A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×21 (Marcel, you clever bastard)

TO 3x21



After Camille and Davina’s funerals Vincent decides to use his ex wife’s (Eva) magical sphere locked away in their old house to sever the ancestors hold on New Orleans forever. Meanwhile Josh attempts to convince Marcel not to take the serum as Freya and Elijah uncover more of the prophecy which involves Marcel becoming the next ultra hybrid. Klaus seeks Marcel out and tries to reason with him out near an old bridge that once held sentimental value for Marcel. Vincent enlists the help of Detective Kinney to secure the items he needs for transcending into the spirit world and Kol agrees to help after receiving a message from Davina. Elijah finds Klaus and Marcel and reveals what he knows prompting Marcel to show the serum and ponder on drinking its contents. Vincent and Kol enter the spirit world and find Davina who takes the sphere and ignites it, thus severing the ancestors from the living world. As Marcel reaches his boiling point against the Mikaelsons, Elijah rips his heart out from behind and he’s lost to the river. Distraught, Klaus wanders alone as Elijah confides in Hayley as the two embrace as lovers. Later, Klaus tells Josh and Vincent that Marcel is dead only for Vincent to reaveal to Josh that Marcel took the serum the moment it was offered to him. In the river, Marcel’s eyes open and they’re glowing red.



If prophecies are never wrong, then Marcel was never in any real danger. The wool was cast over us as Marcel duped the Mikaelsons into killing him thus turning him into the fabled monster of their prophetic nightmares. It’s about time we finally got to this point. What started with the triage of Lucien, Aurora, and Tristan has now ended with Marcel and his bloody warfare that he’ll no doubt reign in his city, all to rid the Mikaelsons for good. This is the kind of build up that showcases all the right segments in pitting long favored Marcel in the wrong place for the right reasons. Here we have a villain who in all respects shouldn’t be and that’s the best doubt one can cast to make next week’s finale a thrilling one. Though Vincent’s subplot was a little too convenient to showcase Davina one last time, the end was easily one of the better cliffhanger’s this show’s produced, because now there really is no going back.



Marcel made all the right points even with Klaus believing what he told his son. Two explicit ideologies clashed in a way that should have had Klaus trying to make sense of where Marcel was coming from, but after three seasons the two finally had the kind of talk they needed. Granted it led nowhere good, but that was the point. Elijah couldn’t trust the situation and killed Marcel to save his family because he more than Klaus is capable of such things as proven once before with the death of Davina. In a strange way, Klaus has been twice the victim of being labeled as the king when it’s really Elijah who’s making the king-like calls. Everything on the bridge held the best parts of the episode notwithstanding Marcel’s faux attempt that understanding why the Mikaelsons are the way they are with him. He had the blood but didn’t have to die, yet Elijah’s choice sealed their fate and for once, I agree, it was a long time coming.



The sphere acting as a battery for collecting dark magic of sorts seemed like an odd time to pull that macguffin out of nowhere. In all of Vincent’s past problems with the ancestors he decides after Davina’s death that this was going to be his hail-mary? Since Davina’s death there hadn’t been any whisperings of the ancestors causing interference yet it was important that Vincent deal with them while Marcel pretended to indulge Klaus. And then it turns out Davina isn’t suffering a fate worse than hell, she in fact can still communicate with Kol, diminished but still. She’s found and she uses the last of her spiritual energy to destroy the connection which likely will take her out as well. It was a means to give Davina a better farewell than last week’s episode which included a long-stemmed goodbye from Kol. I’m not a huge fan of shows that need to really sell the death of a character and then blindside us by showing them continue to exist after heartfelt goodbyes. This and TVD are the worst in terms of killing off characters, they just don’t know how to do it right sometimes.



When Vincent tells Josh that Marcel already too the serum. That was a great moment, nonchalantly played by Vincent who already knew he was in good hands he just neglected to tell anyone else. And when Marcel woke in his death-like slumber with those red eyes, you just know he’s going to wreck house on everyone against him. It’s for sure going to get bloody next week and that’s the best way to have an Original finale.



Marcel had a lot to get off of his chest and rightly so. His complaints over Davina’s death found a stronger root with Klaus and the idea of serving under him no matter what became the emphasis for their talks. Where he really hit home I think was when he referenced loyalty not mattering but being challenged is when everything changes and Marcel had never ever been a real threat even during season 1. He’s a justified villain now who will probably make mega-maniacal decisions now that he has the power to do so. Still, he had some raw candid moments to share with his sire and those were powerful moments to witness.



With the ancestors link severed, does that mean Kol will lose his bloodlust and be able to leave the city without desecating? Or he still stuck in New Orleans? Furthermore, what will he do when Marcel begins to close in on his family? I think he’ll choose his own side, until something else gives way for him to teeter toward one side or the other. Anyone’s guess as to what that is though.


Kinney had a much bigger role to play and considering how well he and Vincent got along, I wouldn’t be surprised if this becomes something of a standard alliance in season 4 should both characters make it there alive. That bro handshake at the end.


I’m not entirely sure this night was the best time to finally lay down with Hayley considering the act of murder Elijah took part in only hours ago. He’s broken up, as much as Klaus is about the situation and Hayley is more in tune with his emotional state, but considering the “will they won’t they” mentality of the last three seasons, I have to say they chose a poor time to couple, but considering there’s rarely a point where someone isn’t dying around them, I guess now was as good as a time as any. Of course like in more horror tropes, now that the deed is done, one of them has to die.


And what was the point of the little fire by the bridge after Marcel fell into the river? Was Klaus trying to stay warm after needlessly searching the river bank for his friend? That river didn’t look like it had a powerful current sweeping away a body, and in the end, Marcel really wasn’t that far off.


I’m just going to assume Aurora is dead, like dead dead. I don’t see a reason for her to come back now that she has no serum in her system. It’s unfortunate, but this pretty much makes Tristan the last of the second line standing, though I doubt he’ll ever surface again.



8 out of 10. Great buildup to what will no doubt be an intense finale. The prophecy made sure that all things happen the way they were seen and now we know fully what that will entail. No Mikaelson is safe and that’s always the focus on each season is to put them in the kind of peril that spells ultimate death. Marcel gave Klaus all the chance in the world to have his say but Elijah stole what residue of trust Marcel had left and now Elijah may in instrumental in the downfall of his own family. The musical cues was a bit overkill, I don’t think this show needs them anymore, I think they’ve grown past it, but characters staring longingly toward one another is still a facet of this vampiric storytelling so they have to get them in somehow. With TVD already on the rack for another season, The Originals is still in question, but we know at least one Mikaelson survives based on earlier clues from TVD. Klaus will endure one way or another, but who will he lose along the way and is it worth bringing back Rebekah for the possibility of being killed of? I hope not. Keep her in that coffin! Thanks for reading.



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