A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×05 (That grenade launcher better have a role later this season)




Sam and Dean track the Thule group to Ohio where a relic watch containing Hitler’s soul resides as well as his descendant, a young woman named Ellie. Ellie is kidnapped by the group and her blood is transferred into a Thule commander who then absorbs the watch and reawakens as Hitler. Sam and Dean find the group with the help of a disillusioned son of the commander, but are captured as Ellie narrowly escapes to assist the Winchesters in taking down the Thule group with Dean committing the killing blow on Hitler’s new body, killing him. Later, Ellie returns to her life as Dean gloats over his victorious win to Sam.



The Thule group seem more suited to the bloodlines spin-off that never was, similar to the Stein’s, but the Winchesters wrapped up this plot with a gusto that should have probably warranted some grenade launcher action. I suppose the budget was short on this side of the season, but we’ll get those explosions soon enough. Tonight’s episode threw in conscious efforts to be dramatic including drawing loose parallels between Christoph’s dad issues and Dean’s unspoken frustration over his mother’s continued departure. Nothing really connected on that front, but beyond a few lighthearted moments, Sam and Dean dispatched a comical threat and proved there’s nothing they can’t handle between one end of the evil-human spectrum and the angelical demon end.



Within the confines of Sam and Dean’s ritual investigations and pummeling of henchmen, the episode gave us a few growth spurts between Christoph and Ellie who were characters dealing with situations beyond their direct control. In most cases guest stars with single-episode arc’s sometimes come back for seconds, but I don’t think that will be the case with these two. Still, giving them fuel to face their problems is a feature that Supernatural tries to convey on occasion which can help deflect Sam and Dean’s usual tried and true drama. It’s not always easy to do with one character let alone, two, but they managed to knock it out of the park in record time.



In a lot of ways, this episode was trying to be overtly comedic given its wild plot, with the most basic twist that the resurrected Hitler was more like a goofball than a lucid threat. Even Sam couldn’t mention Lucifer’s original plan without getting the brush off of disbelief and it should have been the selling point on the complexity of their lives. If the Thule were rising and converging on their plan of triumph, why did it seem like only a handful were dedicated to Ohio and the rest back in their home country? There was never truly an “oh sh*t” moment on this episode, it was just another day at the office for Sam and Dean who have dealt with God and the Devil both together. Nothing really fazes them anymore, and in turn doesn’t faze us.



Pretty much Ellie throughout the entire episode. From her babbling commentary to shots fired from a drowsy state, she was the highlight of this one-off and grew in a positive way, facing her past and pushing forward.



Christoph was a conflicted twerp, but he stepped up and made choices that inevitably helped Sam and Dean win the day. He wasn’t given any grand exit, only a promise that the Thule will come for him and I suspect that’s the last we’ll see of him. He wasn’t a charismatic performer, but he managed to prove his worth enough for the good of the Winchesters who remained untrustworthy right down to the wire.



When you have an scene dialing in a lot of expositional treatment, make sure the actors are near enough in a circle and pan the camera around a lot, that’s the only way to make explanations seem more than trivial and serene. Being told what’s happened is still a weaker solution than having the Winchesters fight for their answers. Create more clever scenes of dispelling information in the future, writers.


Has Sam and Dean ever been on the west coast, near a beach, ever? They rarely get on a plane so it’s doubtful they’ll ever go out that far unless the west coast hunters call in a favor. Something like that should happen if the Winchesters aren’t going to England to settle their differences with the London chapter.


No Castiel or Crowley for the last two one-off’s. They should be making their way back soon hopefully. I still say the buddy cop scenario deserves its own episode, giving the brothers the week off.


I don’t think they actually explained how the Thule were able to track Ellie using her blood. They were probably spell-bound with various trinkets or dark magic, but still, there wasn’t any explanation on that, none that I can remember.



7 out of 10. The dark plot of the Thule reached its conclusion but the Winchesters put a stop to it with the help of Ellie who took her role and ran with it. Not without its hijinks and bumbling of antique model ships, Supernatural drifted casually into another 12th season head-scratcher of “What if we did this? We haven’t really done that yet, right?” and produced a relatively decent plot with some minor character growth and some ragged combustion. I believe it’s time to bring Mary back into the fold, but is she ready to be reinstated into the Winchester family tradition of helping people and hunting things? We’ll be hitting that legendary 250th episode quite soon and I for one hope it brings back some old fan favorites. Thanks for reading.



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