A Sashurai’s Review: Game of Thrones – Season 6×02 (Turns out he was only mostly dead)

GOT 6x02



Through the power of the Three-Eyed-Raven, Bran wanders through a past Winterfell where his father is still a child training with his brother Benjen and sees Lyanna for the first time. One of the Raven’s followers tells Meera to help Bran as eventually they will leave. Meanwhile, the wildlings arrive and help Davos expel Alliser from the wall. Once situated, he calls to Melisandre and asks she attempt to resurrect Jon. Though reluctant at first she tries but appears unsuccessful. In Meereen, Tyrion shows Varys that the dragons shouldn’t be kept chained and unchains them. They show no signs of hostility toward Tyrion who is relieved. In Winterfell, Ramsey murders his father Roose upon hearing the birth of his brother and then has the mother and child killed by dogs. As Brienne tells Sansa that she saw Arya, Theon then informs her that he’s returning him to the Iron Islands. At the Islands, Victarion Greyjoy returns and throws his brother King Balon over a bridge during a storm and killing him. At King’s Landing Tommen reunites with his mother Cersei and hopes she’ll help him be a strong king again. At Myrcella’s funeral, Jaime confronts the High Sparrow who is protected by his followers. Across the sea, Arya is once more confronted by the woman but is then taken in by another assassin who looks like Jaqan. At the wall, when everyone leaves after Melisandre’s attempt at resurrection, Jon is seen waking up with Ghost at his side.



I’m not going to parade around and pretend the internet wasn’t completely on top of their game about Jon’s return. I think it was more about how long it was going to take and whether Melisandre was going to be up to the task. Luckily, the fans got what they wanted and even though resurrection shouldn’t be messed with, Jon will make a speedy recovery and now he’s “technically” off his loyalty to the wall. Though I’m not certain that will be of any concern moving forward. I think the most surprising moment here was what Ramsey did to his father and subsequently the mother and son afterward. There’s cruel and despicable and then there’s Ramsey Snow. You can rest assured it will be Snow vs Snow just like Cleganebowl is still a thing. Let’s just hope Sansa makes it to the wall before anyone finds her, like that no-show Littlefinger, who is still mysteriously absent from this season.



Jon’s return is too obvious of a good thing. After all the trials and inescapable deaths that this show has caused it was high time they gave one back to the fans and for once, the show acquiesced. Hopefully the cold kept his body in a state that he could afford to be dead for that long, and who knows, maybe he’ll have a connection the white-walkers he didn’t before. Now that would be an interesting addition to his being back.


The two other major deaths were of Balon and Roose, two characters trying to hold onto some lordship and wouldn’t you know, their direct kin caused their deaths. Balon was a bit late as his death in the books was more glossed over in telling but it was if I recall one of Stannis’s three kings that he had Melisandre curse with her spell, the other two being Renly and Joffrey. That death was shot well, but wasn’t very impactful unlike Roose who Ramsey decided was more a threat than ever and knifed him in the gut as personal thanks for always thinking of him as his first son. It propels Ramsey into full on villain with an actual army at his disposal.


Also, welcome back to Bran who is already well on his way to shifting through time to experience the days of old. We were teased short scene with young Ned and Lyanna which could spell more secrets in the future as Bran is essentially the only character who can piece together the truth of Jon’s lineage but right now he doesn’t know and isn’t searching for it. But this is a good start to giving us that Sean Bean cameo later in the season we’re all expecting in another flashback. Who knows.



With every scene constructed in its unique and short way it’s a shame that the rotation of these stories pick up and continue no discernible way to determine when which plots will co-exist into one final arc. Will anything happening in King’s Landing truly matter by the time the White-Walker War begins? One could speculate that Tyrion and Dany will return to Westeros and their first stop will have to be King’s Landing on their way North, but the thing about predicting stories like these is that it doesn’t exist except in the realm of Jon’s return. This is also speculative but with Sansa and Brienne making their path toward the Wall I am absolutely expecting something to happen where Sansa gets veered off course for one reason or another and is never reunited with Jon. However she is a Stark and since Ramsey is searching for her, who knows how this will play out. Hopefully she’ll be in a position to be of use as right now she still isn’t becoming part of the “game” as it is so plainly known.



It’s more outside of Jon’s return and centered around Melisandre’s new found vulnerability in not knowing what to believe or what to trust in her visions. Originally, I would have thought she would just know how to conjure a return of the dead, but it makes more sense that her abilities weren’t rooted in that kind of power. Now that she knows she has them what’s to prevent her from rezzing up anyone and everyone who takes a bad stab to the gut by her side? She didn’t seem to be drained of any energy by the attempt, but who knows, she’s good at hiding things like that.



Once again, Davos pulls through and is the one person who puts all the right people where they need to be to make the Wall safe and secure and even convinces a woman he’s learn to hate to do what she’s meant to do and help Jon. This guy is seriously more than an MVP, he’s a staple of the north now and will unquestionably do the right thing which means he’ll probably die by this season’s end, but now Melisandre can probably bring him back if such a thing were to happen. I know, that’s probably thinking way too far ahead. But he really is burying his issues with her and that’s commendable.



Some new information came to us in Hodor’s origin in that he used talk and act normal which suggests he went through some traumatic event to make him the man we’ve known him to be all this time. Interesting little mystery thrown at us which begs the question, why Hodor? Is he or has he tried saying something else all this time, some clue into the past that Bran is meant to understand or any Stark for that matter?


Tyiron’s assumption that the dragons had great intelligence was put to the test, but he passed with flying colors though I half-expected Missandei to accompany him as he kept asking about her time spent with the dragons. I didn’t think he’d face the dragons alone, but that’s what happens when you’re plied and the first thought is “I want to hang out with some dragons. Points for Peter’s acting when he finally touches a dragon for the first time. You can tell Tyrion’s been wanting to do that all his life.


Not that it wasn’t a cool scene but when how did the Mountain (Robert Strong) hone in on the guy who told the raunchy story about Cersei? I can’t imagine anyone reporting to him or telling him, “Hey, go kill anyone who bas mouth’s the king’s mother. Seemed that was thrown in there just to keep us remembering who she has guarding her at all times. This will come into play later no doubt.


Jaime’s confrontation with the High Sparrow gave the interesting premise that at any point he could storm King’s Landing the take over if the seven gods willed it I imagine. There’s still the political versus religion vibe here and now that Jaime’s involved, he’s quickly learning that simply threatening to kill won’t earn him any brand of servitude from someone like the High Sparrow. All I’m expecting here is Jaime and Cersei planning to completely decimate the High Sparrow and all his followers, but probably going with more covert techniques. They might as well follow Tommen’s advice and bring down the entire sept.


I wouldn’t be surprised if this particular persona that’s leading Arya is in fact the real Jaqan. In fact, whenever I see one I’m just going to say that until I’m eventually right. Although it doesn’t really matter, such names mean nothing in that business and once Arya begins changing, she’ll look just like him too. Weird thought of the day.



9 out of 10. I’m a Jon and they brought him back which really wasn’t asking much considering this was the only telegraphed play they made since the show started and they’ve surprised us a lot in the past. A few deaths for some characters who essentially deserved it came to pass and all in all, this episode gave us a lot of positive momentum which is rarely seen. Granted Ramsey is still the prime evil concern, but he’s moving pieces in a desperate way because he’s impatient and insane. He won’t be prepared for the wildlings and the giants. Bran’s return marks some interesting scenes that will undoubtedly come in the form of crazy flashback sequences that could be anything at this point so the fan theories should skyrocket after this episode which I’m looking forward to reading. By next week, we’ll see Jon back in action and hopefully he’ll get some much needed payback against Allliser and Olly. Thanks for reading.



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