A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×19 (Sometimes inspiration is all we have)

TO 7x19



Camille escapes Lucien and goes to Klaus revealing her bite. While Vincent collects blood left by Lucien when Camille escaped, Hayley and Elijah retrieve Hope in case Lucien’s blood is not a cure. Even after drinking it, Camille worsens as Davina finds Lucien and attempts to use magic to compel him to speak of a cure. Lucien continues to resist as he has the power of the ancestors helping him and tells Davina that Kol is hiding a secret before allowing her to leave. Klaus conjures a dream-like illusion of beautiful New Orleans for he and Camille to wander through. When Hope’s blood doesn’t help either, Camille is resigned to her fate but is very afraid to die. Davina discovers that the spell that brought back Kol is also making him want to kill her. He has Davina dagger him to keep him desecated until he can be saved. In Klaus’s illusion, Camille tells him to be the light for his child before succumbing to death. Everyone says their goodbyes as Davina returns to Kol’s body. A sudden earthquake somehow releases Kol from slumber and he viciously attacks Davina draining her blood. When he regains his senses he’s horrified to see Davina dead in his arms.



I had a sneaking suspicion that there would be two death’s on this episode mainly due to the amount of prep time they were giving Camille. As strong a character as she was, there simply wasn’t enough momentum leading to her death considering the last time they pulled that trick on us several episodes ago. In any case, they exemplified a common tactic used on this show and it’s sibling, TVD when creating elongated goodbyes to characters who have sustained mortal injuries. Lots of music, lots of heartfelt sentiments, and that one character who is silently swearing an insane amount of vengeance. For once, they stuck the character’s in a no-win situation selling even more the potency of Lucien’s bite and the possibility of even more character deaths by the time this season has run its course. Was Davina’s death necessary and is she really dead? We’ll get very much into that.



The last time they did this kind of major death with the supposed intention of truly killing off the character was Jeremy from TVD. Even that was an emotional tear for everyone involved, and this scenario seemed very similar, the same could be said for Katherine, but let’s be realistic, almost everyone hated her. In this case, if they stick to their guns and keep Camille dead, then this absolutely needs to be the catalyst with what does bring out the light in Klaus. He has a very hard choice to make and while I’m certain he’ll be very vengeful and angry over the course of these next few episodes, there’s hope, literally, that he’ll change for and be the man Camille hopes he will be. Sometimes it’s a character’s death that starts that path for characters like Klaus who don’t get to suffer loss because they’re so busy playing king they don’t consider the pain involved in truly letting people in. This is a tragic first step, but a necessary one if Klaus is going to have any kind of serious change in his archetype.



Throwing in a Davina death is a bit overkill. I knew something more was going to happen but I’m not certain we need a Davina death right this very second. She’s been dead before, so this isn’t new, but the way Kol ravaged her neck suggests that she simply can’t be healed by his blood. Instead she’s stares lifelessly and he cries out in grief. Now, it’s not that I don’t mind a Davina death. She has had her moments, and terrific character growth over the course of three seasons, but considering how finite Kol’s existence is, he’s bound to expire sooner rather than later leaving Marcel as the only person who is truly going to mourn this loss, oh and Josh if you want to count him too. In fact, if anything, this will probably overshadow the afterward of Camille’s passing not to mention the tirade Klaus and Marcel will go through to see justice be done. Vincent will be of course devastated, but he’s still relatively new and even more of an expendable character than anyone else left on the show right now. I just think this was the wrong time and probably should have been saved for a finale death, unless they’re cooking up an even bigger cast member. Hopefully not Rebekah.



Those last moments with Klaus and Camille before she died. Seeing Camille show such a heightened sense of fear made her one of the most human-vampires ever on the show and though she was always scared to be used as a pawn for being so weak it’s a shame that that’s what ended up happening. But here, Klaus does his best to console her and promises she’ll be at peace. And it was fitting that he lost his senses for a moment as the people in his illusion started disappearing and then came back after she reassured him. Klaus is very shook up by all this and it’s safe to say he isn’t going to love anyone new like this for quite some time. Good scenes they shared at the end.



Everyone tried to help Camille but Klaus is the one who made her the most comfortable. He could have spent all his time hunting down Lucien and demanding a cure be found or using Aurora to force Lucien to save Camille somehow, but he didn’t. He stayed his hand and did his best to relieve Camille of the pain that was crushing her and managed to hold up to the bitter end. While in the end, she made it about him, he understood what she meant to him and hopefully will use that to make changes in his life that include not being an evil prick every few episodes. Time will tell.



As I went through the rolodex of possible cures/loopholes in my mind, it appears they did too right down to the two more obvious solutions of, put Camille’s soul in another pendant, or switch Camille’s body with an innocent. Surprisingly, if you really pay attention to how afraid Camille was, I’m starting to think she would have been okay with the soul swap. Hell, Klaus would have been okay with the soul swap.


So is Davina really dead? While I hope yes, I’m thinking no. They’ve established an afterlife and since Kol was in that realm, Davina will likely roam around in it to actually face the ancestors. Then I looked at the promo for next week and realized they are doing exactly that, who knew. So there you go, she’ll be back.


I’m a bit disappointed that they had this earthquake which I thought would reveal something crazy ancient and more evil than Lucien, then they head-faked us and showed Kol was released and back to being feral. Those two points did not intersect well and I wish they had done it differently.


Did Camille really know Josh well enough to give him her record collection through a will? That seems overtly nice and maybe a touch too centric around supernatural entities. Shouldn’t Camille have human friends she’s gained over the years that deserve her things more? Just a thought.


You know, if Camille had drank that vile concoction instead of the bourbon, they probably would have had an extra 30 minutes to roam beautiful New Orleans. Klaus is always distracted by drinks that are more suited to Damon Salvatore.


Whether it was intentional or not, Klaus and Camille didn’t kiss once while they were in his illusion of New Orleans. Interesting idea considering how meaningful that would have been for Klaus to have that last moment. Yet there it is, his dedication to her meant not making it about himself.


8 out of 10. The second time finally went through as the death of Camille will either shatter the resolve of the Mikaelson’s or make it even stronger than before. It was done with the kindness and carefulness that are always given to characters who have had a long lasting performance and are meaningful to the group as a whole. They did right by keeping Lucien mostly out of this episode so as to not distract from Camille’s passing and an wedge for Klaus to drive further with his family by hunting him. As the threat becomes more real, they’ll soon realize what they are really up against and then see what they are capable of. Davina’s passing is meant to show the antagonists from the other side of the veil and hopefully the crew down on Earth will find a way to save her or at the very least use her to fight the ancestors. Next week threatens the life of Rebekah so we can expect another cameo from her and the very horribly real possibility that she’ll be next on Lucien’s hit list. If that happens, all bets are off for Elijah, Klaus, and Elijah to wreck hell on their dimension against all those on Lucien’s side. The war is getting bigger but one element still remains, at some point, Klaus will leave town, but will he do so out of grief or out of transcendence. Right now, we simply don’t know. Goodbye Leah Pipes, you did great as Camille, someone who found a bright spot in the darkest soul and made it shimmer again. That deserves all the credit in the world. Thanks for reading.



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