A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×11 (Little did they know, bears do not exist on planet LYx29)




While shopping for supplies on a rural planet, Five is kidnapped by a group of locals planning on selling her to those who would pay. Three embarks on a rescue mission while Two, Four, and Nyx are identified and pursued by the Galactic Authority led by Inspector Kierken. Meanwhile the android maintains orders to keep Six on the ship when he attempts to help as the crew still don’t entirely trust his intentions. Three finds the Danker family and manages to kill them all but is wounded. He and Five escape on foot into the woods as Two and the group return to the Raza and prepare to go back to retrieve Three and Five. Kierken and his men discover the Danker house and follow a trail to Three who forces Five to leave him alone. As Three is caught and interrogated, he reveals his part in delivering the white hole bomb to Iridin 3 but leaves the Raza crew free of blame. Unconvinced, Kierken orders the incoming Maurauder to be shot down from the sky but Five manages to find one of their missile launchers and blows it up nearby. Two and others find Three but leave Kierken with the knowledge of what he learned about Iridin 3. Back on the ship, Three recovers as Four wakes from an anxiety dream about home and goes to the android to have his old memories reintegrated back into him.



Though set in a frosty and rigid environment, Dark Matter engages in some heartfelt moments that continue to connect the main cast together while the universe around them continues to disrupt into eventual chaos. I wasn’t entirely sold on the first half of this episode given the campiness of the kidnapping plot and Three’s heroic venture into a wounded state, but something about second half really helped bring the episode around and give it a flair it richly deserved to have. Three and Five’s moment of desperation was the subject of hurtful honesty, one that we and Five easily saw through but needed to see. The consistency of this sci-fi world and its technology maintains high value while some specific character interaction is questionable given the run time. All in all, I’d say there’s just enough balance to regard tonight’s episode as a solid run with some bruises that will need mending.



Three and Five’s relationship took a dramatic turn for the better. Never mind Three’s rigorous sense of humor, what’s important to note is the lengths he’ll go through to keep his crew safe. It can be argued that he folded slightly to give Kierken some aspect of the white hole plot he can use against the corporations, but more so is his demeanor that if Five hates him for being mean, at least she’ll be alive. He’s effectively shed that tough-boy armor in exchange for some necessary valor and it’s good to see it continue to build over the season.


As I stated earlier, I’m enjoying the consistent use of the tools this show has provided, in this case it was the transfer transit stations utilized by the Galactic Authority. The aspect here is understanding how both sides use the same devices and how it played into the offbeat decision that Three made in letting Kierken retain his memories. I think it was more for Three’s growth than anything else that he chose to let Kierken’s clone live rather than dispose of the body as any of the other Raza crew would have based on what that fallout might lead toward. It’s as if Three was playing his own game of chess for once which is normally not his forte.



Not overtly impressed with the first half of this episode. The kidnapping plot felt very weak and random with hardly any noticeable villainy that stood out from the norm. The wilderness family saw an opportunity to view Five as an object and tried to capitalize on it, which gave three all the motivation in the world to pursue and terminate accordingly. Perhaps it was a little too cut and dry for the plot, but there were no underlying connections made to Five being taken to those who have stronger ties to the Raza and as such won’t be remembered when thinking back on this season. I’m honestly surprised Five didn’t escape on her own given the intelligence level of the Danker family.



Without question when Three attempted to force Five away by regarding her as someone who should have been spaced when he had the chance. In a way it gave Five more justification to call him friend based on such a food hearty attempt to push her away and it showed by her tears of course. Instead of a hug, they merely touched fingers as she willingly left him for a the short term only to come back and once more save the entire crew from certain death. Five is more the glue for the crew now more than ever.



It should go to Three given the screen-time and sensibility he had in standing his ground and giving Kierken just enough to understand what may be at stake without giving up the crew. Also, notwithstanding, he clearly showcased his badassery by infiltrating the Danker family and annihilating each one in standard fashion given his abilities and strengths. He’s a tough character to kill and doesn’t give in to sentimental passion if he can avoid it, but since Five sees past the shell, it’s hard for him to maintain such appearances. Still, he’s grown plenty this season and he deserves the top spot tonight.



Let’s dive back into the issue with Four and Nyx. One second they’re in a casual fling, the next they agree to maintain a respectable distance and then end up back in bed together without very much context or scenes to help us figure out their motivations or intentions. It would almost be cute if it wasn’t so drastically discreet that even we the audience can’t see the events transpire as they do. I get that we need to care about this coupling, but it’s too invisible to make sense with what we’re seeing on screen. They simply need more manageable time together outside of guessing what color money is under the bowl.


With Kierken returning again I was hoping for a more dignified role that would have at least saw some ounce of respect between the Raza crew and the authority, but when Kierken ordered the Marauder to be shot down I was met with some confused thoughts. Throughout the season, he’s been relatively straight forward that he intends to capture the Raza crew, not kill them, so unless he was convinced sending a missile to bring down the small ship without killing them, the order feels like it goes against his own principles because he’s not a corrupt officer…so far as we know.


Six had the right idea with using the transfer transit units to go to the planet, but the crew didn’t follow through with that approach. Everyone went into the Marauder which effectively put them all at risk of being shot down. I would have probably split the crew up to take advantage of that idea and maybe limit the casualties more, but for time I understand why they didn’t do it.


I’m no doctor, but the area where Three was shot should have still punctured some of his lung, not to mention it was barely an inch or two away from his heart. Give the man a gold star for surviving a shot like that, but realistically he should have died from it, cauterized wound or not.


I’m hoping by this point in the season we can move past any distrust the crew may have for Six. It seemed unfair he had to be put through another layer of suspicion and of the android of all people who had just been accepted fully by the crew including Six. At least at the end it looked like she was sort of letting him try out his plan before things changed on the fly. No more distrust. Six is a part of the crew, he won’t betray twice in a row…right?



7 out of 10. Dark Matter sought to draw out more of Three and Five’s relationship at the expense of doing something more critical and grand, but the result manages to elevate the two as the crew continues to be drawn into the corporate conflict that will ignite presumably in the finale. Four’s final moment on the episode promises the next to hopefully settle a season long scratch that entails the resurgence of old-school Ryo, something I’m looking forward to. Not the kind of episode I was expecting this late in the season, but it brought out more heroism in Three that perhaps may have been missing previously. And with Six’s idea to becoming a singular unit enforcing order in the galaxy, we’re off to a fascinating journey into the penultimate episode coming up shortly. Thanks for reading.



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One response to “A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×11 (Little did they know, bears do not exist on planet LYx29)

  1. Okay, so I may be a little biased – I absolutely love Anthony Lemke as Three so to have an episode that revolves around him staging a daring rescue, being severely wounded and then self sacrificing, I’m all in! Hook, line and sinker. You had me at the sour fruit. I applaud this episode in showcasing the unlikely pairing of Three & Five!

    To address some of your dangling thread concerns:
    On the kidnapping of Five – she’s small, was easy to take down and easy to carry. I imagine the the two brothers were scoping her and Three out for some time. They just unfortunately severely underestimated “Uncle” Three.

    On the Raza crew going back to the planet – they couldn’t use the transfer transit pods because when on the planet Two had Four disable the pods to keep more GA clones from coming through. This also allows Six to settle back into his role as pilot and a member of the crew.

    On Chief Inspector Kyle Kierken – he’s a snake! He only wanted the Raza crew alive to get their confession on what really happened on Iriden 3. Once Three told him that the device was stolen from Traugot then he didn’t really need to keep the others alive & I doubt he’d have needed Three after obtaining his recorded confession. In regards to Boone, Lin & Ishida – they were already going down “for a long time” before Iriden 3. I did find it interesting that terrorism was now added to the list of charges against Three.That wasn’t there when the Android first read his offenses in S1 but was there in the AU this season.

    I do agree that Three’s wound was quite grave and he should have died, but I’m so glad he didn’t. The team really can’t afford to loose anyone else until they get some more “red shirts” to come aboard. This episode only made me love Three more!

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