A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×09 (I think that’s the first time there’s LITERAL dark matter on the show)

Dark Matter 2x09



After Four and Nyx are revealed with having a one-night stand by Three, Five discovers Two unconscious and is brought to the sick bay. There she’s diagnosed with failing nanites which will result in her death in a short time frame. The crew travel to Earth where they attempt to penetrate Dwarf Star Technologies HQ by using an employee who once made a connection with Two when she was still being trained. Three and Six make it onboard via a space elevator but are quickly captured by Rook. Two, Four, and Nyx mount a rescue by using the blink drive on the Marauder and split up. Two is confronted by Rook who reveals a new prototype bio-engineered human who easily takes down Two and Nyx. Four rescues the others and kills the prototype just as Two loses consciousness. Six then removes blood from the prototype and injects it into Two saving her life. Back on the Raza, Six is suspicious of Three’s activities and with Two’s help capture him. They uncover a fluidic entity inside of Three placed there during an earlier interrogation and scramble to eject it into space. As things return to normal, the android goes to charge is later seen dreaming where she’s in a bed and appears as a human.



Dark Matter blinks through with more science-fiction madness and sincerity than any previous tales to date. The scope is brought down, but with tonight’s engaging story we’re left with a myriad of technical advances and scary optimism for what’s to come. Two path may seem like a call to answers, but I believe there’s something more critical at work here and its design has given us an initial glimpse into the horrific nature of Dwarf Star Technologies. As always, there’s teases and hard decisions permeating the air as Four draws closer to leaving his friends while the android embarks on another piece of her journey to human-being. Mark this one off as an astonishing push forward into Dark Matter’s limitless realm of possibilities.



I’ll start by saying Two’s plight to save herself was a positive exercise in showcasing why the crew need her and why she’s their leader. Five and the android discussed their feelings on the matter as Six was more emotional toward that climactic moment when all seemed lost. The take-away here is that she’s the lynch pin of the show’s moving progress toward the final battle. She’s pushing the storyline by choice while characters like Five and Four very important roles to fulfill, but they don’t singlehandedly divert the plot into its primary direction. That’s Two’s job. She sees what’s ahead and guns for it, and in this case it was about making sure she survives and in doing so, begins a whole new plot in understanding the evil nature that is Rook and his company. The main character needs motivation and I’ll say Two definitely has it.


The creature that inhabited Three was our first real look something truly out of this world, nevermind the fact we’re in space. This isn’t necessarily the space that has encountered alien lifeforms or other such entities save for what black viscous screamed out through Three’s mouth. Is it another creation by Rook? Or does it have a home outside of our own cosmos? What’s important is there should be some buzz on what that creature is and what it was doing in the engine room where the blink drive is centrally located. I think it was a great introduction that capped off the last portion of the episode and I don’t think we’ve seen the last of it.



I was hoping for a prototype A meets prototype B fight, and though we got it I felt it was a bit of a let down. My hopes were of a sleeker opponent, not one that actually showed a stronger physical build. It was essentially a no-name opponent who looked more terminator-like than special as in Two’s case. Though it proved to be a dominant figure, it was quickly dispatched by several shots to the body and head, followed by a stabbing courtesy of Four. I wanted a more unique design and survivable purpose, but I understand the point was to get Two its nanites so she could survive. The scene served its agenda.



There are some quintessential moments of dialogue that more than decipher the motivations and understandings of characters and in this case I was drawn in by Four and Six’s conversation about why Four stays and how close he is to leaving due to the war on his planet. I’ve been wanting development for Four this entire season and we’re finally given some insight as to the struggle he deals with and more importantly, how he justifies his time with the Raza crew. It may seem like a filler scene at first glance, but if you read more into it, you’ll see how conflicted Four really is and what it means for him to remain on the sidelines while things inevitably get worse back home. Great character development here.



Give this one to Two for refusing to stay locked down during her plight to stay alive. Going out in a flash was more preferable then decaying in the lab and understandably so. As a captain and capable leader she takes the riskier route and in this case prevails due to a loyal crew who care about who guides them on this long journey. And it goes both ways as she’ll do what it takes to save those under her as well as with Three seen at the climax of the episode. When its feet to the fire, she’ll burn herself to find the answers no matter what.



I found it pleasantly odd that we make it all the way to Earth and yet it feels no different to the crew as though it was just another planet in the vicinity. I suppose with FTL they can go to and from Earth as often as they’d like. I think now would be a good time to show us just how vast humanity has traveled and in what time period do they exist in.


The space elevator is an interesting tool to introduce and on Earth of all places as there’s a few valid articles roaming the internet that detail plans to create such a road to space in real life. I like the parallel concept and am glad they’re using elements and inventions that are drawn from real life in episodes like these.


Those guard uniforms were sharp but I can’t help but see them as armed waiters. The collars just reminded me of bow ties as well as the vests. Very pristine.


I don’t want to seem too negative here, but the fling between Four and Nyx, though situational, feels unnecessary at the moment. This is the second occurrence between two characters who sleep together and don’t make it a thing, Two and Three being the first. I wouldn’t mind the coupling if it actually led to something real between the two and as stated both Nyx and Four don’t want to make it a big deal and there was no evidence supporting either one actually cared about the other. I get that these drive-by relationships can be common place with their fluctuating lifestyles, but on a show with a small crew, it’s important to relay momentum and progress in feelings between characters and if Four and Nyx aren’t going to become an item, then don’t tease the possibility. Who knows, this could build into something more down the road, but I still don’t know if Nyx knows that Four suggested her brother commit suicide. If she doesn’t know, that information would likely put him in a bad spot. If she does know, then apparently she’s already forgiven him.


The final scene depicts the android waking in some virtual environment likely brought on by the upgrade she received earlier this season. If it’s a paradise for androids that can congregate it’ll be interesting to see who she interacts with and how. I’ll look forward to her character branching out more in human-like fashion. Plus the hot chocolate scene was cute if not a sign that she’s becoming more bold in her personality.



The ninth episode gets a 9 out 10. The return of a main villain marks a dramatic shift in storyline development, namely Two’s resurgence and the entity that claimed Three for a short time. It’s departure is questionable as is the true nature of Dwarf Star’s plans in space. The selling point here is the growth the team is making as a family and the lengths they’ll go to for survival, something that shouldn’t just be communicated by Six and Five alone who are the heart and soul of the crew’s moral compass. Four is finally reaching his limit with choosing loyalty versus family and I say it’s about time that happened. The blink drive was cleverly utilized and not forgotten about and we got a very beautiful look at our home planet which by first glance has the notion of being utopian. But maybe not all is at it seems as Two intends to dive further into Rook’s involvement with experimental objects and entities. Now is truly the time to get hyped for what’s to come. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.



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2 responses to “A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×09 (I think that’s the first time there’s LITERAL dark matter on the show)

  1. Great review and interesting thoughts. Thank you for taking the time! Concerning the overall episode, loved it from beginning to end. Finally Four gets some action. I think Nyx and Four work, as a team and a couple though how long this will last remains to be seen. They do spend a lot of time together sparing and having conservations – notice how much more talkative Four is around her and the crew this season? I think a sexual relationship is the next step between the two where I think Nyx might think it’s more, I’m afraid Four is distracted by thoughts of regaining his throne and the war that is occurring on his home planet. I don’t think he can afford to be distracted by love at this time. Moving on, nice moment in the mess with Five, Three, Four & Nyx. As Six hinted in the first season, this is a small ship and everyone knows everyone’s business. I think Three was messing with them especially after their initial reactions when he commented on them “really going at it”. Five’s reaction was priceless.

    For the main theme of the episode “Saving Boss Lady”, I found Melissa’s performance the driving force of the episode. The range of emotions she conveyed from vulnerability to fierceness were spot on. It was wonderful seeing the whole crew pull together to save her. The individual conservations between Two & Android, Six & Four, Android & Five allowed the growth of these characters. Erik Waver’s explanation of Two’s origin was something we have waited a long time for. Truly horrendous in every way and explains a lot about Portia Lin. I loved this scene in Waver’s apartment. The setting was perfect, the interactions becoming a bit of comic relief when Erik’s friends and fellow scientists show up with dinner. One of them nerding out over the duplicating retina scan device. I only hope that they were not also killed by Rook at a later time. It would be great to see them again as sadly Erik met his demise. I’m very fascinated by “what is really going on” at Dwarf Star Technologies. From last season Ep. 12, who is that creepy old man and why does he need a new body to this episode’s what was that creepy creature in the box that Rook infected Three with and for what purpose? While Three was under its influence, did he spill the whole container of Raza beans to include the Blink Drive. I love that Two was willing to turn the ship around and go back to “the lab” to save Three and everyone else seemed to be in agreement, it was Three after all. I noticed the extra lens time the Android got revealing her facial expressions though I’m highly suspicious that her “illegal tech” upgrade may be making her more human in a negative way. I believe the crew is in for some surprises next week based on the previews and I’m gonna say it here- Four retrieves his memories! It’s a guess, no inside info, just a gut feeling.

    Sorry if I took up too much space, I’m trying to avoid spoiler postings on Joe’s blog & I just love talking about this show!

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