A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×02 (One more wedding won’t kill them…)




The siren (Sybil) continues to try and enter the mind of Enzo who has been resisting her and sends he and Damon to find the girl whose name she pulled from his mind, Sarah Nelson, aka, Sarah Salvatore. Meanwhile, Bonnie, Caroline, and Stefan search for Sarah after finding out other women with the same name have been recently killed. At the armory, Alaric discovers a symbol within a journal found in the cave which disturbs his intern, Georgia. She reveals the same symbol tattoo’d on her waist and explains she saw it after getting into a car accident and believing she was in hell. Enzo and Damon find Sarah, but Enzo tries to help her escape just as Stefan and the others run into them. Bonnie attempts to take Enzo out of town but his connection to Sybil forces him to return to her. Damon returns to Sarah and is ready to kill her but Stefan reveals who she is prompting Damon to let her go. Sybil appears, stabs her and then gets inside Damon’s head overwriting his memory with Elena with herself and gains his complete loyalty leaving Stefan to watch Sarah die. After returning, Sybil has Damon injure Enzo and she discovers Bonnie within Enzo’s memories. Back at the Salvatore house, Stefan proposes to Caroline and the two embrace.



Everything was looking fantastic…and then the proposal happened. Far be it the time to finish this show off with some blistering evil ransacking the town and all our dramatic characters, now we have to insert yet another wedding in the mix that will probably go down with tragic events galore. As long as it’s not treated as “A special event with the Vampire Diaries” I’m sure it’ll be fine, otherwise I’m not on board with the sudden drop. If it was going to happen I wouldn’t have put it in the same episode as when Stefan’s last human relative died. Clearly he needed a boost in hope but those are two widely different emotional states and feel very bipolar in nature. In any case, Sybil’s rise and power so far isn’t to be trifled with as she makes her presence known to the cast which is so far proving to be very interesting thus far.



Georgia’s subplot is gaining mysterious ground and given Allison’s no-nonsense acting style, I’m really enjoying how fast they’re getting into her character development. Already she’s tied to something that may or may not prove useful against Sybil, which of course is extremely convenient, but this season isn’t wasting too much time dragging things out like last season with the 60 second glimpses into the future that went half the season. I don’t have high hopes her character will survive because supporting characters do die a lot on TVD, but for now, I’m liking where this is going.


I appreciate Damon and Enzo had their own ways about resisting Sybil’s abilities and how both are essentially broken with maybe Enzo still holding onto something, but Damon seems very far gone, and in truth, Damon should always be struggling through his fits and a defeatist personality considering he’ll likely never branch into anything more so long as he drinks blood. The redemption for both characters is in full swing and Bonnie has been the best catalyst for Enzo this season and most of last in that I’m starting to forget all the horrible and cruel things he did in the past. One of them should still perish by the end of this show, just to make it interesting.



Sybil is unfortunately a bit too generic. She started off swimmingly (har har) but then reverted into something akin to a spoiled rich girl who isn’t used to getting what she wants. Her transition into today’s standard TVD personality trope was entirely too easy and should have had more time to develop. Again, they’re not wasting time and seem to need things to move along. It probably won’t be long until the “real” bad threat shows up and Sybil is reveals to be a mere pawn in a much bigger game. Right now, she’s not holding up to be a very solid villainous, but it’s only been one official episode with her. She has time to grow, in theory.



Not the proposal. I actually enjoyed Georgie’s telling of her accident and belief that she was in hell. Allison is easily owning her role and making the most of it, and while Alaric maintains a certain stoic reaction to her woes, she’s managing to keep the subplot fresh enough that I want to see more of her character develop right now. Things will get interesting when she discovers how real vampires are.



It’s rare to put Enzo at the top of the list, but is dedication to keeping Sybil out of his mind and loyalty to Bonnie is actually quite admirable given his old methods and personality. He’s making a conscious different in her life and trying hard to keep himself intact for her. Love in this show breeds the kind of passion that tends to be unbreakable and if Stefan and Caroline alone aren’t going to tell the best love story, Bonnie and Enzo would be the next best thing. As long as they believe it, I’ll believe along with them that their relationship is working and worth saving. He’ll be in the fight for his life soon enough.



Does the symbol coincide directly to Sybil or is it part of the master plot at work? Twice we’ve been given references to Hell, and this isn’t a coincidence. I find it funny that Alaric has issues believing Georgie’s interpretation considering how much he’s been through, but then again, some people will be skeptical of the darker more sinister supernatural that doesn’t flow with witches, werewolves, and vampires. You can’t get much worse than the devil as the bad guy, just ask the Winchesters.


I imagine the wedding episode will bring out some old characters that haven’t been on the show for some time. Tyler, Matt, even Jeremy might guest star. I think it could have merit, but we all know how this wedding is going to go down. Either someone important will die, or nothing, nothing at all will happen and Stefan and Caroline will go off and be happy. Nah, blood and mayhem for sure.


I’m also predicting that Sybil isn’t the only siren that we’ll see on this show. Siren’s are not singular and have usually been in stories as multiple characters. She has sisters, and I’m certain those sisters will be found by or before the halfway point of this season. We shall see.


I want to point out that Caroline’s injury and the placement of the light seemed a bit too dramatic in keeping her confined in that house. She was stabbed with glass I believe and considering the speed vampires can get up to, even with that injury she should have been able to rush five feet and get her daylight ring back. Damon should have just broken her neck, it’s usually the thing he does to people, especially vampires and would have been more believable.


I have no real feelings over Sarah dying. The main reason is because Stefan had such a stone reaction that to flip into the proposal just made no sense from a beat to beat perspective. There should have been more tears, or any that helped bring Stefan closer to that brink of hopelessness, not shrug it off and put the ring in the drawer for Caroline to find. Something just felt so incredibly off there.



7 out of 10. TVD jumps further into the realm of mythical water creatures as Sybil plays mind games with her captive vampires. A surprise proposal means we’ll get a few more happy moments and strong music build-ups, but outside of a compelling subplot, not very much felt truly gripping or exceptional. Praise for Enzo, who seems to be fighting with a raw spirit against Sybil and a placating Damon who tried but failed to maintain a residue of his humanity against the siren. Something darker is coming, but in the meantime, Sybil will play more games until her true agenda is revealed, and by then, hopefully we’ll be closer to understanding how this show will end and whether vampires, magic, and the howling of wolves will still survive beyond the climactic finale. Thanks for reading.



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