A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×02 (Anyone else get that Kill Bill vibe with Misaki’s entrance?)

Dark Matter 2x02



With One presumed dead, Six begins to realize the Galactic Authority he works for may be bigger criminals than those he turned in. Meanwhile, Two, Three, and Four are encouraged to reveal details about their involvement with delivering the white hole device that destroyed a planet. Unwilling to cooperate, the three ally with Nyx and Arax to escape using a shuttle that was sent to retrieve Four. Three is also approached by their only corporate ally who helps smuggle in a schematic of the prison. Once a planned riot ensues, the group make their escape as Five is brought to the android to convince her to relinquish her files. Six cuts the power and Five orders the android to kill everyone in the room. Together, the prisoners escape though Six is wounded and put in stasis on the Raza. Afterward, a woman who has been monitoring the events from afar declares she intends to retrieve an asset from the Raza, presumably Five (Emily).



Dark Matter extends its crew manifest as they perform a superb escape with the help of Six who had an expected change of heart. In a stunning display of teamwork and bravado, the crew are finally back to where they need to be, in their ship. While this is still a world where most everyone is a different shade of villainy, the theme of loyalty rings ever true among this space faring crowd. All that’s left is to see where they’ll differ in priorities and how they’ll save themselves from an eventual corporate war. I’m continually fascinated by the lengths this show will go and how it overlaps its concurrent plots, peaking and dipping when the times are right. As we move forward, I look to see how this adaptive crew will operate under this new struggle.



Getting them off the prison was the first great step in a series that will no doubt follow now that they’re free. Four’s family plot may have looked convenient for the necessities of getting their hands on a shuttle, but what we got out of it was a new layer to Four’s relationships including Misaki who is an accomplished swords-woman. I’m certain we’ll see her again.


The fate of Six has been put on literal ice as his wounds are too severe to be fixed in the ship alone. His crises of conscience came at the opportune time and though it may seem too heavily driven as a means to keep Six with the crew, this stasis will allow for cooler heads to prevail and set the stage for his return to the Raza, formally. Two and Five will undoubtedly vouch for him while Three remains skeptical of his turn.



Nyx and Arax have yet to truly impress. Nyx is capable and smart, but is already too closely riding alongside Two’s personality and style. The two should theoretically clash again, but is likely more trustworthy than Arax who shouldn’t be trusted too far along the journey. Hey may seem gung-ho at first, but with connections come plenty of opportunities to betray the crew as this show is commonplace for such occurrences. Adding new members to the crew should be temporary and with the exception of Devon who should remain as their physician, the others should have short stays if the dynamic of the original crew is going to be preserved.



When Four and Misaki dueled leading to her getting blown away by Five’s massive weapon. As stated last season, I gravitate favoritism to sword fights whenever any combat scene emerges and Dark Matter does them with enough justice that I prefer to see those rather than blaster skirmishes. Plus, Five using that weapon was a great foreshadowing that she’s beginning to turn into a very confident fighter, capable of handling herself.



It goes to Five this week. It’s important to note that she’s developing faster and sooner than the others in season 02. While Six has undergone the duality of duty versus loyalty, it’s not necessarily new for him while Five is gaining a new spirit that isn’t reliant on her abilities shown back in last season. She may not be pulling triggers to end lives quite yet, but she’s certainly adjusted with telling others to do the job as when she ordered the android to kill everyone in the room including the commander. Whether this will affect Five as she hopes to protect the crew in the future remains to be seen.



We’ve been given no reason to doubt that One is truly dead, but as a sci-fi show, the allure and illusion of death is somewhat murky at best. He could have survived given the technology around and if someone found him maybe he was saved. Devon mentioned to Two that what they needed to save Six wasn’t on board their ship. Given where One was, why wouldn’t there be a means to save him from his injuries. Not that I’m rooting for this, I still hope and expect One to be dead from here on out.


I hope this is the season where Four finally deals with the events that led to his father’s death. He has no allies back home to speak of, but I think out of all the unresolved plots of last season, his was always the most alluring. It’s too outside the great plot of the corporate war soon to come, but there can always be a way to weave such storylines together if need be.


This season could be another serialization of their space adventures or it could be a seasonal plot involving them clearing their names at the cost of several conspiracies merging together to undo their plan. Either way, I’m hoping for more episodes that string the complex plot from one to the next. I don’t want this to be a show that I can watch out of order, but rather through a strict guideline of chronological events. Those are my favorite.


As the title card suggests, will there be measures to include more fantastical science-fiction with the corporate war in-between? Can we expect to see things like dimensional hopping, time travel, or other theoretical constructs that could highlight their adventures further? I for one would like to see the crew completely out of their element as space is a kind of darkness never truly exploited on this show as of yet.



8 out of 10. Dark Matter shoots out of the gate with a daring escape and maintains a strong theme of loyalty for the crew. Now that they’re together again, will it be for out for themselves or will they find and fight for a cause bigger than their own? One and Six’s fate are currently up in the air while new crew members entice some likely personality conflicts in the Raza in due time. As the corporations track them down, their true tenacity and fortitude will show what they’re really capable of. As complex and driven as Dark Matter is, it remains curiously grounded in keeping the fan base loaded with more questions as each episode ends. Until next week. Thanks for reading.



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3 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×02 (Anyone else get that Kill Bill vibe with Misaki’s entrance?)

  1. All I can say is – given the desires you’ve expressed for the show in this review – you should be very happy with the show’s second season.

    But, of course, I’ll be checking in just to be sure.

    Thanks for taking the time!


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