trying to annihilate the entire armory cult. Odds are he’ll be responsible for getting that door open or for at least getting some kind of cure in check for Bonnie to take. That might work, maybe.



7 out of 10. Mixed with a paper-thin villain, TVD brought the Salvatore’s back on the playing field in front of old friends that want nothing much to do with them. They’ve fallen off the map with good intentions and lovelorn adventures that culminate with others suffering as much as they do. Bonnie’s new plot is a ray of hope that things will get stranger but better as the armory will be more of a focus from here on out. The brothers have their work cut out for them if they expect to come out on-top in their endeavors but in all likelihood, their moments of reconciliation have long past. I’m fine with that so long as the pair don’t pine away for the wrong women in their lives. Now is the time for them to band together and rock the next villain who I bet is hiding behind that vault door. Here’s hoping.



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