A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 7×21 (That was clearly Elena’s doppelganger behind the window drapes)

TVD 7x21



Bonnie remains in a deep sleep and dreams of killing vampires including her friends. Caroline, Enzo, and Damon each enter Bonnie’s dream in an attempt to both wake her up and stop her from going on a murderous rampage against vampires. While Caroline and Enzo fail, Damon succeeds but only in waking her up. As the three are now marked, Bonnie goes after Damon first with Stefan convincing Caroline to leave town. Matt briefly helps Bonnie set up a perimeter to trap Damon as the two clash in the forest near Bonnie’s memorial. As Damon tries to convince Bonnie to forgive him, he fails but is subdued by Matt who wants to see Bonnie well again. Enzo returns and tells Damon the only way to cure Bonnie is to find the original tribesman’s body that’s located in the armory where the sinister wind-apparition escaped which has caused everyone trapped inside to go crazy and kill each other.



The penultimate episode delivers a sparking performance as Bonnie is uncontrollably bent on destroying all vampires marked by her. We get a rage-filled opener that sees Enzo and Caroline get completely decimated only to find out its part of the dream, but had it been real, it would have been exquisitely shocking. Turning Bonnie into essentially the replacement villain of the remaining season is interesting as it put everyone at risk and gives Damon more than enough grief to contend with as he prepares to do what it takes to save her. It’s also especially important to see that Bonnie is connected to those she’s marked and knows when Damon is and isn’t talking nonsense. We’ve come a long way in this season that has been Elena-absent since the beginning and though the heretic plot has had its tremendous ups and downs, the resulting mess of Rayna’s curse has now affected one of the most developed characters on this show and she’s effectively playing the role to its bloody conclusion. Though I’m surprised she hasn’t presented much in the way of magic while she’s enraged, It’ll be fun to watch how this all plays out.



Damon and Bonnie clearly have more than enough issues to work out and it’s even more accelerated now that Bonnie hates all things with fangs that crave blood. All the dream sequences had parts to play in Bonnie’s mind and it was important to showcase that none of her friends were able to talk her out of trying to kill them. She has absolutely no resolve or way to stop herself and though Damon came the closest it still didn’t work. We want to see Bonnie be relentless but I doubt she’ll actually end up killing any main cast member. Maybe Enzo, but we can only wish for so much.



Stefan high-tailing it out of Mystic Falls with Caroline seemed like more of the same thing we’ve been seeing from him since he bailed with Valerie 3 years ago. The chemistry between him and Caroline is about as dead as it can get. While her relationship with Alaric isn’t fairing any better because of it’s root in the children, Stefan’s is even more idiosyncratic given his one-track mind with saving her at all costs. I’m not certain she could be convinced to leave town even as Bonnie is an unstoppable witch-vampire killer. It’s not Caroline’s style and frankly it shouldn’t be Stefan’s either. Fearful vampires don’t make for an entertaining program.



When Damon nearly convinced Bonnie not to kill him at the stump. Damon can get real when he has no other choice, it’s always his last resort tactic because he is allergic to revealing his true feelings about himself and with others. But he said he loved her and though he added the “same way Elena loved you” you could still hear that gap in silence that was long enough to make you wonder if he added Elena because without adding her it would have been awkward. In any case, the point is even after all he said, he still failed and she nearly killed him and he was prepared for it as unfortunate at it was. Good scene that had me convinced it was going to work.



Bonnie was on fire tonight. She managed to derail every friend and while Matt was able to fool her because he pretended to take out Damon, she is portraying an excellent antagonist who’s ability to fight against the nature of the spell is impossible. Maybe if she had more time, but that’s not something she has at the moment.



It’s interesting that after all these years, one can still bring back Damon’s dirtiest deeds from season 1, specifically when Bonnie reminded Matt that Damon killed his sister because he was “bored” which is 100% true, yet Matt still didn’t let her kill him. He’s had years to cope with that loss and it’s good he didn’t keel over and relent to that old anger like some might have had they been in his shoes.


I’d like to think a major character is going to bite it because at this late in the series, not having a huge death would probably spell for worse ratings, but the promo didn’t specify the event like other shows have been doing recently. Enzo is always at the top of my list, but Alaric and Valerie are close seconds even though there’s no sign of Valerie being in the finale at the moment. We’ll see.


The promo also teased Damon possibly seeing or “thinking” he sees Elena inside the armory where the brothers will likely face this threat together. Is Nina Dobrev scheduled to cameo in the finale. I have no idea, but I’d wager at the moment that it won’t happen and such a return would be saved for either the series finale or something crazier that involves Elena’s character coming back permanently. If she does show up somehow I think it would be fine and welcoming.



8 out of 10. Bonnie gave a stellar performance as the vampire gang scrambled to understand what’s happened to her. Looping back to the murderous-inducing wind helps wrap everything up in a nice little bow as the final episode of season 7 ends a crazy run involving heretics, phoenix-stones, and crazy wind. They’ve sold us on several occasions that Damon truly cares for Bonnie not just for her connection to Elena but because of the time they’ve spent together in the real world and in limbo. He needs to feel connected to someone and she’s definitely doing the job as much if not more than Stefan is and that’s saying a lot. With one more episode remaining, we can expect some kind of fancy cliffhanger as TVD will return for one more season. Let’s hope they get completely bonkers but not enough to jump the shark. Thanks for reading.



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