A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×04 (You do realize this is the staging ground for Katherine’s return, right?)




Sybil confesses to Stefan how she became siren through a flashback telling of the first psychic, Arcadius who was murdered by a village and later banished two other psychic women to an island where one forced the other to unknowingly become a cannibal to survive. She reveals that the other siren is Seline but blocks it from Stefan’s memory later while attempting to prove if he’s worthy of destroying Cade who gave Sybil and Seline their immortality. Meanwhile, Damon finds a mechanic who unknowingly has an artifact that Sybil is seeking. When Damon loses patience over finding it, he attacks the man and is stopped by Matt Donovan who is the man, Maxwell’s son. Damon later tells Matt that Tyler is dying near the Canadian border and Matt leaves with his father to find him. Damon then frees himself and finds a metal ball-like weight with a symbol on it and surmises it’s what Sybil is looking for. During this time, Georgie is subdued by Seline and traps Alaric in the armory who later escapes through the hidden walls system. Georgie is then killed by Seline who failed to break Sybil out. Georgie’s spirit witnesses her body being consumed by Seline before being dragged away by an unknown force.



Wild night for the vampires of Mystic Falls. Psychics are now the residential prime villains of the final season, thus far, and through a tragic flashback, we now understand who and what we’re dealing with. Fun little twists and turns as we discover that the nanny is in fact evil. Sybil’s alignment is a bit skewed as she plays more of a victim role that she tries to parallel with Stefan who wants nothing more than to save his brother from damnation. What we perceive though is the season’s final them, which is and in a way always has been redemption. We’ve come a bit full circle on that concept, but it’s one that warrants the most attention because Stefan and Damon were always at the center of this franchise so their redemption needs to be made abundantly clear before we saddle off and end a saga. Very impressed with the performance and plot from this week’s highly involved tale.



Though they never get the accents right, I always tend to gravitate toward the flashbacks on this show. They’re done with enough prestige that you get a grand scale picture with how far back the roots go for most of our characters. The lore of each supernatural force starts with good people having been wronged by human forces and some dark power overtakes or is awakened in the victims who turn into primary villains of each successful season. Now we have Arcadius, who everyone calls Cade, the mythical devil of this universe who resides in a dimension of his own making and likely rules those who are sent there. I suppose it’s fitting that the devil is more grounded in the existence that draws similarities with the witches, vampires, and werewolves of this world and as such holds onto the human spirit of vengeance as a means to continue existing. If we’re lucky, we’ll get a villain who not only wants to return to the land of the living, but wants to completely obliterate it off the charts. If team Stefan can hold their own, maybe they’ll save the world after all.


Matt’s return and his broken reaction to Tyler’s death was appropriately sorrowful and well received. Matt is the only human who has endured the wrath of the vampires and lived to tell the tale. He’s grown and matured into a character who should have had a stronger role on the show, but now he’s back to probably settle a score with Damon who murdered his good friend. Tyler’s death isn’t going to make anyone else cry, but I do cast my doubt over what it means for Tyler to die still having a werewolf gene inside of him. Something there doesn’t add up and I for one won’t be counting out the original bully for long. Keeping Matt in the final season is a smart move because we need all hands on deck for this final battle that will hopefully be as epic as it can be on the east coast.



It was silly to try and fool us into thinking Georgie was the second siren. Georgie isn’t very tall and Seline’s younger actress was in comparison to young Sybil. And the noses were just too different. Aside from that, the real issue here is killing Georgie after the way she told her story about hell and having one foot in the grave way back when. I realize she was always going to be someone’s pawn, but getting rid of her this early is a mistake. When spirits get pulled away like that, you know it’s pretty much forever, unless we get to see what that dimension looks like. After all, why pin a symbol on her body and not truly go into detail on why she was connected to it. Red herring’s be damned, give us more Georgie!



When Matt returned. It’s nice to see some people on this show unaffected by Damon’s armor-like role and when needed can put him in his place even if it’s momentarily. He’s learned a lot and can take care of himself without the need for supernatural elements, although vervane comes in handy in a pinch. Maybe next time don’t leave Damon on a chair with wheels though?



This was Sybil’s episode. And she’s the MVP not because of the attention she drew to herself but because she’s playing a different game than we probably think. Evil characters who never truly gave into that temptation have ways loosening their grips on the villain status and can even redeem themselves if wanting to be free from such terrors. Sybil didn’t want the life she was given and now we understand where she’s coming from. Though she’s gotten used to the idea of being who we know her to be, she has an endgame in mind and it likely doesn’t involve serving Cade, at least not in the long term. How this plays into her reunion with Seline is yet to be known, but I can honestly say they’re not on the same side here.



My earlier statement about Katherine I think is very valid. I know Nina Dobrev isn’t exactly slated to be anywhere near this show, but she’s the missing piece of this puzzle and there’s no reason she can’t return for this final run. Having said that, we saw Georgie get pulled away in the same exact manner that Katherine did. If we have any scenes into the world that Cade built, I can probably guarantee that Katherine will be in it. I’d like to think that Georgie will still exist in that dimension and her departure is a clue into what we might expect in the future. At least I’m hoping. Even if we don’t get Elena quite yet, we can always have Katherine cameo in some fashion.


Do witches and psychics share any links in power? Granted, they’re different abilities but it could explain a bit more why Seline has taken an interest in the Gemini twins, and maybe they will play a part in releasing Cade from his formed hell. Speaking of, was Seline in any actual danger when she was attacked by Virginia? She was slit in the throat from behind and now we know Virginia was really after her and not the twins. And Seline can be healed in the same way that humans do by drinking vampire blood? Slightly off but that kind of makes her a glass cannon on this show.


Just going to throw this out and say that Alaric didn’t need to stab his ears to deafen his hearing in the armory cave. There could have been other things to plug his ears, surely. Equilibrium is very very important in the human body and to do that kind of injury should have had profound effects on his ability to stand let alone guide himself blind through a sewer system in Mystic Falls. But at least now we know how Damon and Enzo escaped. Now we know.


The ball-weight had an M with two hammer etched onto the front. M could be for Maxwell which would tie Matt’s bloodline to this artifact that may be used to either help free Cade or keep him tied to his underworld. The fact it was conveniently sitting on a shelf at Maxwell’s work is funny, I mean, how many heirlooms would one keep at their job instead of at home? In any case, it will prove to be interesting of Matt has a bigger role to play due to this, or maybe he doesn’t that this artifact is just one of many that tie to a larger object. The old ball requires an old chain does it not?



8 out of 10. Very rich with dialogue and flashback, but tonight’s episode of TVD brought more to light for our vampiric bunch and delivered some unexpected death scenes which will hopefully lead to some much needed retribution in one form or another. Stefan and Damon and the redemption awaiting them serves are true overall theme of the season, something that is necessary to keep the brothers guessing on their stake in the world they exist in and whether they should continue existing. With this Cade marking the way as our seasonal bad guy, I can’t say I’m overtly impressed in the type of character he is, but if he represents something akin to an entity fed up with the world and a means to destroy it, that will be the apocalypse we’ll need to settle things once and for all in the town of Mystic Falls. Good development, well received returns, and some grievous deaths, but now we understand a little more at what’s stake and whether these sirens are in fact on the same side or not. Until next week, thanks for reading.



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