A Sashurai’s Review: The Vampire Diaries – Season 8×05 (Fish hold the power of resurrecting the devil, who knew?)




Matt Brings Tyler’s body back to Mystic Falls and gathers Stefan and the others to bury him while Bonnie restores Enzo’s humanity by trapping him in their cabin and lighting it on fire with both inside. Not wanting to see her die, Enzo saves her and she in turn saves him. Sybil escapes the armory after Alaric’s other intern leaves after getting a call from the police who found Georgie’s body burned. After Damon interrupts Tyler’s funeral and threatens to turn Matt into a vampire, Stefan enacts a plan to subdue and trap him for his own good. They meet at a carnival but Damon refuses to be helped forcing Stefan and Caroline to tranquilize him. At night, Matt goes through Tyler’s belongings including a letter that explains his task with finding the sirens including Seline who he has sketches of. Later, after paying their respects to Tyler, the group embrace some fun at the carnival while Sybil finds Damon and releases him having his complete loyalty. After Caroline shows Matt some pictures of the Gemini twins, Matt recognizes Seline in a picture and tells the group. Caroline and Alaric rush home to find the twins gone and a picture drawn by one of them that shows Seline and Cade side by side with the twins.



With Seline’s initial plan realized and Sybil free with Damon by her side, Stefan, Caroline, and Alaric will have their hands full with two evil sirens who at first glance want different things. There was an appropriate strangeness in dealing with Tyler’s death while Bonnie brought Enzo from the brink in record time. There were at least a few moments when the episode drew in some dark possibilities only to hang back and keep the status quo including narrowly making Matt a vampire, but 24 hours have yet to fully pass, so there’s still a chance, but we won’t find out for a few weeks yet. Like Damon, I too held the 1,000 yard stare of WTF in certain places of tonight’s tale as it criss-crossed its random way into a small mini finale where the twins are missing and the devil’s manager may have been raised from the depths of a dark dimension. I think Enzo and Bonnie need that wedding more than Stefan and Caroline, but then we’d be getting ahead of ourselves.



Existential crisis aside, Damon is on the verge of his best breaking point yet. I normally get tired very quickly of his dark and funky mood when he breaks his ties on being good, but his honesty as of late has that sense of genuine fear that makes him entirely too dangerous for his own good. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to stave off the threat of being consumed by hell itself. It’s really just a world without bourbon or any alcohol, because he can certainly survive without Elena which he’s been proving for the past season and a half. In any case, what’s important to note here is whatever he’s facing, he has to fight it alone. There isn’t anything more Stefan can do for him and that hammer has been hitting the nail quite frequently as of late. If this storyline is building correctly, Damon and to a less extent, Stefan is being groomed to take out Cade which psychologically is exactly what Damon needs to do to break his endless cycle of melancholy defeatism. We’ll see how that goes in the coming season.

Tyler’s sendoff shouldn’t work, because he hasn’t impacted the main story as of late, but in the end it was more a tool for Stefan to use to breathe some normality back into the friends who surround him. He took a dark moment and fed some light into it, quite literally even and moments like that are especially heart-warming because of the sentiment that moments need to be cherished. It’s ironic that a vampire would be so concerned with moments because immortality means never running out of them, but for Stefan it runs deeper because he wants there to be truly good moments where everyone else is alive too. He doesn’t want to be alone or anyone for that matter. In a way, he’s learned more or less one of his final lessons. Which also means either he or Caroline is going to die near or at the end of this show. The more main a character understands themselves the more dangerous they are to being extinguished by those who will never figure it out.



I applaud Bonnie’s quick thinking and ability to tap into Enzo’s fear and exploit it to bring his humanity back, but to me, this ran entirely too quickly and probably needed at least half an episode and letter clutter around them to truly hit home. While I’m not sure why Enzo didn’t try harming Bonnie the second she freed him, her stubborn plan didn’t have enough time to breathe and replenish that 3 years of love we never really got to see except in a few fancy flashbacks. I don’t disbelieve their love for each other now that he’s back, I just wanted more struggle to make that pay off worth it.



Cheesiest moment in this whole show, but when Stefan turned on the carnival lights and then they proceeded to play on the bumper cars. This could be the last real moment they share before everything completely fades into chaos and other characters we don’t want to die end up dying. Stefan’s message was honest and true and for the moment, they were pleasantly fulfilled even if it didn’t last.



Even if I think the practical method was too quick to take in, Bonnie should get it for the sheer fact that she was willing to die to prove her point to Enzo. From here on out I expect they’ll be joined at the hip and rightly so. They are indebted to each other and truth be told, they’re the only convincing relationship left on this show that makes the craziest sense and I’m still trying to understand it.



I half expected Bonnie to turn to Enzo after his comment about his respect for Tyler and say “When did you two share a scene again?” because I certainly can’t remember when those two ever crossed paths.


Did Seline need the Gemini twins specifically to help raise Cade back to reality or is it because sirens can’t control witches and she needed witches who would willingly help her? Not really a continuity error, just raises some questions as we haven’t had any other witch contact since the sirens showed up.


This does spark a bit of debate on whether Matt should be turned into a vampire or not. Right now, I’m saying no. He’s lasted this long without any real traumatic changes aside from being loosely possessed by the gypsy storyline not too long ago and going through a few deaths here and there. He’s still human and should finish the show that way. His confidence and integrity is necessary to keep intact and we don’t need a new vampire figuring out the ways of the supernatural this late in the overall storyline. Keep him normal please.


Damon asked for Stefan’s help, but they veered off what he specifically was going to ask for. They went into the humanity switch and Damon’s restless approach to giving up but not what Damon was going to ask him. Then had a tussle before Caroline took him out. I’m wondering if Damon was just luring Stefan into another trap or maybe Damon knows more about Cade that he wanted to ask him to help defeat the devil. Who knows, maybe Damon is still flying blind here, but I don’t think that conversation went the way it was supposed to because Stefan flew right back into the “I can help you” line that ultimately went nowhere.



7 out of 10. The prep work is being finalized for Cade’s return but we still don’t know who has the endgame and what it actually is. Tonight’s episode saw the fundamental passing of an alumni character and the return of Enzo’s humanity and the good vampires need all the help they can get. This storyline dealt with a lot in a very short time including a very minor mystery on who build the tunnel system that guided Alaric from the armory to Mystic Falls. Little questions like that were cast aside to make room for Damon’s rampant laments over his fear of being swallowed by hell should he perish and his decision making has been anything but sense-worthy. Stefan’s ending sentiment to his friends did save this episode a lot of grief by not taking itself too seriously but I do question whether it’s the last time we’ll see them be so casual and carefree. Cade still doesn’t strike me as the end all be all villain, but I’m certain more surprises will be coming later on. Decent but disorganized and hurried, TVD sets the stage for its most powerful character to wreck havoc on the Earth plane. If Sybil and Seline aren’t on the same side, then what are they truly up to? We’ll know soon enough. See you soon, thanks for reading.



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