A Sashurai’s Review: Dark Matter – Season 2×13 (Give her red hair next season!)




Two takes the Raza to the Mikkei corporation HQ and convinces Truffault to help them stop the corporate delegation from being destroyed. They penetrate a security field and allow Five to attend the delegation with Truffault while Two, Three, and Six search for a bomb on the station. After Four is seen by Five attending the delegation, the new emperor sends his men to retrieve her but is saved by Arrian, a bodyguard to Nieman from Ferrous corp who turns out to be an android with an emotional upgrade. After an unsuccessful attempt that dissuading the corporations to cease an alliance, Nieman calls for a recess allowing for his plan to continue. Six is eventually captured by Kierkan who is overseeing the security and Three is accosted by Nieman and his men. Four and Misaki travel to the Raza and steal the blink drive while Misaki and Nyx fight on the bridge. Misaki wounds Nyx with a poisoned blade and leaves her dying. As Five helps Arrian discover another way then to blow up the station, he expels himself from the ship and sacrifices himself. Two is able to convince Kierkan to look for a secondary attack set by Four while the android implores everyone to return to the Raza. Kierkan kills Four’s agent but not before a major system is overloaded, killing him and beginning a chain reaction of destruction on the station. Truffault attempts to escape with Five as Three is found by Anders (presumably dead). As everyone is still separated and trying to escape, the station begins to explode.



Plenty to take in on this chaotic and explosive finale as most of the crew are in dire straits at the bitter end. Dark Matter rushes to its fiery conclusion by promising the start of the fabled corporation war and makes it clear, someone or several may not be around to start season 3. A lot of positives to take away, most notably the effort it took to make this episode feel like a finale should. It some aspects it’s a very simple tale, but the intricacies behind it almost makes the viewer want to re-watch the entire series just to catch up on why we ended up where we did. But can things simply move forward from here or will we have to redefine the paradigm of this show by next fall?



The sense of climax to the season was exceptional and the urgency played out with a few twists and turns to blur the way. Four handled himself in the most neutral way possible while still succumbing to an act of thievery among friends. Five’s friendship with an android only helped to prolong the inevitable, an echo in conversation that Five and Six had earlier about trying to change fate. With all the combining elements intact, the plot moved fast but in a good way that didn’t waste its time and introduce too many awkward segments. The pace was good and the threat was real and will be haunting us until its resolved next season.


Little moments really helped bring some subplots into focus, namely Misaki and Nyx. Here, we have Four (Ryo) attempting a proposal to Nyx who declines while Misaki is eavesdropping. She clearly still harbors feelings for Four and makes her fight with Nyx all the more personal by poisoning her instead of shooting her outright. In the end, she denies to Four any altercation leaving him to be ignorant of Nyx’s suffering. This will no doubt play its course next season, but the seeds have been placed to deal with more dramatic hardships outside of the bomb threat and it’s good to see that forward thinking play out.



It’s unfortunate where the predictable elements come to the front of the line. In this case it was figuring out what the bomb was earlier than intended. When the android said Nieman gave him the upgrade to his system, it seemed a fitting tell that his identity as an android meant his body carried the bomb. That didn’t really detract from the episode as Five still managed to convince Arrian to make a choice and that’s ultimately what was important. I will also say as a negative that killing Kierkan was an odd call to make. He seemed like he’d have more to play but sadly that’s not the case. He played untrustworthy cop to the end and only served to buy into Two’s story at the last second and that last second being too late.



Definitely the final segment of the show. While I don’t believe Nyx is going to die, or for that matter any of the others, it’s important to understand that anything can still happen, after all, they killed One in the premiere and he seemed like a relative safe bet. This kind of cliffhanger will raise all manners of questions and theories as to how the 3rd season will start and luckily we’ll be around to flourish those thoughts and ideas.



Technically it should go to the android Arrian for sacrificing himself because such a change of heart should mean something, but in the end, he was good-natured to begin with. I’ll give it to Five for being able to convince him and for sporting the corporate look and a blonde hair-style as well. I’m actually surprised her jab to Three’s throat didn’t actually put him out of commission. He sure can take a lot of physical beatings that’s for sure.



Can and should Four be criticized for putting everyone’s live in danger and realistically killing everyone else on that station? Now it might be argued that Four only meant for the ship to overload in a way that everyone could escape but due to Kierkan interfering everything went wrong. It’s still a harsh move for the emperor to make just to get that blink drive. The crew shouldn’t take this theft lightly by any means, even if it means storming Zairon and getting it back, which they should.


I seriously have no idea who that was that found Three on the floor. If anyone knows please let me know, I appreciate it. There’s been a lot of minor characters that have come and gone from the past and I know Three has more than a few acquaintances that might be looking after him, but as it stands, I’m stumped. (EDIT: It was Anders. Thanks for the info!)


One thing I am a little disappointed in is not finding out who the stowaway was from the alternate dimension. That should have been resolved to some degree even if it was a scene or two that kept that subplot going. Granted, it wouldn’t have fit anywhere in this finale, but some momentum on it could have been favorable.


I caught a few of the names in the delegation for the corporations, namely TRAUGOTT, VANGUARD, INKOSI, PENDRAGON, FERROUS, MIKKEI, NOVINA(sp?), and Four’s League of Autonomous Worlds. If anyone spotted any others, let me know. Is there a master list of all the corporations involved on this show? And why hasn’t Vanguard shown up more? That’s a great name!


I’m certain Two could have taken out that guard and made him open the restricted door, but instead she left. Maybe it wasn’t the best time to get violent or maybe he could have communicated for help before being knocked out. Just seemed odd that she let that one go.



8 out of 10. Dark Matter promised and delivered a knock-out finale with questions of who survived and what will happen next season. Four took what he wanted and made sure the rest were made to suffer the same fate as the alternate dimension. If the war didn’t ignite tonight, rest assured it will being by the start of next year. The great sci-fi tales can often be rooted in the idea of changing one’s fate based on prior knowledge of it. When you can’t escape it, the best you can do is survive it and plan for the future. Our heroes need eachother now more than ever and I do believe the best is yet to come. Great CGI and top notch music to send us out on as the explosions settle in. Here’s to another long arc of waiting but always fascinated by what’s to come. Thanks for reading.



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