A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×19 (They answered my question. Yes, Beau escaped)

TVD 7x19



Damon and Enzo broker a tentative deal with Rayna that involves them killing all the vampires that escaped the phoenix stone in exchange for Rayna giving her life to save Bonnie. They enlist the help of Stefan and Alaric who are at odds over Stefan’s actions with leaving Caroline. During several flashbacks, Enzo keeps Bonnie safe away from Alex and the armory and over the years grow to love each other. In the present, Damon and the others travel and kill several vampires including the heretic, Beau, who Damon kills personally against Bonnie’s wishes. As Bonnie’s condition worsens Caroline returns home but ignores Stefan as Damon discovers Rayna’s list of vampires grows even larger than anticipated as she becomes more catatonic.



Discovering how Bonnie and Enzo grew to love each other is likely the final piece of flashback we’re going to see unless there’s more to be learned from Caroline and Alaric or another character hiding in wait for the right moment to strike. Our knowledge of Alex’s need to open the vault has once more blurred the conditions of good and evil with everyone playing the part of the jilted and vexed friend or lover who has been twice scorned over by the Salvatore brothers. There’s a bit too much intensity that is mirrored between Caroline, Alaric, Enzo, and Bonnie, who are more concerned with ignoring and punishing Stefan and Damon than for understanding what they went through. It’s because of these plights that seeing everyone make good with each other hardly seems like a fitting end to this season and if anything, they should be permanently separated from here on out. Still, there’s a lot to be said about the road of vampire killing and what the team will go through to save the life of their friend. One way or another, that vault is going to open. Mostly an entertaining episode with a few moments that stood out and painfully awkward. Caroline’s dismissive stare by far the most chilling.



Relationship drama angst are the heart of this show about vampires and sentimental soundtracks with impeccable timing on heartfelt moments. Regardless of the atrocity that is Enzo and his inconsistency with being moral, Bonnie’s strength and happiness have been a key note in the last few seasons. I expected less of an explanation, but was still given one even though the pieces don’t seem to naturally fit. I wasn’t appalled by the flashbacks mainly because for once Enzo “seems” genuine. Maybe in the present he’s not telling her the full story on Alex, but being self-absorbed isn’t something you just cure over night. They do all the right cute things together at the expense of Damon’s sanity, which is ironic since Damon isn’t in love with Bonnie, he just wants her friendship back, or anyone’s at this point. As unbelievable as their relationship is, at least Bonnie was in a state of happiness that no one else could afford to give. I’d say if Enzo pulls through without betraying her, then maybe they should stick together.



Alaric and Stefan may be dealing with one of the stranger problems on this show, a problem I wonder if anyone who watches can relate to. Stefan has every intention of winning Caroline back and through trying to prove Alaric is potentially living a lie with Caroline tries to exploit that, an act Alaric gets rightfully upset over. The horrific underlining factor here is that there’s no clear winner. Alaric stands more to lose if Caroline decides Stefan should be back in her life and though it’s corny to see him play the frustrated house-husband who subtly lashes out at the brothers, he’s technically in the right with everything he’s done. Stefan at this stage is just being a trumpet-blowing a$$h0le who only “deserves” Caroline because Valerie told him so. He lost his chance with Caroline and he should stay lost.



When Enzo went out of his way to give Bonnie a New Years Eve dinner. It had the flair of altruism and when he refrained from kissing her really showed he had the intentions of a gentleman who, up until now rarely showed he had the charm for it beyond a superfluous accent. More importantly, Bonnie sells the infatuation better than almost anyone save for Elena.



Though Bonnie treated Damon like a teen-brat with her stubbornness on talking to him, there’s still real pain she has to work through and it shows all too well. It’s a shame Caroline has to follow up with her own rendition of being broken and hurt because Bonnie is sailing with her attitude and likely having fun with it at Damon’s expense. She’ll eventually read the letter, or burn it for posterity, either way, she’ll make sure Damon works for his right to befriend her again, which will probably come when he saves her life a few more dozen times. Then again, she did give him back the letter with a thrust of anger, maybe she won’t read it after all.



The vampire at the golf course…did he wear a daylight ring or is that rule just thrown out the window that sunlight kills vampires? Was he a mortal man who just enjoyed drinking blood with capped teeth?


Now that we know Alex has a sister who is trapped and alive inside the vault, there’s a few ideas on where this could go, one of which is the sister is a vampire or worse, a creature held alive by something worse that’s trapped inside. With one sister trying desperately to get in and one sister pleading to keep the vault locked, it’s a wonder whatever is in there will be the next big bad, but for how long?


I actually feel bad for Beau, he’s was the most benevolent of the heretic group and in a way he got the worst punishment of all, being forgotten and killed by Damon of all people who could care less what he went through. This could lead to other vampires who knew the Salvatore’s to be recognized and cause friction in this attempt to keep Bonnie alive, but I doubt it would hold any long term effect.


Now I want to see Rayna enjoying a cheeseburger at the beach watching the waves and in happy blissfulness. I don’t really buy the vampire duo with appealing to Rayna’s sense of anguish that she’ll accept death because the visions are too much. She’s not that broken, but alas it’s not for us to deem acceptable behavior when all you’ve done for several lifetimes is kill the undead and nothing else.


Oklahoma, Georgia, Montana, Alabama, North Carolina, and Kansas. That’s a lot of ground to cover and I have no idea how many days they’ve been doing this. Is it weeks? Months? Hours? You’d think these vampires getting back to the real world after experiencing eons of hell would be more traumatized and in hiding rather than eating everything in sight. Well, hunger is hunger and when you’re evil, there are no rules.



7 out of 10. It was entertaining discord as we seldom get to see montages of death on this show and since all these vampires escapees were relative pushovers, no one was in any real danger including Bonnie and Alaric who are essentially human. Both Bonnie and Caroline have immense grievances to deal with which begs the question on whether Damon and Stefan deserve such forgiveness and I think it’s arguable that they don’t considering everything they’ve done and with those around them. Mystic Falls is losing it’s point as the anchor holding everyone together and if the show is bent on splitting everyone up, then by this season’s end, it should be so with another significant death. Enzo and Bonnie’s coupling works because they’re trying to make it cute and annoying for Damon who can’t help but endure the irritation guided by Bonnie. With Rayna’s days numbered as the vault soon to be opened, it’s probably time we flash-forwarded to that final act. This one has run its course. Thanks for reading.



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