A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×03 (You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a pitchfork…wait)




Annoyed with Enzo’s continued mental disobedience, Sybil forces Damon and Enzo to fight to the death while attempting to convince Bonnie to choose one of them to live. Meanwhile, with the help of Georgie, Alaric discovers the weapon he possesses is a large tuning fork capable of disrupting a siren. Damon calls on Stefan to help him fight against Enzo, but Stefan tries to keep the two separated as they begin to brawl. When Bonnie finds them she chooses Enzo which prompts Sybil to forces Enzo to turn his humanity off in order to save Bonnie from Damon. After doing so, Sybil orders Damon to kill her anyway. Alaric arrives in time to subdue Sybil as Stefan tries to persuade his brother that the threat is over. Damon instead leaves with a cryptic message that he has more work to do under Sybil’s orders. Later, Damon is seen on the road as Tyler Lockwood drives up. The two tangle briefly as Tyler goads Damon into killing him or walk away. Driven by Sybil still, Damon feeds on Tyler.



The threat of the wedding draws ever closer as Stefan continues to doubt his ability to bring Damon back from his most recent curse of events. In a classic trip down memory lane, TVD cashes in on the moxie as old friends fight bitterly toward an end that never really comes. Bonnie’s relevance plays the biggest role here as Sybil tries horrendously to figure out her connection to the men she controls. It’s an age of jealousy that compels Sybil to remain distracted from her next piece of the puzzle, but now Damon is locked on that path and his first hurdle was one unexpected Tyler Lockwood who may be in a world of hurt by next week, or dead, and dead would be funny considering the limited role he’s played as of late. Tonight’s episode was a fun romp if a bit overly cliché even in its own realm. The final season needs to spell out how important our main characters still are and what got them there to begin with. This is the continued trek into the nostalgic season of TVD, and it’s okay, the memories are what brought us here.



Forcing Enzo to finally lose one of these battles is tough on the character but good on the show. His path to redemption wasn’t necessary and borderline disruptive up until the end of last season. Steps were made to make him vulnerable and likeable and by golly it’s moved some decisions and made him a relevant where bad guys get at least three redemption storylines in this series regardless of the evil performed. By losing this battle, it falls back to Bonnie to hold his path in the light and in doing so make their connection strong enough to last to the end of this season, if it comes to that. Turning humanity switches back on is no easy task, and it’ll be interesting to see how Bonnie goes about it with her love.


Keep Georgie doing what she’s doing. I’ve no doubt she’ll be an eventual casualty of war on this season, but there’s hope that at some point she and Alaric will see eye to eye in the strange and romantic way that TVD is known for causing creative coupling. Her attitude is spot on and she maintains enough intrigue that as a supporting character, she should have some more deserved screentime. Plus it helps give some credence to Alaric who is busy turning into Indiana Jones, the relic hunter. So far, they make a good pairing, might as well exploit it.



Sybil isn’t working. She skips from 200 years trapped with no knowledge of our current world and easily turns into a self-imposed puppeteer who is the anti-thesis of loyalty and big evil plans that suddenly gets up to date on society but still doesn’t understand seatbelts. The missing things she doesn’t get are there for comedy which is more bothersome and out of place. If she understands our world, then nothing should surprise her. Her focus is all over the map because we’re not allowed to know the big plan therefore she keeps running in circles trying to keep her two vampires focused on her. We all know she’s low on the totem pole of evil on this season, after three episodes I’m ready for this character arc to wrap up as we move onto the next big bad. Even if it’s other sirens they’re bound to be more focused than this fussy brat.



Bonnie’s quick thinking in slamming on her brakes and causing Sybil to fly through the car window. At this rate, the only advantage they have over the siren is her lack of care with what can actually harm most human bodies when neglecting the rules of society. Simple and effective, even if it only slowed Sybil down for a short time.



Bonnie was very much the focus on tonight’s episode. She endured Sybil’s complaints and jealous fits, had the edge on her for a moment or two and made a hard choice that wasn’t stunted by some exterior force stopping the fight between Enzo and Damon. She’s dealing with the aftermath with a positive anger and it’s hopeful to see how she’ll play her next card to get Enzo back in the right place. She earned it tonight.



I don’t think I blanked on the transition but Enzo essentially disappeared when Sybil was stopped by Alaric and Damon drove off. I can’t convincingly say there’s a continuity error because he likely ran off at the first sign of trouble. Somehow I would have thought he’d stay by Sybil’s side during her plight. Aw well.


I like how a werewolf’s bite is lethal to a vampire, but a vampire can still feed off a werewolf whether he’s triggered or not. It’s like blood is fine, but saliva isn’t. Strange rules. In any case. I’m not sure if killing Tyler here is the right move. He’s never really elevated himself past a minor character nearly in the supporting role category, but he just doesn’t matter enough to warrant a big death on this show. I was expecting Damon to slice Tyler head off during the middle of his “kill me” rant. I really was.


It’s getting harder to believe that Damon has any sense of free will at all at this juncture. Every time we witness some memory that reminds him of his humanity, Sybil overwrites it with her own presence tying that memory to her and her alone. It’s creative in its own right, but the problem is how many more times we can buy this desperate attempt to see his mental barriers crash and burn. Sybil isn’t going to show up as Stefan and pretend to be Damon’s loving…sister to erase Stefan’s existence, so that’s a bust and a way for Stefan to use himself to bring Damon back. It’s the only real logical course considering there isn’t anyone left alive that can speak on Damon’s behalf.


Notice how the twins were affected by the tuning fork but no one else really was when Alaric used it later against Sybil. I hope it’s not a red herring, because those twins should still have a part to play as we haven’t seen any witchcraft in this season yet, it’s just been all vampires all day long.



8 out of 10. Though Sybil’s acts are child-like and full of the old high school spirit of jealousy and needing to be liked for realsies, TVD gave characters some hard choices to deal with and Bonnie stood up to the test with her own gumption and survived to stay on Enzo’s journey of redemption. It’s more satisfying than watching Caroline prance around with wedding jingles but rest assured, the second Damon is back to normal, Stefan and Caroline are tying the knot. Damon is now on his own and bringing the carnage as he naturally does. Will he unearth more sirens or take a darker route toward becoming something worse? We’re still here to find out. Thanks for reading.



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One response to “A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×03 (You can tune a piano, but you can’t tune a pitchfork…wait)

  1. In response to ” I don’t think I blanked on the transition but Enzo essentially disappeared when Sybil was stopped by Alaric and Damon drove off.” Enzo was next to Sybil when Alaric ring the fork and when he tried to attack, Stefan broke Enzo neck. Right now Bonnie has Enzo and she will try to make him turn his humanity back on.

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