A Sashurai’s Review: The Originals – Season 3×22 (Oh yeah, I forgot about that pesky psycho-mad driving mark)


TO 3x22


Marcel revives in the river and returns to New Orleans, gathering a large of group of vampires all sired by Klaus at one time or another. Vincent is weary but trusts that Marcel will end the Mikaelson reign without any innocent bloodshed. Marcel then confronts the Mikaelsons at their home and fights them, biting both Kol and Elijah. Freya is poisoned but Hayley takes her and Hope away and frees Rebekah hoping she can help sway Marcel from killing her family. Rebekah arrives and helps Klaus escape with his wounded brothers. Marcel won’t harm Rebekah and agrees to put Klaus on trial for his sins and cruelty of the past. Meanwhile, Detective Kinney takes Vincent to a crime scene full of dead vampires Vincent recognizes as the Strix. One of the vampires bites Kinney before being impales by Vincent who realizes Marcel is equally as dangerous as Klaus was. Without a cure her poison, Kol and Elijah’s bites, and Rebekah’s cursed mark, Freya convinces Klaus to go through with the trial and to follow through with a plan of hers. He and Rebekah return home as Klaus is judged by Marcel and the vampires Klaus created. At first Rebekah defends Klaus but begins to show signs of instability. She then forsakes him and declares he deserves a fate worse than death. Marcel passes judgment and stabs Klaus with the cursed dagger rendering him in static and immobile pain. Rebekah leaves having helped keep Klaus alive as Freya uses the laced dagger with Rebekah’s blood to link their spirits to Klaus’s life as Freya was once cursed to live ever lasting. They fall into a state of torpor and wake in a dream world as Hayley takes their bodies out of New Orleans with Hope and a mission to find cures for them. Marcel entombs Klaus as Klaus once did to Aurora while Vincent declares his plan to build a sanctuary for any people, human or otherwise that don’t want to be a part of Marcel’s new rule.



The season finale of The Originals brings to light the man sins of Klaus’s past and pits his progeny against him while his family slowly dies. There’s a desperate struggle here, rarely felt so keenly that for a moment, there was a genuine concern some of the Mikaelsons wouldn’t make it out alive. Freya’s last ditch effort to save the family worked, but their lives rest in the hands of Hayley who has her work cut out for her over the next three years. Some of the prophetic aspects made us believe Marcel’s rise into a hybrid monster would spell city-wide disaster, a cruel nightmare brought to form, yet the result was far from bloodthirsty and gave us a mock trial instead. Something deserved for sure, but the aspects of Klaus’s show was far too easy to spot given Rebekah’s pale attempt to pretend. Oddly enough, Marcel fell for it and the family is on standby for now. It’s a bittersweet yet positive cliffhanger that almost guarantees the Mikaelsons will return in full force come this fall season, but for now, they lie in wait. Oh, and thanks for not killing Rebekah, that would have earned the greatest of frowns.



Putting the main cast on death-watch is primarily what this show builds toward every season. The multi-faceted arc often puts them in vicarious and painful positions, but true death is something we tend to gloss over, that is until now. Many can choose to disbelief such things will happen the first vampire family, but I think the potential and fear was successfully quenched in order to give that sense of panic that everyone, Rebekah included had an expiration date. In doing so, they gave Klaus the means to save his family and suffer for it, an act no one will argue with even Klaus’s enemies who all wanted to see him experience that pain first hand. Though risky, they decided not to do away with anyone which I can understand as this show has more life to give and a 4th season should be included along with the final season of TVD. The gravitas is real and now it’s up to Hayley to get them well again. Good luck, hybrid mommy.



The judgment scenes were a farce to begin with. It’s poetic and maybe a little too dramatic but it was also brutally unnecessary, logistically. If the family left the city with Klaus the same spell could have been casted and Marcel wouldn’t know because he would have rid New Orleans of the Mikaelsons. Whether Klaus needed to be in that immobile state is left unclear, but if anything it served to be more necessary to keep Marcel thinking he’d won and that the idea was his to put Klaus where he’s currently residing. Look back it just doesn’t add up. Unless Marcel’s blood was a piece of that spell Klaus didn’t really need to go through that entire charade except to pad the episode with his speeches about ruling, protecting his family, and making everyone he sired stronger for the effort.



The initial fight that left Kol and Elijah bitten with Rebekah returning to help her brothers escape. It’s a great moment of violent struggles and a grand return which showcased Marcel as the more powerful foe and Rebekah with straight hair and a pension for easing Marcel down from going ballistic. While we didn’t get the biggest family reunion since Finn passed, we did get 5 out of 6 which is better than nothing. If only Klaus and Marcel got to throw down more, but we all know how that would have ended.



Props to Rebekah for lasting through the night without succumbing to the curse. She was the glue that helped keep the family in play and managed to fool Marcel long enough to allow Freya to complete her spell. In her own way, she used real feelings and the truth to fool the vampire group into believing she was influenced by the mark and had real disdain for what Klaus had put her through. Only a wronged-sister like Rebekah could scream for a fate worse than death even though it was all a ploy that worked all too well. She stayed alive and will live to see the next season which is more than we can say for Camille, Davina, and everyone else Marcel mentioned before stabbing Klaus.



I assume that with the link to the ancestors magic severed that Kol’s spell with desecating after leaving the city is null and void. If not, it probably wouldn’t matter anyway considering his current predicament.


Speaking of, how precisely does this spell counteract Marcel’s ultra-toxin running through their system? Their spirits are transferred and their bodies are just put in a trance-like holding pattern? It’s like everything is on pause, though temporary, could probably last a very long time, forever even. We don’t know enough about this kind of spell to get how Klaus’s lifeforce negates Marcel’s bites, but if it works it works.


It’s almost humorous how quick Vincent was to distrust in Marcel’s plan that the two shared only to stop believing in him because of what happened to Kinney and the vampires they found. The witches all complaining to Vincent about the vampire threat didn’t help, but if you really look at the situation for what it is, Marcel did everything without that much bloodshed. If Klaus’s progeny killed off screen it wasn’t very well discussed except Vincent’s mockery of bowing to the new kind and everything he mentioned at that point.


The idea of a sanctuary at a church suggests that Marcel’s rule will in fact be cruel and unjustly. Given his personality at the moment, I’d say he won’t make crazy choices like that, not if he can avoid it, but who knows what long term effects of having the blood in his system will do. They can always write how unstable of a turn it really is and the effects make him go mad over time. Lucien did something grossly scientific to an old spell and without there being any consequences to that seems odd.


I think one key plot element I’d change is having Rebekah lash out from her curse-mark and force Marcel to bite her causing him to forcibly end his tirade against Klaus while a cure was found. Or he could have played it off as collateral damage leaving a lot of Rebekah fans angered but at least this way they could have played off of his nature to care about her in a way that blurred his hatred of the Mikaelsons while Vincent and the witches jumped in to collectively expel all vampires from the city, something I could have seen Vincent do out of desperation. Aw well.



8 out of 10. Klaus paid a steep price but managed to save his family in a judgment-fueled season finale that saw Marcel retake his city once again. The prophecy promised a nightmare of blood and death, but realistically it was condensed chaos that didn’t really put much more than the Mikaelsons in danger. Rebekah’s return helped push Marcel into a position of kingship that played to his nature to be as justified as he thinks he can be given the severed relationship he now sustains with Klaus and his kin. Mostly entertaining and very eventful as the tension of death was inescapable, but with Freya’s plan a secret, we almost certainly knew it would succeed and that left the show not playing the risk it set out to perpetuate. The episode was about Klaus doing what he had to for the sake of his family and not set out on a warpath which he was very prepared to do. Now all hope lies in Hayley who no doubt will be busy trying to find a cure that everyone said doesn’t exist. Then again, they said an Original couldn’t be killed and we all know how that turned out. Hopefully season 4 syncs up three years later with TVD and the two shows can write their final tickets and end the series on a high note. Until then, thanks for reading. See you in the fall.



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