A Sashurai’s Review: Supernatural – Season 12×07 (What, no love for the Viper Room?)




After Lucifer regains stability in his vessel of Vince by reclaiming a fossilized feather from his angelic form, he reunites Vince’s old band and sets his sites in LA. Sam, Dean, Crowley, and Castiel venture to the west coast and track him down to a low profile show where Lucifer murders the band with intentions to manipulate and harm the crowd. Crowley and Castiel attempt to stop him but fail leaving the Winchesters to force the crowd away and deal with the devil themselves. Lucifer wails about God leaving once again and that he’s aimlessly causing death with no real purpose. After his vessel deteriorates beyond repair, Lucifer’s soul escapes with plans to go bigger than before. Sam laments that they are fighting a losing battle and that Lucifer will be more destructive than ever.



As hard rock pretends to label a comeback, the woes of Satan pressure our heroes into stopping him in the city of angels where “distraction addicts” is the term of the evening. This is the first step in getting Sam and Dean out of their typical comfort zone of wilderness and quiet neighborhoods before the men of letters drop their arc on them. In the meantime, a whiney Lucifer has vanished once more in the ether with promises of deathly return. While it was a catchy and nostalgic throwback, the message was obnoxiously loud over how the current trends and labels of popularity define and destroy the idea of celebrity. Lucifer was the microphone of un-garbled truth, too late to the show and no audience to perform to. I think there was room to add more empathy but as it stands, the episode didn’t overstay its welcome and turned out to be a fascinating piece about the pursuit of reclaiming lost form.



Springfield’s portrayal was much more comfortable and sharply detailed as he donned the sinister devil one last time. This is a character that’s savoring the smallest form of worship even though it’s to a false identity. He baby-stepping his way back to an Armageddon that fits today’s standards instead of relying on the old biblical constructs. His next incarnation could be a season finale that topples the original back in season 5, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that one.


The Landscape of LA was excruciatingly spot-on. There’s always a sliver of decadence and deals of mischievous activity when creating and controlling iconic has-beens and new talent to the roster. Record labels and hidden performances are strategic in gaining buzz and talk regardless of the how and why. In situations like these, Sam and Dean represent that old era quietly eye-rolling at the absurdity level the internet provides and as such follow their mantra even to the beaches of the west coast itself. It’s good they finally got out there again to experience it.



The nitpicks are far and few between but mostly center on a worn Castiel who doesn’t seem enthused as of late and a lack-luster finale to an otherwise great buildup between old foes. Lucifer maintained a dramatic win-streak over Crowley and Castiel, but when it’s all telekinetic throws and guitar beat-downs, I’m left feeling somewhat deflated over how chaotic their fight could have truly been. It was oddly lopsided in a way that didn’t feel entirely accurate given Castiel and Crowley’s experience after facing the devil multiple times. In any case, it was the only underwhelming portion of the show.



Lucifer’s speech at the end. It had presence and truth even if it was Lucifer’s own version of events. There’s still pain and anguish left by God’s repeat performance and he’s no longer around to make things right. It also means that there’s nothing Sam and Dean can do to contend with that kind of frustration and betrayal which means the devil is more dangerous than just megalomaniacal. His attacks will more personal in nature, at least that’s the running theory. Good showing by Springfield.



Springfield sold the tickets tonight. I don’t think he surpassed Pellegrino but he’s definitely neck and neck with Castiel’s version of the devil. The heart of his anguish was what sealed his top spot tonight over God’s departure once more. Good scenes all around.



It’s not normally customary to add “Reunion Tour” on the banner that sits behind the stage, that’s usually reserved for the shirts and programs and various internet sites cashing in on the concept. Once the crowd is there, it’s not as important to paint it at the venue, the crowd knows.


Dean’s specific disgust with hair-metal is interesting and deserves more analytical feedback. He stated quite clearly “rock is dead” as probably a metaphor for Lucifer’s demise as Vince but he also seems to be shedding a part of himself he may not feel is relevant anymore. Instead of pushing a tape of AC/DC or Scorpions over Sam’s ipod of Ladyheart, he simply endures it. It’s an odd look at someone who tends to revel in the music of Def Leppard and likened tunes of that era. He was never into Poison or Twisted Sister?


The feather was a nice touch to return Lucifer to a stable being. I’d be interested to see if there were similar artifacts personal to the devil that could help him regain power again, like how there were relics of god to tackle against the darkness last season. I also wonder who his next form will be and whether that form may change gender or not. Or a puppy, Lucifer could be a talking puppy next.


I’m a little surprised by Sam’s outlook at the end of the episode. He more than anyone knows the effects the devil can cause, Castiel as well, but he seemed to take the epilogue of the fight and internalize it into a moment of despair, ritually unlike his normal attitude about pushing forward and being the moral compass. It was a bit new to hear and likely inserted because the brothers normally have to be on opposite sides of belief over the main arc of the season. One brother thinks one way while the other is unquestionably different. Dean is never the usually the one to admit defeat so it goes to Sam and this time it just seemed too dismal when they’ve lost much more from lesser evils in the world.



8 out of 10. The path to re-popularity played its course as Lucifer tried to secure new devotion from an old name. He understands how the world works now and intends to use that to destroy it from the inside. His method and reasoning is chaotic but the Winchesters realize how maniacal their foe is getting and we’re barely near the halfway point. This tale will retire for probably a decent portion of season 12 before he makes another comeback. The LA setting was a nice switch though it would take a couple days of normal driving to cross-country that far from HQ, at least realistically. One shouldn’t be in a sitting posture that like for too many years, could develop into some back issues later. Great performance by Springfield and a good plot for Lucifer to gain some credibility as a character who’s in real pain and doesn’t know how to handle it. We’ll never see the old Lucifer again, but maybe this one can unleash a different kind of fear from our heroes like we haven’t seen before. Thanks for reading.



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