A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×04 (I hope the war is between psycho-kinetic androids and time-traveling hell-demons)

Dark Matter 2x04



A flashback details Three’s childhood involving his parents being killed by a man who took Three in and raised him to become a criminal. In the present, the Raza dock at a station as the group split to accomplish separate tasks. The android finds a group of other androids who blend in the community and have chips that allow them to mimic human behavior. The android is later given a similar chip and information that she was designed to exhibit human-like qualities. Meanwhile, Nero contacts Alicia and meets with her after presumably stealing Five’s stolen keycard that can open trans-dimensional gates. Three assists his old crew in a heist only to find that they are ruthless and he’s forced to kill them. Later, he meets with his old mentor and discovers his parents were murdered by him and takes his life for both revenge and to save a child who was kidnapped during the heist. Back in the ship, Devon is seen taking a drug concoction of some sort in order to handle the surgery he performs on Six which heals his wounds. After Alicia discovers the card Nero stole was a fake, she converses with man on a monitor that stresses the importance of the key card and a war that is coming.



Dark Matter continues to treat their characters with careful precision as this time, Three is under the microscope of character development. His journey from the a-typical snarky merc for hire into a compassionate member of the Raza is best seen in tonight’s episode where his past is finally unlocked for us to see. If ever there were doubts on his ability to redeem his persona from last season, they’ve been successfully squashed. The show also continues to hit marks and strides with Five and her ability to be resourceful as the crew inch closer to an inevitable clash of powerful adversaries. With the exception of a few minor detractions, namely Nyx and Two’s subplot, the show has maintained a steady course toward what appears to be a war that the Raza will be dialed into sometime soon.



There are a few classic moments that help solidify Three as a capable bad-ass. His confrontation with the old crew and his mentor are two of them, but his relationship with Five is, to me what’s really standing out. It may seem casual, but he helped build trust with her which is something he never cared about before he grew a heart. With One no longer a distraction of any type to him, Three is free to fill a stronger role where maybe he’ll be a better big brother to Five than Six was. It could instigate a rift later in the season with Six, but for now I like the direction Three is going.


The hidden android group is new to the show, but not necessarily new to the sci-fi realm. What’s interesting here is the lack of conflict, it was more information sharing and opportunities given but with so much other conflict bleeding into the main story plot it was nice to see the android discover something new without the risk of being switched off or terminated by some run-of-the-mill bad guy of the week. The fact that she’s still pondering put the chip into her system means there’s hesitation that it what she wants, and more importantly, that it can do what the android says it can. This will lead to some speculation further down the review.



Four is arguably the best melee fighter on the ship who currently isn’t swimming in technology or designed. Nyx’s off-handed ability to be his equal just by picking up random weapons spells a lot of hogwash that I’m not truly buying into. I’m hoping her origin is more rooted in lies than in similar plots to Two because I’m not convinced she should remain a good-natured character on the ship. She’ll betray the crew, it’s just a matter of time. I wish four kept the edge of ability over her, just to prove that his training does count for something.



When Three faced down the old crew and gunned them down, ala old-west style. I liked the long far shot, the gun echoes and all the details in-between. It’s not something I’ve experienced much on the show in the past and it helps us breathe in some of the story without being too hammered by quick cuts and loud choreography. Three never even took a wound which is even more amazing that he faced such odds and came out unscathed. A very satisfying moment to watch after what the group did earlier to the father who was forced to help them.



I really liked Three’s performance tonight. There was a strong sense of moral justice laden in his expressions and even though he wanted to be the man he once was, there was no denying his mentor was a poor reflection of what he’d become if he returned to his old ways. In some fashion, he destroyed his past so he could move onto his future, guilt-free and with some sense that his parents received justice, something One was still lacking with the death of his wife. I don’t think we’ll get another episode like this for Three in the future, so it’s good that we see it now before decimation arrives for the Raza.



I wonder if what the android received is truly going to make her more human-like or if it will conflict with her “design” that has already shown to give her some moral objectivity and human considerations. I imagine, it’s a vessel to help fill the gap with the android’s vanilla personality so that we can see her interact with more distinction, something I think Five would really appreciate.


Now that Six is back, I fear that he’ll remain reserved and apprehensive over jobs and situations that call for a robust behavior. This is indicative of his personality last season and I want him to grow into a stronger more reliable character for both Five and Two’s sakes. He can still be the heart of the crew, but he needs to also believe in what they’re doing for that to work.


This is the third time we’ve been given a hammer of information detailing the death of One, which tells me more and more that he’s not really dead. That in itself is an eventual causality that is likely unavoidable, it’s just a matter of knowing whether One prepared for a situation like that, or whether someone saved him in the nick-of-time, and is keeping his survival under wraps. Time will tell if we’re too cold on this theory.


Devon’s reliance on drugs means there’s a story to tell which could swell up in the next few episodes. He reminds me of the strong-hearted supporting friend that is the last person you’d suspect to betray you…and then does. Whatever dependance issues he has, he doesn’t trust the crew enough to reveal them which means Five or Six will likely find out on their own. Six has a sixth sense on these things and Five is just good and stumbling into problems that ultimately become her own.



8 out of 10. Classic redemption story that worked for Three who seemed like a lone gunmen who wants to quit the old trade and be loyal to those he trusts. I can get behind that because we need to like our characters more and more as the series progresses on. Dark Matter impresses with a dark origin and brings to light last season’s key-card debacle that solidifies its importance due to an incoming war. Never forget that Dark Matter doesn’t forget it’s clues and sub-plots from last season, everything connects and everything will be made known in its due time. We’re almost half-way done and I still feel like we’re just getting warmed up. Hopefully Four will have a stand-alone episode soon because I like these sword fights they keep throwing at us. Keep them coming! Thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×04 (I hope the war is between psycho-kinetic androids and time-traveling hell-demons)

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  2. Hear, Hear!! Well written review! Only time will tell regarding Nyx & Devon and I think Six’s journey to redemption & atonement has just begun. Just because Four & Three didn’t stop Devon from operating on Six does not mean they are going to welcome him back.

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