A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×08 (Stop me if you heard this, two androids walk into a Raza…)

Dark Matter 2x08



The crew land in a parallel universe where their counterparts side with the Ferrous Corporation and flee from an attack by Commander Truffault. With a damaged blink drive, Two deals with Truffault personally as the android surmises they are in a parallel dimension. With the appearance of two Raza’s, Truffault agrees to assist Two regain the other blink drive as Four helps lure the resident Raza by appearing as Ryo the emperor. As Portia and Boone are captured, Two and Three attempt to access the drive but are caught in another mission set by Jace Corso involving a dispute with a mining colony wanting independence from Ferruos Corp. Unable to diffuse the situation, Two tries to stop Corso from detonating a nuke on the planet but is unsuccessful. Once back on the ship, the other android helps Two and Three subdue the crew. Truffault tries to double-cross Two, but with the help of the android, they foil her plan and allow Portia and Boone to return to their ship sans their blink drive. Once installed, the Raza crew return to their dimension only to find a stowaway marauder detach and flee to another sector in space, its occupant(s) unknown. Later, Two experiences another episode with dizziness and collapses in her room.



A delightful venture into experimental technology results in Dark Matter’s first profound arc into the sub-plot of parallel dimensions. Not withstanding a few kinks in the hull, this episode collectively straddles the space-fence with a fresh plot and sees the return of characters long distant from the series. Though earnest in its tale of “what if the Raza went bad,” tonight’s storyline left more questions than answers, most certainly with who stowed away from the other dimension? But was “Stuff to Steal, People to Kill” just a one-off or will this parallel world be a foot-hold into more crazy cross-overs in the future? I guess it all depends on what story is ultimately being told, the corporate war, or a ship just trying to save the universe.



I’ll admit, I was waiting for someone to explain time-travel as the thesis of this plot only to find that they broke a hole into another universe which is certainly a more fitting abstract considering the drive’s function. What’s interesting to note is the reference to the cosmic microwave background, something not often discussed in sci-fi dimensional hopping. It’s temperature had a variance which gave the suggestion of a separate universe and if the android was able to detect that within the active field then such a determination is possible. I would have liked if the android dived further into that premise but with Two probably not prepped for such a conversation, it would have fallen to the lamen observer. In any case, I applaud the short but prompt explanation as to their departure and arrival to another universe and felt it sticks within the paradigm their telling.


There’s also a reoccurring theme of alignment shifts within the main cast, mostly Two, Three, and Four at this point but the show continues to inform us that under any other circumstances outside of Five’s influence, the crew would be essentially anarchistic and murderous without relent. Twice this season we’ve been treated to the “Bad” Raza crew either in the form or another and it stands to reason that the struggle with staying good-natured is still very much real within the crew’s lives. For Five and Six it’s different, but what I like about the theme is that there’s no way of knowing for sure if those that have been labeled as good characters will inevitably turn evil for one reason or another, such as when Six betrayed the crew in the finale or when we see Corso running around as the opposite of One. I wonder if we’ll see an evil Five wreck havoc in her own way one day.



A few missed opportunities, mostly interactions and dialogue with the doppelgangers. I would think Two and Portia would have more to discuss about their physical design and origin than anything else especially since Two had been suffering from those strange jitters would came back in full force in the final scene. I think Kal’s demise was handled a little too ubruptly, but as Boone had shown, they don’t keep prisoners or traitors alive I imagine. The trip down to the mining colony was to my view a futile plot point, something we’d seen before and really didn’t need to witness again. I would have preferred a different kind of mission the Raza was sent on, but the Ferrous Corp tend to wrap their sights on colonies like the one Corso lit up with a nuke. I suppose not too much could inevitably change in a parallel world.



When they returned to their own universe only to find a separate marauder escape. Those kinds of loose threads help evolve an already complicated plot and without knowing who’s on the ship, fan speculation could go in all sorts of directions. I have my own suspicions which I’ll get into in a short moment. Needless to say, there was a consequence for stealing another blink drive and soon, the crew will figure out who that consequence will be.



I think Two deserve most of the credit here tonight. She tried to diffuse and stabilize multiple situations and save lives even though it was another universe entirely. She still felt the responsibility to safeguard anyone that was in conflict with the evil crew because it mattered. She doesn’t like messes and tries to clean up everything. It’s the sign of a good leader even if some decisions turn out for the worst. She still tried to make right and even let her wicked double go probably knowing they would still be up to no good on their side.



As to who came back from the other side, I want to say the answer is simple; Jace Corso. It’s more about keeping the actor on the show than anything else, I believe and it fits that he would stowaway while the others weren’t looking. Does that mean Wexler and Tash made it as well? Possible, but they weren’t characters that made a big enough impact in my opinion, I think it was one and one alone.


The second android made an interesting comment about Portia making her the way she is and owing her because of it. I felt there should have been more there, something to entice the conversation further or at the very least make Two and her android suspicious of something. Who knows, maybe it was the other android who stowed away on the marauder, with a mission of her own. That was my only guess at the moment.


If the Raza essentially accidentally broke into another dimension with a drive that wasn’t adjust properly, then how did the android know how to reproduce the same effect to get them back home without damaging the drive? Kinda minor but that also leads me to wonder how Portia figured that part on her own unless there’s been some parallel dimensional hopping that we don’t know about by a previous party perhaps?


Just so everyone knows, when you’re evil, that means you dress your ship in darkness and red lights all over the place, because evil. I actually preferred that design but I can see why it wouldn’t last on the normal Raza ship.


This is also the second time we’ve ended an episode on Two’s body fluctuations. I did peek at the preview for next week and I’m delighted that Wil Wheaton will be back to extend a “helping” hand as Rook. As to what’s ailing Two, I’m certain is has to do with either a fail-safe in her system caused by Rook or possibly a breakdown in her genetic structure, something she needs that only Rook has. We’ll see next week.



8 out of 10. Dark Matter continues to pull away at the veil of exploited technology and puts the crew in a perilous plot to save themselves or suffer at the hand of their evil twins. Six’s scene with Five proved to be the most relevant as time and time again we’re made to understand Five’s importance on the show as a crucial one. We don’t truly know if this is the first of many trips to this universe or different ones can be traveled to down the road, but for now we’ll contend with an evil stowaway and a working blink drive that is at their disposal. Devon’s fate is still unknown as Nyx will likely rejoin the crew next week while Two faces her ailment head on. It’s getting hotter in space as the Raza climbs higher into trouble cosmic-waters, but so far, it’s a kickin’ journey. Keep up the good work and thanks for reading.



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