A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×02 (Just imagine if it was Ozzy)




Antonia continues her hallucinogenic trap with Sam but it fails to turn him as Castiel discovers their location and sends the information to Dean who is reluctant to bring his mother along. Meanwhile, Crowley finds Rowena and convinces her to find Lucifer who has taken over the body of a musician played by Rick Springfield. He returns to Crowley’s domain but is momentarily subdued by Rowena. At the farm, Dean goes in alone and is captured by a ward and subjected to the same torture as Sam by Antonia who interrogates him. Mary gets the drop on Antonia and the two struggle as Dean frees himself. After Dean takes down Antonia, her cohort, Mick arrives to explain that Antonia went too far with her mission and is returning her back to England to await punishment. They part while Lucifer breaks free from Rowena’s spell forcing Crowley to flee his mother. Lucifer decides to spare Rowena and use her abilities for his own agenda. Back at the bunker, Sam gives Mary his dad’s journal and the two express joyfulness with being reunited while Antonia convinces Mick to let her continue her job. Mick explains that he had already enlisted the help of Mr. Ketch who is seen leaving England with luggage full of weapons.



Supernatural capitalizes on its second act with the return of Lucifer and a bookend to Antonia’s sadistic ways while keeping intact the Winchester’s familial message of heart and family. Only Castiel seemed like the odd man out in this entertaining feature that also saw the return of the witch, Rowena who continues to survive on the show. This season marks an early win for the brothers with the same mother which could always spell an even greater fallout in the future, but for now, the two deserve a positive outlook, something quite missing in many seasons prior. And a hearty congratulations to Mr. Springfield for capturing some of Lucifer’s more subtle ticks. As a human, he may not be in the role for long, but it was enjoyable to watch thus far.



Sam and Dean were only kept apart for the initial storyline and it wrapped up without any frustratingly long plots, something that could have spelled disaster if Antonia was allowed to prance around with her sharp toys for too much longer. There’s an inherit darkness inside of her, something personal she’s consumed with and taking it out on the Winchesters with brute force. While she’s not technically a villain, she opposes the brothers which puts her in a bad light and so far she’s not very sympathetic, at least not yet. I’m interested to see if she gets turned around throughout the season because I suspect she’s in this at least for the seasonal long haul.


Mary Winchester is very calm and protecting and hasn’t forgotten to act in some heart-felt motherly ways which has helped Sam and Dean release some needed emotions, each in their own way. I’ve no doubt the dynamic here will help bridge any gaps of communication now that their mother will see the things they sometimes can’t. This could put Castiel on the bench in more ways than one, as his role may be drastically reduced due to the “fourth wheel” concept. As it stands, she can hold her own and won’t back down just because Dean says so. She means business and will probably showcase more of that attitude in future episodes.



Crowley’s obsession with Lucifer is justified, but if his only arsenal is his mother then the state of Hell must be in really bad shape. He can’t rely on any demons whatsoever to help with Lucifer and other mystical outlets aren’t being utilized either. It shows he’s a bit lacking in resources and very empty-handed when it comes to the bigger picture and all the power players on Earth. Crowley needs to focus more on what weapons and people exist to be manipulated into facing Lucifer or at the very least distracting him from a bigger threat or weapon. Right now Lucifer has the edge, at least until he needs to swap bodies again, something I imagine could drive him to seeking the Winchesters out to replay that whole drama again.



When Sam gave Mary the journal. I like that even after 12 seasons, this show doesn’t forget where it came from and puts these little reminders with how things came together. Sam needed that hug and Mary was only too happy to make her son feel welcome. I’d like to see if the journal contains something useful that only Mary could recognize, hopefully it’s not the last we see of it. Very well done scene.



Mary is going to be a fan favorite on this show and she easily fits within the spectrum of her sons while their father had a much different role to play. She’ll be more concentrating on how they act and react toward eachother and her while she offers her help and experience when she can. She won’t take over unless necessary and won’t back down just because Dean or Sam feel it’s too dangerous. Hopefully that doesn’t spell disaster for her and cause some typical sacrificial act in the finale, but for now I’d say she’s easily making her way up the list of very likeable supporting characters on this show.



This Mr. Ketch (Catch?) fellow has been left off-screen to add more mystiques to his persona but so far we can tell he’s essentially their go-to assassin. We don’t know if he has any mystical qualities, but if he’s in any way responsible for the high success rate with keeping monsters out of England, then it stands to reason he can do a lot of damage. Let’s introduce him already and see what he can do.


Shouldn’t Crowley have more than just acid to use to annihilate Lucifer’s vessel? If it can be damaged, shouldn’t there by a dozen axes, swords, and lightning bolts available to obliterate the shell? I’m not seeing why Crowley seems so underpowered right now even still holding some semblance of the King-of-Hell moniker. Or maybe he doesn’t, maybe he’s just a plain demon now and can only do so much like run away.


I’m also not entirely convinced that Mick played the role he was dealt. Something feels off that Antonia was able to talk Mick into changing his mind, somewhat, unless he still plans to bring Antonia back and leave Mr. (Whatever his name is) to operate in America solo. That could be an interesting take as I’d hate to see an all out war between the Winchesters and the London branch, but that seems to be where this is headed.


Does Lucifer’s ability extend into projecting people onto humans or does he actually possess Jen who Vince sorely missed? If she was dead, then how did Lucifer handle being in that form and if so, was it a short time limit before he lost control or went back to another vessel? He also seemed to need to be accepted so every person he took over prior, including the family must have had to go through the same thing.



8 out of 10. Very solid and well-mannered turn out tonight. The serious tone brought by Sam and Dean’s more recognizable personalities help solidify their badass mark on the world and the fight that keeps needing to be fought. Mary continues to do the show much favor in playing the role of the old hunter with plenty left to unleash and Lucifer’s rise has been a decent subplot thus far. This could be played separately until Crowley once more seeks the Winchester’s out, but for now I like the idea of Lucifer staying in the shadows until he decides what his actual goal is. With any luck, we’ll come across some episodes that deal directly with Mary’s past and hopefully bridge any gaps that could help the brothers understand their father a little more. Excellent play tonight. Thanks for reading.



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