A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×19 (Return of the living filler episode)

SN 11x19



Sam and Dean travel to Colorado where they investigate a series of missing persons in a small town. In the forest, they encounter a pair of the missing people and are attacked and then saved by another pair of hunters, Cesar and Jessy who have returned to put an end to the creatures known as Bisaan, of Malaysian origin. Jessy lost his brother 27 years ago when the creatures last resurfaced. Dean and Cesar return to the woods to track the creatures while Sam and Jessy drive to the old Sheriff who eventually breaks down and tells them he knew about the creatures and killed his daughter who had become one. Meanwhile, Dean and Cesar track the creatures to a mine and dispatch the males who attack them. When Sam and Jessy arrive, they find Jessy’s brother and bury him after setting the mine on fire destroying the incubating eggs. Afterward, Jessy and Cesar, who are also a couple, decide to return to New Mexico and retire while Sam and Dean return home.



When introducing new creatures to this show, it’s important to make them unique and different from other incarnations of supernatural entities otherwise the theme must outweigh the creatures in question, such as creating a similar and relatable event the brothers view from a different perspective while ignoring their reoccurring sibling rivalry. This episode did neither of those things and instead opted to give us a very watered down look at familial loss that had the makings of a decent plot, but gave no creative twist of climax to wrap up this one-off plot. With the exception of the charismatic and loyal Cesar, not much stood out tonight as the brothers basically ran through their checklist of one-liners and machete swinging tropes. We learn nothing more about Amara and Lucifer and the creatures themselves were hardly interesting and the blandest form of forest dwelling things that I’ve seen in many seasons.



I’ll start by saying Cesar saved this episode from being a complete waste of an hour. Every now and then, the Winchesters get to see the lives of hunters from a different lens and though Jessy and Cesar didn’t seem to be interested in the grand scheme of creature-hunting, Jessy had his vengeance card to play and Cesar backed him up as someone who really understood what Jessy was going through even if he didn’t lose people like other hunters have. Dean recognized their connection and made the right call by not including them in the bigger fight. Hunters don’t get to have a happy ending, and even though Sam and Dean only just met them, they knew it was the sensible thing to do by letting them retire. In that light this episode did show us that not every hunter has to die.



This creature feature attempted to legitimize another “legend” in a small town scenario, but it just came off as creatively weak. We never got to see the Bisaan in its native form and instead had to deal with growling humans who bite you as any animal would to destroy you and copulate in random places as any animal would to survive its species. But fundamentally there was nothing being served that felt original. This is a classic case of scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas on how to incorporate monsters that the Winchesters haven’t dealt with before. Sure they ask questions and seem interested, but once they understand how to kill them, it’s business as usual with little to no payoff. The only thing mildly interesting was when (Libby?) was standing in the woods and made those “chitter” noises before reacting. That was an interesting little idea they had, but everything else surrounding their legend and actions barely held any interest.


This deserves its own paragraph, but the trip to Cochrane’s house was the biggest waste of time out of the entire episode. The only thing it served was Jessy being validated on what he went through. No new information was discovered that essentially helped them at all since Dean already found the mine when Sam and Jessy returned. Cochrane’s story was certainly tragic and the way it was told and acted was perfectly fine, it just didn’t serve to push any semblance of the plot forward except to separate the group for some reason. If anything it should have been Dean who went with Jessy and Sam who searched the forest with Cesar. Dean is more the warrior and I get that, but in this case I think he would have had a better conversation with Jessy about what happened and possibly how to cope with 27 years of vengeance and heartache.



Didn’t really have one. Every scene followed a predictable beat with a standard outcome and nothing really stood out with the exception of the MVP.



Again, Cesar had more character than anyone else on that line up including either Sheriff and the victims who weren’t interesting either. Sometimes accents help flesh out a personality but even more so, he had that reserved but stoic sense of loyalty that I think hunters are should be generally known for but are usually blocked by the bickering and squabbles of different view points. Some characters nail their performance in one shot and Cesar was one of them.



If Dean told Cesar it was a hike to get to the mine then why did he say he was going to bring the car around to gas up the place? Why didn’t they just drive the car there to begin with?


Jessy got to see his brother’s body but he didn’t get to destroy any of the creatures which felt like missing closure. He had the signs of deep-rooted anger as he made a few comments about saving the Winchesters and being bothered with being in the town itself. He should have been the one in the mine slaying the creatures and yelling to find his brother.


Not to mention, Jessy seemed entirely too over it once his brother was burned. After 27 years of being in probably the worst emotional turmoil of his adult life, he just seemed fine at the end, like what he went through was no big deal. That just seemed off.


I wonder what the count is on how many times Sam and Dean decide to randomly research a case when they can’t do anything about the major plot at hand. How many lives have they saved when they’re stuck at HQ with no leads to turn to an article that briefly sounds like a case for them? Can’t save the world just now? That’s okay, just find a case and solve it then get back to it. At least they’re willing to see everything through, which is good.



5 out of 10. A very mediocre plot that removed the character who should have been interacting the most with the creatures at hand and gave him a side quest with hearing another victim’s similar tell that offered no insight into how to beat the creatures because they were easily killable. This kind of plot usually focuses more on the guest stars and though Cesar had the makings of a mainstay character, nothing else came into view that told a story that anyone will ever remember. Jessy and Cesar weren’t going through a scenario that mirrored the Winchester’s current plight and the Bisaan weren’t any real threat and existed simply as creatures do in order to propagate their species. But worst of all was the lack of momentum on the previous episode that ended with a crazy cliffhanger on Lucifer being tortured by God’s sister which isn’t something you can just write about all the time. Let’s get back on track, we’ve only a few more episodes to go before the end. Thanks for reading.



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