A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 11×20 (Funny, he doesn’t look like Alanis Morissette, but he does sing)

SN 11x20



At the end of his rope, Metatron is summoned to a bar where he finds Chuck who reveals to him that he’s God. Elated at first, Metatron helps God proofread an autobiography which goes through a massive edit after several criticisms. During that time, Metatron confronts God on why he abandoned everyone and even calls him a coward for doing so. God lashes out but soon comes to a conclusion as he finishes his new draft. Meanwhile, Sam and Dean follow Amara’s destructive path to Idaho where the darkness fog inhabits the townsfolk there. As Sam becomes infected, Dean is immune but refuses to leave his brother’s side. As they are surrounded by the infected, the fog suddenly clears and everyone who was infected or died by Amara’s influence is returned to normal. Sam and Dean discover the amulet that activates in God’s presence is shining bright. They find Chuck outside as he announces they need to “talk.”



When creating a human version of the most powerful character in the existence of human-kind, a writer has to tone down one of two things, Omniscience, or Omnipotence. In the case of Chuck, it’s Omniscience with a hint of Omnipotence and that makes Supernatural’s God a fallible mess. That’s good though as it humanizes the concept and makes him undoubtedly relatable, but what’s important to the story is that after 11 years, Sam and Dean now will understand who they’ve been trying to find and what he’s all about. This episode is very much part meta and part mist with no direct connection between the two until the end when God finally decides to intervene against Amara’s destructive wave. It pokes fun at the show’s concept multiple times but finds itself cornered on every default cliché topic when someone confronts the Almighty. Luckily, they chose the right guy because Dean would have come out the gate by calling God a coward, but we’ll get to that down the line. As unpopular as it may sound, I’d want the show to end on this season considering there’s no more up to go, unless you tackle the paradox of where did these ungodly siblings come from?



The interaction between Metatron and Chuck was spot on. The laid-back humorous Chuck prances back and forth between non-chalant, and “choose-your-words-carefully” that makes him rather unpredictable in his “not-quite-all-knowing” personality. Is it all rib though? Is he still method acting the part of how a human would if it “believed” it was god? Who knows. What stands out is Metatron’s focus on the “why’s” and Chuck’s avoidance through many topics including his sister and what he really wants to discuss. Finally past the desperation, Metatron serves of much more surgical purpose in helping God redraft his autobiography which he feels needs truth rather than fluff. While the ending is hidden from us, one can possibly extrapolate many scenarios that deal with God permanently leaving humanity by this season’s end, something I think is required in a show where humanity needs to evolve on its own.



Sam and Dean’s cookie-cutter run through the Idaho fog of zombie-ness was too distracting from the juicer bits between Chuck and Metatron. I would have fancied the entire plot take place in that bar with snippets of Sam and Dean played out through the broadcasts that Chuck summoned. I don’t think we would have lost a step on Earth and the plight that was taking place. But that would have removed us too far from the brothers and I can somewhat understand why they needed to stay front and center. Still, every cut back to the Winchesters what when I felt like tuning out. Luckily those scenes didn’t last long.



From the moment Chuck started singing to the final line of the episode. It was very poetic and engaging how Metraton’s face understood what God was trying to write and how that interpreted into the lyrics of his “farewell” which transferred into his appearance in front of the brothers as he saved the city within a flash. Now we’re dealing with beyond creation and while Sam and Dean will probably grill Chuck with all the “what the hell’s” and “do something you dick” comments, it’s setting up a great start into the final episodes of the season.



You’d think Chuck, but honestly, though his part was very malleable and fun to see, Metatron kept the situation real to our expectations and spoke through us in the frustration of figuring this show’s “God” out. He never wavered in his inquisitive nature, and didn’t seek to gain anything more than just a simple understanding of the nature of why. I have to give him credit for being very stand-up with humanity and being that voice for them while God surmised his experiments were failures and was ready to let Amara clean the slate for him.



One thing they either purposefully cheapened out on or wanted to tone down the omnipotence was Chuck’s reaction to being called a coward. Out of all the simple and crass things to do, he simply force-pushes Metatron through the bar doors to the outside. Oh, come on, put some more effort into that. Metatron should have been pushed through a billion realities with the cosmos crashing down on his brain, but maybe that’s too much for the guy to handle. The fact that God can be fazed by such words is interesting, though he is method acting for the most part, so the scenes say.


Easter Egg reference. Chuck mentions “Revolution” as another title alongside of “Supernatural” which was a show on NBC created by Eric Kripke that lasted only two seasons unfortunately. Bonus points for Metatron mentioning Supernatural needing a reboot. I believe it.


I’m actually surprised Sam didn’t mention anything about needing to be cleansed by fire when he was infected. Maybe he just didn’t have time to think on it, but I feel it’s a bit of a plot inconsistency. I know the goal was to sell the desperate moment that Dean was feeling, but he chose not to leave his brother regardless of the consequences, which is always endearing but I wasn’t feeling the impending loss because by this point in the show, these two characters are impervious to anything evil has to offer. Stop trying to make me feel like one of them is going to perish. Just do it if you’re going to do it already.


One aspect they’re not diving into just yet is Chuck’s ability to exist in all points of time as probably a complete overlord of the cosmos is capable of doing. His nature thus far has been to avoid dealing with Amara’s choice to end humankind because he just doesn’t want to deal with it. Words are thrown around like “responsibility” and “disappointment” to further instill in us how Chuck reacted and a little bit on how selfish he was acting like when he declared the story was about him. The second an almighty character starts talking, he can be proven wrong by the wit and perseverance of the human brain and since Metatron has had that going for him lately, he’s the voice of reason here and if anything, they’re really painting us a picture that no being is perfect by any stretch even when you have absolute creation at the palm of your hand.


Also, it’s good to know that the fan service continued as Chuck was always the odds on favorite to be labeled as this show’s primordial creator. To pull some weird twist on us with someone else likely wouldn’t have been received as well, and it made sense to give it to Chuck, he’s been fantastic in his few appearances so far and he’ll likely steal some scenes before we’re done with season 11.



9 out of 10. It’s always a sigh of relief when the show finally tackles burning questions and year-long debates on how certain plot elements will go down. Giving “God” a face and an attitude to match is risky because writing a character of that magnitude means making things around that character very simple whether its the pleasures of music which Chuck proclaims is the best trait of humanity while Metatron once said it was stories. I think the two go hand in hand, but what’s important to the show is a seemingly benevolent being is finally getting into the ring with the stars of the show, and the looks on their faces when they saw him were priceless. Now things are going to get interesting. This should be a fan-favorite across the seasons as it answers questions and reveals what we’ve always known. Thanks for reading.



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