A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×20 (Whose side are you on?)

TO 3x20



While Lucien begins his hunt to find Rebekah’s body, Freya helps summon Davina’s spirit into a protected place as the ancestors close in on destroying her for good. In doing so, Freya discovers an opportunity to capture the magic used by the ancestors to turn Lucien into the monster he became but in doing so will cost Davina her spirit. Though Klaus and Hayley try to convince Freya to find another way, she and Elijah give in and use Davina as a conduit, sacrificing her to the ancestors. With the power, they find Lucien who by this time had found Klaus and Hayley with Rebekah’s coffin. Together they defeat Lucien and Klaus finally kills him. Marcel, Vincent, and Kol however find that Davina is gone and are distraught. Marcel turns from Klaus and Elijah as Vincent shuns Freya for what she did. Kol kills Van Nguyen after he fails to resurrect Davina. Later that night, Vincent approaches Marcel and offers him a vial of blood taken Aurora’s heart that could turn Marcel into a hybrid like Lucien. Together, they seemingly agree to purge New Orleans of the Mikaelsons.



Powerful and crazy intense are a few words that come to mind. The power of family is strong, but when those who consider themselves family are essentially stabbed in the back, what else can there be but a backlash the likes they’ve never witnessed. The complicated layers are among the finest I’ve seen in all three seasons, and for once, I’m torn on what I want to happen. That’s the best kind of writing there can be, but to be fair, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Davina, and Marcel has more than once fallen off the map of interest. But Vincent has done something devious to bridge the gap between Marcel and Klaus who has always stood his better since day one. Now the prophecy begins to unfold in a way that some probably predicted, but maybe didn’t see coming in quite the way we might have expected. Excellent performance with a few glaring plot holes, nothing to slow down the pace of this strong arc as we near the end of season 3’s journey.



Impossible choices have to be done with care and reflection so that both sides are in the right. As hard as it was, Freya and Elijah went with who was actually blood versus who was considered family. Unfortunately Kol would never have agreed to such a sacrifice, but the choice was made. Davina never stood a chance and Marcel had to experience such helplessness while Freya usurped the magic she needed even at Klaus’s disapproval of such a method. Even better is the irony that Klaus never signed off on it yet Marcel blames him and “the family” because of their nature to destroy everything around them. Marcel isn’t wrong in what he says, he did everything for them and to sell the impact they had Davina admit that she loved Marcel (Like a brother or a father figure I’d presume) and Marcel really took that to heart right before she died again. Wicked scenes to have to film, but the show stuck to their guns and Davina was in fact taken out of the equation permanently.


Lucien’s end was bitter for his own sake but I’m certainly glad that monologue-making monstrosity was given a final look into radical despair before his heart was removed by his sire. He had every single opportunity to end Klaus and Hayley and he didn’t because his own pride far exceeded Klaus’s in wanting to see his sire kneel, which Klaus did by the way which couldn’t have been easy. In any case, Lucien is done and dusted and that gives all the thumbs up in my book.



A show like this is bred on the possibility of characters switching sides at any point in time. That’s the trouble with neutral characters is that their true loyalties are to those they trust only, good or bad. Supporting characters can influence one way or another, but here we’re seeing characters like Vincent and Marcel who are officially plotting the demise of the Mikaelsons based on losing someone they care about who was sacrificed for the greater good of the city. Any argument can be made that condones or rejects what Freya did, but at the end of the day, anyone can still turn on you in the blink of an eye regardless of the incident that transpired prior to it. In this case, Vincent is very much prepared to ruin the Mikaelson family and to me, his motivation isn’t quite there for me. Marcel’s is and I get his position, but Vincent’s role is rooted in maximizing his benefits and unless he’s trying to get in good with the ancestors now, I just don’t see him actively taking part in their expulsion because he’s almost battling on two fronts and right now we don’t know if the ancestors will support this new cause as they have Davina’s spirit shredded the way they wanted. Maybe we’re missing one key piece of information, or maybe Vincent is too likeable that turning him into a bad guy just doesn’t make sense, either way it’s not the decision I would have gone with.



The entire moment Davina pours her heart to Marcel to when Freya takes the magic she needs. I thought the “Can you hear me” cover was a bit oddly placed and overshadowing the conversation, but it was building up a very tense moment which after watching I actually really enjoyed watching because there was no true right or wrong as Freya did nothing out of malice or evil, she was protecting her own. And Davina was more than scared out of her mind but she was still taken by the spirits she wronged this whole season and then some. Did Davina deserve it? Marcel wouldn’t agree and neither would Kol, but what’s done is done. It was a very powerful scene to watch.



Tough one, everyone had a part to play, but I think Marcel stood out the most. To finally say what he said to Klaus and Elijah took a lot of courage and anger, but he finally severed himself from the Mikaelsons and is now interested in Vincent’s offer to rid them from New Orleans for good. Marcel looks out for his own and Davina was always someone he wanted to protect since day one and now he’s lost her. The truth is Marcel has lost everyone he’s cared about including Rebekah to an extent and doesn’t have a lot of motivation left except to reclaim the city he took over when Klaus fled. How he manages from this point forward will show if he’s truly a villain or a protector of his city, but for now, he’s convicted to see through what he needs to.



I’ve brought this up probably a dozen times by now, but seeing as Lucien, Aurora, and Tristan are no longer a threat, why on bloody earth is Rebekah still in a coffin? The dagger isn’t cursed, she doesn’t have to run, there is no translatable reason why Rebekah still resides in a coffin. Please get her back on the show, maybe she can be the one to reason with Marcel when everything goes to hell.


Van Nguyen was wrong, everything centered around vampires is magic. He states that the estate is keeping uninvited vampires out and not a magic barrier, but if you really think about it, vampire barrier protection is in itself an effect of the vampire curse which is the result of a spell, so by proxy, magic is very much keeping him out of entering the estate. It’s just very powerful magic that can’t be undone.


In theory, Freya should still have access to the same magic that will inevitably change Marcel as it did Lucien. Unless they come up with some loophole where she only the ability for the one time, I can’t see why she couldn’t do it again when Marcel becomes a hybrid monster.


Looking back at the flashes from the prophecy, I think I might have stated way back in the season that one particular close-up showed the possibility of it being Marcel who was the “monster” in the making. Now while this hasn’t officially happened yet, I think it’s more than safe to say this will be the result, unless they pull another fast one on us and turn another vampire into a hybrid monster instead of Marcel.


If Vincent removed the hybrid blood from Aurora’s heart, does this mean she’s no longer affected by it and if so, is she still alive? I’d imagine they wouldn’t do an off-screen death, but we don’t know enough to understand whether the blood in her system replenishes or if what Vincent did stopped her from changing completely.



8 out of 10. Very intense episode with yet another major character death and a resolution to a season-wide arc involving the second progeny. Now Marcel is at a cross-roads with Vincent as a supporter of the only vampire he respects. Once more, the Mikaelsons have to contend with the last ruler of New Orleans only this time, things are very much in a grey atmosphere. Kol is a bit of a wildcard, but I’m certain he’ll make a play against Freya at the very least considering she was the one who made Davina vulnerable to the ancestors and he’s still controlled by them, more or less. Great build up to the last two episodes and a very satisfying bridge into a much more potent battle. Klaus will again have his hands full, and as we know Klaus does eventually leave the city, is it willingly, or is it because Marcel is simply too powerful to stop? Thanks for reading.



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